Monday, March 7, 2011

To Sleep, Perchance to ... OMG ICE DREAMS!!!!!!!

(Psssst. Hey again. There's another don't-miss video from the Adrienne Landau show at the end of the blog. So much fuzzy Johnny goodness ... !)

Stéphane, Dima Bilan, and Johnny in Salavat, Russia.
Thanks to Dima for tweeting this!
in Salavat to Dima's "Safety," thanks to the Russian fans!

Photo from the Salavat show tweeted by @lambiel news!

Kayso Johnny is still in Russia, with the show in celebration of Alexei Mishin's 70th birthday coming up tomorrow at 4 pm (see press conference vids re: this special performance, in which Stéphane talks a lot with great charm in various languages while Johnny, who looks like he needs a Starbucks IV-drip STAT, gamely tries to pay attention and not allow his head to simply topple onto Stéphane's shoulder and succumb to the urge to snore in various languages), which as I'm writing this it's already Monday at about 1:30 pm there and whatever else he's doing today, I hope it's bookended with hours and hours of SLEEP. Because he looks a little beyond exhausted in the pics and vids coming to us so generously from the wonderful Russian fans--although he also seems very happy to be with his fans there, which is always so lovely to see:

The description for both videos posted by the uploader is:
"Sleep-deprived Johnny talks in Russian.
Remains adorable while doing so."
Yes. And so many smiles all around,
even though it was about 6:30 in the morning ...  ♥

If you're on Facebook, please be sure to enjoy this play-by-play of the St. Petersburg airport greeting written by Tatiana Edrenkina, and her stunningly beautiful photos! And here's more video of his St. Petersburg arrival from another angle--note Stéphane at the very beginning, and Tatiana being greeted by Johnny at about 0:23. :) (For a fabulous collection of photos from his arrival last week in Moscow, visit this site.)

And as if all that wasn't squee-worthy enough, Johnny tweeted yesterday telling us to check out his updated performance schedule on his website--where there are new dates listed for Prague and Budapest! I'm hoping European fans who maybe haven't had a chance to see him perform live before will be able to get to one of these shows and experience the magic. Because it is not to be missed, as I so eagerly share at every opportunity with everyone I meet everywhere. The checkout clerk at Target yesterday certainly seemed ... alarmed intrigued!

And so as I was languorously contemplating places like St. Petersburg and Prague and Budapest in order to avoid contemplating certain areas of my life that are a bit less than sparkly (although hey! I got my taxes done!)--places that are exotic and wonderfully old-world and epically historic and so oh I don't know really far away--this little tidbit popped up on his site:

"Second Annual 'Ice Dreams' Starring Johnny Weir Conducts Talent Search."


Yes, apparently Ice Dreams is returning for the second year in a row to The Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville, IL (which is in no way exotic or epic but IS only a three-hour drive for people who live in equally non-exotic but rather epic cornfields) on Saturday, April 30!!!!


(Please sweet Weirsus let there be an AMAZING meet-n-greet attached to this show like the one we had at Holiday Dreams on Ice in Flint which was the Best. One. Ever. ... )


There's no word on Ice Dreams ticket prices or possible VIP packages yet, but hopefully more info is coming soon on Johnny's site and on the Ice Dreams Facebook page.


In the meantime, they're looking for young local skaters to be featured in the show, with live auditions scheduled for March 20 at Fox Valley Ice Arena in Geneva, IL. This year, according to the press release, they'll also be accepting web auditions via online video, which is just really cool.







(Which are exactly what I hope Johnny is having right now while he's getting some sleep today--or maybe off-ice dreams, or whatever dreams leave him the most relaxed and refreshed and not needing ten chai lattes just to get out of bed ... )

More fab Johnny video from the Adrienne Landau NYFW show! Thanks to sharp-eyed @prijony for tweeting the link!

Johnny Weir and his love for Fur from NAFA on Vimeo.

Yes, Ice Dreams is happening again
in Bensenville, IL, on April 30!
Watch for ticket and VIP info coming soon (I hope!)
on Johnny's website and the Ice Dreams Facebook page!
Young skaters: Sign up here to audition!

Please help Johnny meet his goal
of raising $10,000 for breast cancer research
by visiting his donor page! Any amount
you can give will help Skate for Hope
in the fight against cancer.
You also can get tickets NOW to see Johnny
perform in Skate for Hope on
Saturday, June 18, in Columbus, OH!
(Same weekend as the Annually Awesome

Hey, Johnny's performing in St. Petersburg, Russia,
on March 8 in a special ice show
that is a tribute to the legendary skater and coach
Alexei Mishin!
More info on Johnny's Events page!

Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
takes me one step closer to making a video! №1!"
You know what to do.
Please buy the song from Johnny's website,
or just click the "Buy" button on the player
at the top of the blog!

Hey, Welcome to My World also is available
as an eBook! More info on Johnny's website!

Yes! You can own a fine art print of Johnny
perfect for any/every room in the house!
Prints of artist Peter Jurik's "Showtime!"
are available for purchase from his website.
More info here!

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Anonymous said...

"The checkout clerk at Target yesterday certainly seemed ... (alarmed) intrigued!"

I am laughing so hard! for some reason I got a visual of you on this sentence, wish I could share the clip thats in my mind...ITS REALLY FUNNY!!

YAY for Ice Dreams!! and yay for all you ppl close by that get to go! Now if I can just figure out how far that is from NYC maybe theres a possibility...


aaaack said...

Thanks so much to you and Johnny's Russian fans for sharing their photos and videos of Johnny. Yes, he needs an Starbucks intravenous drip STAT (immediately), lol. Plus a standard UV drip, because airplane food will weaken anyone. He looks very delicate after that long airplane ride.

Johnny's fur coat designs are very beautiful, but fur is not on my radar, plus here in the south our two yearly snows melt within a week.

Anonymous said...

Mama, your flailing is cracking me up. You... You're not excited are you? Just a pinch? Wee bit? :P

I adored the last video though seeing him with what was rapidly approaching a beard is... No, just no. Still lovely but no.

I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to see more Binky plus Johnny pictures in my future.


WheresMyKoppy said...

You're so funny MM with the flailing, lol! Thanks once againg for the links to the photos, videos and so on! I don't know where @prijony finds all this stuff! Sometimes she passes along things she saw on Twitter but other times I don't know HOW she found it!

When you do get to Ice Dreams we know we'll get a great account of it and great photos as well! (BTW, maybe DAvid should consider selling his great photos?)

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...


if there's a special deluxe meet and greet like last year, i'm going!!

So. Freaking. Excited.

hee hee! i might finally get to meet Johnny! and Tara! and Ping!! no wait, Ping always waits in the hotel. scratch that.

MM, i'm right there with you, fluttering anxiously and waiting for news!!

and . . . *happysigh* . . . what a beautiful Johnny video. his designs are really gorgeous and if i had the $$ i would buy one.

k, refreshing the Ice Dreams FB page AGAIN!!

Tara, please oh please oh PLEASE, can we have a special VIP ticket meet-Johnny-thingy? we've been good!