Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beautiful in Budapest

Johnny performs "Heartbroken" in Kings On Ice,
Budapest, Hungary, April 14, 2011
(click any photo for a larger view).

So today we're just going to take a Zen moment to relax ... breathe ... empty our minds ... and focus only on what is immediately in front of us: some of the most stunning photographs of Johnny I have ever seen.

Because, for me, that's what fandom is all about: Johnny.

The photos are courtesy of the lovely and talented Rita Szoboszlai, the same "fodrika" on YouTube who also brings us the exceptional Kings On Ice videos of Johnny's performance to Edvin Marton's "Memory," posted on Saturday's blog, and of "Heartbroken":

You can view Rita's entire KOI photo gallery on Picasa. I first found the link on the KOI Hungary Facebook page, which is also a treasure trove of videos from the Hungarian press conference, thanks to Jeanette Gebri. :) Please be sure to stop by and enjoy Johnny's impression of Patrick Chan in the video titled, "KOI Press Conference 6"....

And now: Johnny.

Skating to Edvin Marton's "Memory."


From the show finale.

More video from Rita (thank you!). Here is the KOI finale that includes the sequence from which these group photos were taken:

Coming soon:
Yes, Nancy has posted 1,000 quotes
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aaaack said...

Always wonderful and refreshing to see the skates and photos from new and different angles. Thanks Rita Szoboszlai, Jeanette Gebri, and Binky.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog MM!
Yes, Love these pics of Johnny skating. Amazing shots too!!! Agree completely, being a fan is all about Johnny, which in turn always leads back to skating and the reminder that he is the best and most incredible skater ever.♥


PumaJ said...

Thank you for bringing all of this beauty our way!:-)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Wow! Great pictures and video! Johnny really does have the best fans in the world! Thank you Rita, Jeanette and every other fan who has provided reviews, pictures and videos! And thank you once again MM for putting it all together in another great Blog!