Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentine's Day: Do You Know Which NYFW Show You're Supposed to Be At?

Johnny and Tara pause for a moment Sunday night
between NYFW events to watch Laurieann Gibson
being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest
on the Grammys' red carpet
as Lady Gaga makes her entrance.
Very special thanks
to Agentress Extraordinaire Tara for the photo!

Yeah, I know, I know: Never end a sentence with a preposition. So that headline should more correctly read: "It's Valentine's Day: Do You Know Which NYFW Show You're Supposed to Be At, Bitch?"

So now that Facebook has completely abandoned the idea of having fan page posts appear in any kind of order whatsoever--although chronological has made sense up to this point since that's HOW HUMANS LIVE THEIR LIVES--I am stumbling around completely lost in the forest of this Fashion Week stuff. Posts from Elise Ă˜verland pop up ahead of posts from last night's Timo Weiland show, while Asher's stuff has disappeared completely, book-signing posts from weeks ago are suddenly on the wall again, and God only knows why the Richie Rich posts come and go like the Cheshire Cat (BOOM). (BTW if you haven't yet heard Richie's single, "Know Me," performed by Richie at Villionaire with Official Hank and Karen Anderson and now available on iTunes, DON'T. If you listen to it even once, its catchy little self will be STUCK. IN. YOUR. HEAD. FOREVER. BOOM. And you'll be forced to buy it and listen to it endlessly on repeat until you hear Richie purr, "My favorite color is glitter. It goes with everything," in your sleep. BOOM.)

Fortunately Johnny's website is still maintained in essentially non-random order, so we can use that to try to follow the dizzying dazzle of Johnny and Fashion Week while Facebook remains stuck in some kind of wormhole of its own incredibly short-sighted making. And I must say "dazzle" hardly begins to cover it. At the top of the list for me is the Elise Ă˜verland show, which was beyond amazing, and Johnny's performance in it to "Dirty Love" has met with rave reviews everywhere (bonus: See him warming up in this vid. Thank you, Jenn Kittler, for both!). My three fav NYFW photos of Johnny thus far are from that show, in this order:

Although pretty much every photo from the show in this stunning gallery by the Billy Farrell Agency is made of OMGIDIE.

So: We're a little more than halfway through Fashion Week now (insert "oh, thank Weirsus" here). This week he's walking in Indashio on Wednesday, and then finally in Adrienne Landau on Friday, the event that concludes the week (I think) and for which he also has designed some pieces. He's gotten some great press throughout NYFW, which is fabulous, and if you missed anything, check out the links on his site--most of the best stuff is on there. Cuz if you try to follow all this on Facebook, you'll end up back at Villionaire again like you're trapped in some cracked-out version of CandyLand. BOOM.

And finally, today is, of course, Valentine's Day. And even though Johnny said, "I have no heart and I have no love to give on Valentine’s Day," I would like to wish him much, much love anyway, to go with his dark room and his brandy and his Care Bears trilogy.


Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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You know what to do.
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germansoulmate said...

The first two pics...LOL...good God, they must really be tired with the schedule they are on.

Great blog as usual. Love it.

aaaack said...

Happy Valentine's Day! My eyeballs are smarting from Fashion Week whiplash. Johnny is putting on more different looks in a month than Madonna does in a decade.

Here's hoping that Johnny is tongue-in-cheek regarding Care Bears (don't get me started). My feeling is that if you mated Britney Spears with a bear-shaped Teletubby, you'd get the Care Bears. And if you mated the Care Bears with various types of food, you'd get Strawberry Shortcake, et al.

jenn said...

…I'm coming for you. Boom.

WheresMyKoppy said...

I'm trying to Blog the shows he walks (or skates) in, with a final wrap up Blog. Today I realized I'm missing one, Alice and Olivia. I can't keep up with Johnny, lol! I gave up on the tweets a long time ago, because there are literally dozens and maybe more after every show. Johnny must feel very wanted, that's for sure!

Great Blog MM! Thanks for the two pics of Johnny and Tara! I love it!