Friday, January 21, 2011

Mega-Win Media Tour!

From this story:
Forever indebted to Jenn Kittler for these gifs!!
I can't stop watching!

Well, this blog was supposed to be Chicago picspam but then the fabulousness that was Johnny in LA yesterday happened and I can't stop rolling around in Billy Bush and George Lopez long enough to actually assemble any pics in some kind of order--alphabetical? chronological? colors of the rainbow?--so I'm all, "F*ck it! I can't think with all that dancing going on!" and so I'm just completely giving myself over to soaking luxuriously in all the whirlwind West Coast WIN.

And can I just say that it's wonderful to see Johnny laughing so much and speaking so freely and having such a good time and being treated with such respect (plus full-on adoration) and just living the hell out of every moment?

And is it just me, or is everybody else finding it much easier--now that he has finally been able to address the sexuality question in his way in his words on his terms in his book--to speak freely ourselves?

Yeah, he's gay. Any questions?

(No, Howard, not you. Put your hand down. You have asked all the questions you get to ask about this particular subject for eternity. It's back to your own private parts for you.)

Anyone else? No?

OK then! Let's move on!

It was so refreshing to hear Johnny talk openly with a kind and caring and uninhibited George Lopez about the type of man he's attracted to, telling Access Hollywood why "gay" doesn't define him--nor should it define anyone else--and to hear him ask Billy Bush, "You didn't have to come out as a straight man, did you?"


So because absolutely everyone who is currently alive should see these interviews, here they all are below.

And OMG! Johnny wore the vintage Karl Lagerfeld jacket on Lopez Tonight that was a gift from fan Gary Podschun!!! And Johnny even tweeted about it! And so then we all spazzed on Twitter and Facebook the whole night about it! So HUGE congrats to Gary, who I believe is still basking and floating on an orange cloud somewhere ... (Gary, that ROCKS and I am SO thrilled for you!)

But first, a word from our sponsor, who is not a giant soulless corporation that makes jam.

There was a really thoughtful, respectful, and genuinely caring discussion among fans on Johnny's FB page last night about this whole "we would love to see Johnny get to skate in the Nationals exhibition after he receives his Readers' Choice Award" thing that we've got going on. BIG thanks to Deb Johnson for getting the ball rolling with her determined post!

And the eventual consensus seemed to be that as long as we campaign in a respectful, polite, but unstoppably persistent manner that in no way denigrates any other skater but simply continues to ask the question, "Why bend the rules for Evan but not for Johnny?" and to state the obvious--that Johnny has the largest fan base of any figure skater in the world and all bazillion of us would love to tune in and watch him accept his award, give a short speech, and then skate in the exhibition when it is broadcast on NBC on February 5 (HELLO. USFS and Smuckers. Viewers = Money. It's that simple.)--we should go for it.

Because things won't change if nobody challenges them.

With that in mind, any fans who wish to support the campaign can take action in these ways:

(1) Please continue tweeting as discussed previously on the blog.

(2) Please send emails to various USFS officials, also as discussed previously in this post and this one.

(3) Please post something lovely on US Figure Skating's Facebook wall requesting that Johnny be invited to skate, for all the good reasons we've enumerated--or simply stating how much you're looking forward to seeing him skate there! Which is the optimistic approach fan Jennifer Hanson took, explaining on Johnny's page:  "I just wrote I can't wait to see J & E skate (assuming it will happen and perhaps starting a rumor that it will?) and included photo of both J & E from [Johnny's] book." Lol. We're monitoring the page to see if our posts get deleted AGAIN when their mods wake up this morning ...

In addition, some would like to pursue writing to GLAAD, HRC, EQCA, Perez Hilton, OutSports, The Advocate, and other media outlets to seek support and get some coverage and visibility. OutSports already picked up the story, but we'd love to see more media get involved in cocking an eyebrow and asking, "Really ...?"

If you would like specific email addresses for these organizations, please send me a PM and I'll be happy to pass along what I have.

So please do whatever you feel led to do, and thank you so much!

We now return to our regularly scheduled Johnny lovefest already in progress:

LA Confidential.
Special thanks to Tara Modlin for the photo!
Click for the uncapped version!

Johnny tweeted recently:
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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

Johnny dancing = lovely

Johnny being interviewed by George and Billy = freaking awesome!

i love how they both flirt with him a little. cute! and i'm cracking up over both of them fixing on Johnny's ankles!

well, all of our post and photos have now been up on the USFS' fb page for about 12/13 hours. it's a complete Johnny-fest over there!

and yay! it's a special photo from Tara!

all we need now is massive picspam from Binky's house

PumaJ said...

Beauteous blog:-) I hadn't seen any of the clips before. Thank you for including them. I laughed and laughed:-)

WheresMyKoppy said...

I love this Blog! I think the caption on the sweatpants photo is one of the best yet! LOL! And I agree totally that there seems to be a more relaxed feeling in these interviews now that the elephant in the room is no longer an elephant. Aside from some of the comments we saw that were more snarky about duh, are we surprised, what a shock and so on...

I love that George Lopez is his own person and if he likes someone he likes them, they'll be on his show and the heck with what other people think! I also like that his audience seems to be receiving Johnny well also. I haven't listened to Billy Bush yet, but I have seen a few seconds of it, and of course the photo of Johnny sitting on the desk!

I have links to so many videos I have not watched yet because SO much is going on!

Thank you so much MM! You are awesome as always!

Lauren / Ren said...

Great Blog! It was so nice seeing Johnny being treated as a fellow human being :)

And I loved the dancing!

aaaack said...

Such a great visual pun for "don't judge a book by its cover." Such great welcome and acceptance. George and Billy are class acts.