Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful in Any Language. And That's a Fact.

Johnny at the Kings On Ice press conference
in Budapest, Hungary, on Wednesday.
Photo courtesy of the lovely Jeanette Gebri,
who has a whole album of fabulousness on her Facebook page.
She very graciously gave me permission to post
some of her photos here, for which we all are forever grateful.
All photos below are from Jeanette unless otherwise noted.
(Thank you, Jeanette!)
Eurosport Hungary has an equally fun album
to roll around in on their Facebook page,
albeit with only 29 photos to Jeanette's 79

Kayso today we have Hungarian picspam, which is a phrase I can safely say I have never typed before, but that's part of the gloriousness of this whole grand Weirventure: Embracing new things! Exploring new locales! Embarking on a quest for the perfect say-something underpant! Embarrassing my children by finding one! Also: Employing my vast arsenal of research skills (i.e., rapid-fire Googling fueled by Starbucks) to learn new and exciting facts about places which Johnny currently occupies that are 5,224 miles from me.

Today's topic: Name two famous Hungarians.

(1) Erno Rubik--Yes, that Rubik, a world-renowned Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture whose legendary cube was simply a sarcastic response to his wife's request to for God's sake wear matching socks for once ("Look: Blue with blue, OK? Green with green.") (I just made that up. Because I am pretending to be an honorary graduate of the Michele Bachmann School of If Facts Don't Work for You or You Can't Understand Them, Just Make Something Up and Run With It. A philosophy that I'm sure would have been deeply frowned upon by our famous Hungarian #2.)

(2) Joseph Pulitzer--This Hungarian immigrant, for whom the prestigious annual Pulitzer Prize is named, became the publisher of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the New York World. From Wikipedia: "Pulitzer introduced the techniques of 'new journalism' to the newspapers he acquired in the 1880s and became a leading national figure in the Democratic party. He crusaded against big business and corruption." Wow, 130 years later, and we need him more than ever. Interestingly, Pulitzer also served briefly as the US Representative for New York's 9th District, the seat now held by Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has one of the absolute best Twitter accounts ever. His hashtags alone are worth the follow (sample from yesterday: "Potus will say Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit. That is a fact. #ThusBachmannWillGetItWrong.")

OK! Now that we're feeling smugly knowledgeable about all things Hungarian, in the way that certain politicians can be when they know less than nothing about a particular subject but go ahead and spout off authoritatively and with conviction about it anyway, let us now dissolve into the steaming Hungarian goulash that is the selected picspam from yesterday's practice session and press conference. Please pass the paprika, won't you?

Photo courtesy of Eurosport Hungary.

Photo courtesy of Eurosport Hungary.

With France's Surya Bonaly and Hungary's Júlia Sebestyén. 

(This is the same "gack" face I make when deeply orange stuff
unexpectedly enters my field of vision.)

Getting his groove on
with Ukrainian violinist Edvin Marton,
who will be performing in the show.

Family portrait: Júlia, Johnny, Edvin, Surya. 

Aaaaand once more, with pretty fingers ... 

At the press conference: Júlia, Edvin, Surya, Johnny.

And now please join me
for the metaphysical portion of today's picspam
glimpsed in these last two photos:

With "Sochi" emblazoned on his chest,
Johnny gazes beyond what's immediately in front of him ...  

 ... and, with Sochi written on his heart,
his passion and extraordinary gift flow
without reservation, heedless of boundaries ...
a swath of blue is engraven on the unforgiving ice,
a path perhaps not yet decided upon,
a journey--if he chooses to take it--whose challenges
are as yet unconquered,
whose ultimate destination remains
tantalizingly shrouded ...

And yes! We have video! Brief though it is!
With thanks to Eurosport Hungary.

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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

mmmmm . . . picspam! *nibbles on pics of Johnny*

love the pics, video, and those lovely fans who were kind enough to capture today's Johnnyness for us!

and, yes, Johnny is very silly! he's not gonna look like he's with child unless he stuffs Ping down his shirt! seriously.



Peace said...

My fellow Johnny loving daughter, Kya, has been wanting her nails like that for some time now, and I had to scoop and Swiffer her off the floor from flailness when she saw them on Him. I think he is actually groovin the AIR VIOLIN in that picture omg I die.

I can't imagine what picture he's referring to in which he oh so laughingly and mistakenly thinks he appears 'with child' but that might be because if there's a profile body shot I'm usually locked on target and engaged with the other 'end' of his profile, duh silly man. Ahem.

I'll take A Few Things I Have Learned Since Finding Johnny For $300 Alex.

What is: Definition of bellini, mesclun, Louboutins (and how to spell it), foreign language words like spasiba and ganbatte and Vanya, Where my ruler is, wtf a hashtag is, who the most old famous Hungarian was and what time it is in his country if he were alive today..erm or even dead really, which meant doing MATH.

Thanks Binky! You never disappoint<3

CrazyColorist said...

A huge THANK YOU to Jeanette Gebri for her amazing photographs. They are very appreciated! And another thank you to Binky-san for her interesting trivia. I learned something! Well, I would've if all those pretty pictures hadn't fried my brain. Ah well, who needs knowledge?! Gimmie more purty stuff!


aaaack said...

Johnny looks like dozens of different people based on the angle or lighting or expression he is making. It never ceases to amaze me how different he looks in the different photos taken. When Johnny is recovering from jet lag, he looks younger, more unguarded, and in the midst of coping.

By the way, Johnny does NOT look pregnant, just slim normal. If Johnny says he looks pregnant, then it begs the question: Do the rest of us look like hippos and elephants? It is sad but true that most skaters, like most dancers, look a bit anorexic.

Congresswoman Bachmann is a perennial user of the most twisty twisty pretzel logic. Is hers a case of selective hearing or brainwashing, or both? And please repeat this question for the voters in her Congressional district.

PumaJ said...

Thank you, thank you, Binx :-)  

Ponjo said...

beautiful... god, how i love him in that sochi warm up jacket. i love seeing surya too. how i'd love to see this show.
kudos to you mm for continually coming up with angles to write about johnny's comings and goings.

julie98 said...

sorry... ponjo is me.. my sister didn't log out on my computer!

WheresMyKoppy said...

@aaaack, not to get into politics here, but in order to accuse Bachmann of pretzel logic we'd have to assume she knows what a pretzel is and can spell the word... Okay, (slaps face) off that icky subject and on to these beautiful photos...

Thank you so much Jeanette Gebri for your beautiful photos, Eurosport for your video, and MM for putting them all together in this wonderful blog. Love Johnny with his slightly messy look. He does look younger and more unguarded and less like he's carrying a lot of weight (as in the weight of the world) around...

Surya looks great also. I always wished her mother hadn't been such a bad influence and domineering presence during her skating career. He basic skating was so flawed with her approach to jumps it was hard to legitimately claim she deserved to win comps. Glad she is still around and able to skate now.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Julie I've done that, especially on Facebook. I forget to check and see if the last person is signed out and I find myself posting things on my mother's wall... LOL!

MM, forgot to say how much I love your caption on the last 'Sochi' picture...