Monday, February 21, 2011

Pre-Oscar / Post-NYFW Roundup: Best Random Recent Johnnyness That Totally Makes Me LOL

Best cameo appearance of sunglasses in a short film or
documentary, first nominee. From this behind-the-scenes video
of the Indashio show by Anna Castillo of Ink Cosmetics.
This shot appears for like three seconds around 4:01.

Best cameo appearance of sunglasses in a short film or
documentary, second nominee. From the same video. Although
it took me a while to notice he was wearing sunglasses here...

Best self-introduction during absolute chaos (also from
Anna). "Hi, I'm Johnny Weir. This is ... ME, live,
with Ink Cosmetics!"

Most favorite video from Fashion Week: Babe Walker
from White Girl Problems goes behind the scenes at Villionaire.
Only two brief Johnny bits, but they're perfect.
And her commentary cracks me up every time I watch this
("Not SUUUUUURE about that bite....").
Also love Richie's interview answers
("Heaven or hell?" "I like both.").

Best photo of a starstruck person with Johnny
at Fashion Week. Oh Isaac. You and your helplessness
in the presence of Johnny are adorable.
Though Tara's not SUUUUUURE about this moment....

Most fabulous front-row attendees at any show.
Tara and Johnny with Andy Cohen of Bravo.
Plus bonus points for Johnny's gorgeous brooch from Isaac,
and for Isaac calling his show "Poodles and Cake"
and including actualfax cake in the show.

Best srs bsns moment at NYFW. (Click for larger view.
Thanks to Jenn Kittler for Johnny's caption!
Uncapped version also available.)

Best product placement.
Whatever he's selling, we'll take ten.

Best pre-Fashion Week .gif moment from an interview show,
first nominee. Johnny at the end of his spontaneous
"personals ad" on the Joy Behar Show:
"I enjoy long walks on the beach, Mario Lopez,
Justin Timberlake, and Moscow, Russia."

Best pre-Fashion Week .gif moment from an interview show,
second nominee. Johnny during the (in)famous Howard Stern
interview, just getting himself ready....
Not SUUUUUUURE I want to know what that involves....
(Thanks to Natalie Maxwell for both .gifs!)

And finally: Because it's always about the sunglasses.
Best macro moment, courtesy of Jenn Kittler.

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Vicky said...

Oh thank you so much - I really needed a laugh, this is fabulous. That last macro is superb and the Joy Behar gif may just be my favourite thing ever. By "Most fabulous front-row" I assume you mean Johnny etc and not Tara's impressive decolletage!

aaaack said...

One of the best things about Johnny is how in-the-moment he is. His being in the moment reminds all to be in-the-moment and to have fun.

I love Issac because he is not afraid to wear his heart on his well-designed sleeve.

After looking at this year's Nationals competition and the panic retreat from spandex and glitter, I think there needs to be a "Queer Eye for Skating Guys" starring Johnny. Can you make that happen, Andy Cohen of Bravo?

Anonymous said...

OMG MM, so funny,funny,funny!!!! can't stop laughing....=)


Anonymous said...

Great job! VERY entertaining... love love love the Isaac thing, but it's all soooooo good. So much fabulousness last week, how DID we survive it?!

PumaJ said...

Ah, Binx! Your Johnny blog is always such a joy:-)
Your .gifs of Johnny from the Behar and Stern shows just have me giggling.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

WheresMyKoppy said...

LOL! I love it MM! Thank you so much for putting this together!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

OMG, love that clip of Johnny "getting ready"! but why is it cropped? SO EVIL!! i'm a naughty kitten . .. i wanna see where his other hand is, please!

thanks for assembling all the deliciousness in one post.

btw, i think Fashion Week Starring Johnny Weir should take place at least every other month. we'd prob all die from new pic delight, but it'd be SO worth it!



Nancy Knisley said...

That moment memorialized in the .gif from The Joy Behar Show has to be one of the best Johnny moments ever!