Thursday, February 3, 2011

#SuperMegaFlail #WithCheese #IsItJuneYet?

Random photo of Johnny from the Chicago book signing
to tide us through these twitpicless times ...
Photo courtesy of David Ingogly.

Ah, the misery. The chills. The aching. The longing for better days, sighing heavily along with the wind, throwing on yet another sweater in vain hopes of defending against a dread cold that threatens to seep into your very bone marrow ...

Snow? What snow?

I am of course referring to the Great Johnny Twitpic Famine of 2011 that has left so many of us frozen shells of our former selves. What are you talking about?

Seriously, a THIRTEEN-HOUR photo shoot in LONDON with NICOLA FORMICHETTI, and no one could post a blurry phone-camera pic of just his ankles or something? I mean, that wouldn't give anything away. Or, I don't know, an elbow? The back of his head? One earlobe? SOMETHING? Come on, he's been Twitter-picturing for months now. We're used to it. We depend on it. We ...  we NEED it. Really, we can quit any time, but it's just that ... you know, after all the trauma leading up to Nationals and then his glorious three minutes in front of IceNetwork's camera saying exactly what needed to be said at that precise moment--we need us some twitpics to soothe our jangled nerves and fuel new convos with our fellow addicts level-headed-and-certainly-not-obsessed-in-any-way fans and add to our Johnny photo collages that currently consume all available wall space so we're thinking of finishing the attic just to have some fresh drywall to work with ...

But no. And the moral of the story is: Eric Alt. Don't let Johnny leave home without him. Because Eric ALWAYS posts Johnny twitpics for us. Except, of course, when he's not on the same continent as Johnny.


Well, in the meantime, yeah, we got a little snow. And now it's -13 here, with a windchill of -24--but we're safe and warm in our creaky old house, so we're good. The only trauma from Snowmageddon 2011: Total Annihilation (my fav tweet by somebody out of Chicago: "You Call It Snowpocalypse -- We Call It Tuesday") was that our power went out for half a second Tuesday night. Really. Which was just long enough to zap my computer into some kind of catatonic state RIGHT as I was finishing a really really important project. I was literally one keystroke away from DONE! and SAVE! but instead it was POOF! and COMA!

So that was not cool. And we tried every complex thing we could think of to bring it back to life, including the highly technical maneuver called "unplugging it and letting it sit," and-- NOTHING. Nothing worked. At all. For a person whose life and livelihood are completely tied to her computer, it was not a good moment.

So while we ran a bunch of hardware diagnostics that included stuff like "Dirty Cache Reads Test" and "Random Access Thrash Test," which inspired me in the midst of my death spiral to consider fronting an '80s-metal cover band, I used my daughter's computer to whine on Twitter for awhile, and then finally I gave up and unplugged my PC again (by which I mean I yanked the cord viciously out of the back of the machine and flung it against the wall) and stomped away in disgust to have a snack with my kids and watch some mindless TV. And then I came back up an hour later, heavy-hearted at, but resigned to, the thought of having to hook up my old PC for now.

But just on a whim, I pressed the power button one more time--and the PC came back without a hitch. Everything just peachy, all my desktop icons sitting there neatly in place, hands folded and looking at me with wide-eyed innocence: "What? We're fine. Everything's fine here. Where have you been? Don't you have a project to finish?"


So the cold and the snow and the #PCflail and the utter twitpiclessness of this week have left me longing for, oh , say, June. Which is normally a month without snow here, and with the very exciting event known as "Skate for Hope" in Columbus, OH. And yes, they've announced that they're doing it again this year, on Saturday, June 18, with Johnny headlining! Tickets are already on sale, and there is again a VIP package available. The list of all-stars in the cast is amazing, and includes our newly minted US National Champion, the old-ish Ryan Bradley.

I didn't go to Skate for Hope last year, and then after it was over I discovered that Columbus is one of the most liberal and gay-friendly US cities (yes. In OHIO. Home of John Boehner, the Other Orange Bro. Who, as an ardent adherent to the GOP's quest for "smaller government," is apparently determined to size it down just small enough to fit neatly inside every woman's uterus), and every year they have one of the best gay pride parades in the country. Which last year fell during Skate for Hope weekend--as it does again this year! So now there are two great reasons to spend June 17-18 in Columbus, and I am seriously mulling it over ...

And if I can go, I'll do even better than twitpic'ing. I'll bring Davey. :)

Johnny will be a special guest at The Tenth Annual
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at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC!
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germansoulmate said...

I love your way with words so much. I start smiling when I open the (almost) daily blog and don´t stop til the end. Every day needs a laugh.

PumaJ said...

Binx, I have my VIP ticket for Skate for Hope:-) When I told my daughter about it, then said, "Oh and BTW, it is the same weekend as Columbus Gay Pride," I was informed that I have to go.

Informed as in, "Mom, you will be going and you will go out dancing!" LOL...Guess that says it all.

All I can say, is that being an active fan (v.s. sit at home & just watch on TV fan) of Johnny this past year has helped me come out of the shell I'd built around myself. Certainly, a good deal of my inspiration has been a gift from Johnny himself, but a lot has come from fellow fans who are a force for good, as well.

Perhaps we will get to meet, finally:-)

Anonymous said...


so glad your computer is back and running! missed the blog!! and I couldnt comment over the weekend, no internet on my phone...but Nationals totally rocked-the skating was so incredible live- and as you know, Johnny gave a great speech during his award. Live it was great, people were cheering and holding pink signs with Johnny Love and some of the crazy fans were screaming the whole time (whistles and looks away...)very emotional and Very proud of him!♥♥♥


aaaack said...

This has all the symptoms of Nicola Formichetti being a control freak about photos that don't meet his high standards. Wonder if he has a facebook page.

But thank goodness you are up and running again. We truly could not handle a Misfit Mimes famine on top of a Great Johnny Twitpic Famine on top of this blizzard. That would be just too too much.

And you're so right about the PC staring back with wide-eyed innocence (like guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury in the Glee TV series after she has toyed with Will Schuester's heart strings) after it has conducted major drama and acting out. My old computer did the same thing and came back to normal only AFTER I had purchased a new computer system and got it running. Think my old computer was just lonely and looking for a companion.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Once again MM, great Blog! I hope you do get to SFH and meet PumaJ! We've met and she is the best, no doubt about it! Of course I'd like to meet you as well MM, and maybe I will some day!

aaaack Nicola on FB:!/pages/NICOLA-FORMICHETTI-OFFICIAL/136423303044890 and Twitter:

Daleth Hall said...

Kudos. Wow. I love this sentence: Boehner "as an ardent adherent to the GOP's quest for 'smaller government,' is apparently determined to size it down just small enough to fit neatly inside every woman's uterus..."

Totally brilliant.

aaaack said...

Boehner votes whichever way the K Street winds blow, so he probably sees the need to shore up his Tea Party credentials. Wonder if he also uses Vick's Vapo Rub to shed his crocodile tears because from the way he votes he likely is laughing all the way to the bank.

aaaack said...

Just spotted this link Are the GOP "small government" folks or big-time highly invasive bullies trying to squeeze themselves into our PCs? By the way, 1984 is not just the year in which Johnny Weir was born.