Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Binky's Foreign Studies: Shopping and Fashion

See, when I shop, it looks like this:

Binky shopping: WRONG.

But when Johnny shops ... :

Johnny shopping: RIGHT.

Well, between all the designer names (#clueless) and the bazillion Fashion Week events, I am feeling just slightly out of step with Johnny's world (see top photo above). But I'm excited to see the media coverage that I hope will be coming out of all this Fashion Week stuff--unlike the HRC dinner Saturday night, which, while focused on an enormously worthwhile cause--marriage equality--was practically a media blackout, seemingly cloaked in be-robed secrecy and sorely lacking in instantaneous posting of vids and photos of Johnny. Hello. What were you people doing at this dinner? Don't you know there are 80,000+ Twitter followers and now more than 50,000 (yay!) Facebook fans staying up till all hours waiting for just the smallest crumb of a Johnny twitpic to come drifting our way from your lofty NYC heights...?



(apparently not).

Only NealB in NYC kinda came through for us, and we're still waiting patiently, in the way that gnats diagnosed with ADHD and completely strung out on crack are patient, for his promised vids to show up on his site.

Anyway: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (four words that are really completely lacking in meaning for me but I'm trying. to. grasp. the. concept.) comes roaring our way this Wednesday, beginning with the Red Dress Collection, the charity event that opens Fashion Week tomorrow night. Johnny will be attending, and hey! CBSNews.com is offering a live webcast! Which is a thing that should always immediately follow the word "Johnny" in any given sentence. So I'll be tuning in for that and looking for clues as to what, exactly, a Fashion Week is, and why.

But the real excitement for Johnny fans is Thursday, when he'll be walking in Richie Rich's "Villionaire":

This is the only Fashion Week show I know of that has ever been opened to the public (Richie, you are awesome). Tickets are very reasonably priced, so please don't miss out if you can possibly be there--proceeds are going to two wonderful charities, and the location--The Hammerstein at Manhattan Center--is amazing. I know some fans have already bought their tickets, and I am literally green with envy it's not an attractive lewk really thrilled beyond words for them. Please oh please remember your less-fortunate compatriots and TWITPIC THE HELL OUT OF THIS EVENT.

I also see from his website that Johnny is walking in shows for Asher Levine and Indashio (Google is my friend); skating (skating!) in Elise Øverland's show; and walking in Adrienne Landau's show, for which he also has designed some pieces. (Check out Adrienne and Indashio on Twitter--they're so excited to have Johnny in their shows!--and this article on Asher and Johnny's collaboration.) He's also attending other shows, including Chris Benz and of course Isaac Mizrahi.

So it's a big week in Johnny world, but for those of us who reside outside that sparkly stratosphere and must live forlornly vicariously through media coverage of these events (yes, of course I have Getty Images bookmarked at the top of my favorites list. You?), let us content ourselves with these fab clips from his appearance on The Dish this past Sunday night, which just crack me up every time (thank you, Wendy Stevens, for completely understanding how quickly these things need to be up on YouTube ... ):

Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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aaaack said...

Thank you, Binky, for weaving so many loose and colorful threads together into a beautiful tapestry of a blog.

Gary said...

Hope I am not relegated to the sidewalk to only imagine what's happening inside!

Anonymous said...

LOL Binky!!

The pic of you shopping is really making me laugh, even early in the morning before I have ingested enough caffeine to wake up, so you KNOW its funny!!! I am with you, I can't wait to see Johnny strut down the runway at #NYFW. Anyone who doesnt have him in their shows is nuts, because he looks great in all clothes! He really is perfect for the fashion world. So glad I can make the show!


ps-omg binky, I just looked at the pic again... #SFF!!!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Great Blog MM! You're not the only one who is fashion challenged, lol! Love those videos, what a funny guy! He should have his own show, along with BGJW, of course!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

aww . . . i LOVE your overalls! it's all about making a statement and by wearing overalls all the time, you are actually making your own fashion statement. so you're fashionable! <3

Debora Walsh said...

Binky shopping is not wrong...Binky has a SIGNATURE look...which makes you rather stylish, no?

aaaack said...

By the way, if you ever want a change of pace or to go up a notch, Binky, please consider something like http://www.umodels.com/battle-of-chanel-overalls/ or http://famewatcher.com/women-in-coveralls-female-fashion-watch.html