Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flash Mob!

Poster design by Jenn Kittler. Who is AWESOME.

Special to the blog!: We are ramping up our efforts to politely persuade USFS to break its own rules for BOTH Evan and Johnny, since inviting Evan to skate in the Nationals exhibition on January 30 but refusing to allow Johnny to do so--when NEITHER of them meets the criteria to be included in the first place--is just oh what's the word I'm searching for here ... ? Oh yes. WRONG. Also UNFAIR.

To that end, fans noticed just yesterday that Johnny's website had been updated to note that HE WILL BE SKATING during his appearance on the Today Show tomorrow morning in New York! So the amazingly resourceful Jenn Kittler immediately rearranged her entire life in order to (a) come to the Today Show, and (b) bring with her 100 signs as shown above, to hand out to any and all Johnny fans / Today Show fans / people loitering in in the street / people taking a break from filming Law and Order: SVU / and just, you know, absolutely everyone. (We're hoping for the same great response we got when fans brought extra signs with them to All That Skate--perfect strangers everywhere were thrilled to be part of our "Show Johnny Weir the Love" sign campaign!)

So if you're anywhere near NYC and want to take part, fans are gathering no later than 7:30 a.m. outside NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. We're a little unclear as to where we might be most visible--outside the studio windows? Or at the outdoor rink where he'll be skating?--in order to meet our goal to GET THESE SIGNS ON CAMERA! So we're still trying to nail down details. Updates will be posted here on the blog and also on Johnny's FB page if we're able to get more info.

If you're not in the NYC area, please be sure to watch / record Monday's Today Show to see Johnny's interview and skating--and keep an eye out for our bright yellow signs!!

We would LOVE to be visible enough to spark the Today Show interviewer's interest, leading to an opportunity for Johnny to be asked: "Hey, what are all those signs about....?"

(Part of me also would love to print out about a billion of these on 8.5 x 11 paper and mail them from all over the US to USFS headquarters, 20 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 ... la la la la la ... )

Email Campaign Update: As part of our multipronged approach to ask USFS as politely as possible to not be douches to Johnny just this once, we need as many fans as possible to email the following USFS officials:

Patricia St. Peter
USFS President

David Raith
USFS Executive Director

Ann O'Keefe
Third Vice President (Eastern)

Kathy Drevs
Director of Member Services

Scottie Bibb
Director of Media & Public Relations

And we have unearthed a new name to whom it is worth writing:

Stacey Marsh
Director of Development

As Julie Horowitz wisely points out, "Director of Development" = "Fundraiser." Donations are a big part of USFS's budget, and they are particularly keen on getting people to join their "Friends of Figure Skating" program.

As with many situations in life, money talks. So we need as many fans as possible to gently let Stacey know why their money is saying "no" to USFS:

Dear Ms. Marsh:

I became a figure-skating fan after I fell in love with Johnny Weir's unmatched artistry and athleticism at the 2010 Olympics. I would love to support USFS through the "Friends of Figure Skating" program, but I am simply unable to bring myself to donate.


Because of USFS's poor judgment in handling the upcoming exhibition at Nationals on January 30.

I understand that, according to USFS rules, the only skaters allowed to perform in the exhibition are those who are competing in the current season AND who are among the top three finishers in their discipline at 2011 Nationals.

So you can imagine my surprise when I learned that Evan Lysacek--who meets neither of these criteria--had been invited to perform.

Yet Johnny Weir, who will be accepting the Readers' Choice Award/Michelle Kwan Trophy at the exhibition for the SECOND time in his career--making him the ONLY skater other than Michelle herself to win the award more than once--has been told he is NOT ALLOWED to perform.

It seems quite clear to me that USFS--an organization known to be a stickler for its "rules-are-rules" philosophy--is apparently willing to break its own rules for one skater, but not the other.

So rules may not be rules after all, but fair is fair. Either both men should be invited to skate--or neither of them should.

Yes, I realize that Evan's appearance is being touted as part of the promotional effort for USFS's movie, RISE. As if somehow that makes it OK.

But since the precedent has now been set, and since both men are a big viewership draw--but Johnny especially, having the largest fan base of any figure skater in the world--it would most certainly be in USFS's best interests to invite BOTH of these elite skaters to perform, thus assuring more ticket sales for USFS AND a larger audience for the TV broadcast of the exhibition.

Sadly, unless USFS issues an invitation to Johnny to skate at the exhibition, it is equally clear to me that I must find another organization more deserving of my donation dollars. (Note: The last time Johnny received the award, at 2009 Nationals, he wasn't even allowed to make a speech. And you can bet that his fans remember that each time they consider reaching for their wallets.)

Please let me know when that invitation has been issued to Johnny, and I will promptly respond with my thanks--and with a request to all my friends and family to join me in expressing my gratitude by supporting USFS.

Thank you.

Twitter Campaign Update: Our goal is to tweet like crazy to show @USFigureSkating that WE WANT TO SEE JOHNNY SKATE IN THE EXHIBITION! (especially if they're going to let Evan skate yada yada yada sheesh how many times we gotta say it? HELLO.) For this effort, we need a lot of PEOPLE to tweet rather than a few people tweeting A LOT. International fans have already joined in--thank you!!! Here are the important points:

(1) Please DON'T put "@JohnnyGWeir" in your tweets--just "Johnny Weir," so we don't clog up his Twitter timeline.

(2) Please DO include our new NEW HASHTAG in EVERY tweet so we can track them to show all interested parties the depth and breadth of our effort. The hashtag is: #JGWSK8.

(3) Please tweet to @USFigureSkating, @NC2011, @NBC, @NBC_Sports, @universalsports, and @ATT (the sponsor of the COMPETITION, but NOT the sponsor of the exhibition. Smuckers has no Twitter. Of course.) to request that Johnny be allowed to perform, in as many ways as you can phrase it. Here's a sample of what's been tweeted so far--please feel free to copy these, or come up with your own:

America wants to see Johnny Weir skate after accepting his 2nd Readers' Choice Award on Jan 30th @USFigureSkating @NC2011 #JGWSK8

@universalsports @icenetwork @nbc_sports @ATT @USFigureSkating @NC2011 ASK JOHNNY WEIR TO SKATE!!!! #JGWSK8

@USFigureSkating Let's break the rules for BOTH Evan Lysacek AND Johnny Weir since Johnny's receiving Kwan Trophy for the 2nd time #JGWSK8

@USFigureSkating I would love to donate to support USFS, but your unfair handling of Natls exhibition prevents me from doing so. #JGWSK8

@universalsports @nbc_sports tell @USFigureskating @NC2011 if rules R bent to allow Evan to sk8 exception clears Johnny Weir to sk8 #JGWSK8

@USFigureSkating @NC2011 Come on, make me happy & ask Johnny Weir 2skate Exhibition! #JGWSK8

3X US Champ,2X Olympian,World Medalist, 2X Michelle Kwan trophy. Highest profile skater in @USFigureskating needs to perform @NC2011 #JGWSK8

US Champs Johnny&Evan have represented @USFigureSkating for a decade-Do the right thing -Let both perform @ 1/30 exhibition @NC2011 #JGWSK8

@ATT US wants to see Johnny Weir skate after accepting his 2nd Kwan Trophy on Jan 30th. Oh, and pass the word to Smuckers, pls. #JGWSK8

In just two days, we've tweeted more than 1,300 tweets--yay us! You can check how we're doing at this link. Here's the most recent chart, as of today at about 4 a.m. EST:

So! There you have it! Flash mob tomorrow at the Today Show, emails-emails-emails, and tweets-tweets-tweets-tweets. Please let's not let this thing die--and there's still more we can do! So stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, where we unveil yet one more step we can take to try to right this wrong ...

Because we want him to look just this happy when he gets the call from USFS on his pink phone:

Johnny, January 2011, Moscow, Russia.
Photo courtesy of Tara Modlin.

Read the official press release on Johnny's website!

Get ready for a glorious explosion of glitter:
WeirDate JohnnyWeir 11, 2011,
Finally, the release of both
Welcome to My World and "Dirty Love"!
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germansoulmate said...

*copypastatweet* *copypastatweet* *copypastatweet* *copypastatweet* *copypastatweet* *copypastatweet*

I do what I can...I WANT Johnny to skate. I´m in.

"(Part of me also would love to print out about a billion of these on 8.5 x 11 paper and mail them from all over the US to USFS headquarters, 20 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 ... la la la la la ... "

If you ask me...very good idea. ANd LOL.

The picture is so great. Laughing happy Johnny is my favorite Johnny. *savedonHD*

Thanks for that blog and for promoting Johnny to skate on 1/30 for what´s it worth.

Nancy Knisley said...

Here's the thing...USFSA has dissed Johnny in so many ways over the years, for example, omitting his photo and neglecting to even mention him in the official USFSA brochure and website for 2007 Nationals--after he'd won the previous three US Championships--and their failure to have an official at his practice before his Olympic short program, that before they'd ever get any money from me, they'd have to go out of their way to try to make amends as best they can at this point.

Having Johnny skate at this year's Nationals would be a decent start towards trying to repair their relationship with Johnny and his fans, but it would only be a start. They'd have to do a lot more to get a donation from me.

I see no reason to support the USFSA if they continue their blatantly dismissive treatment of Johnny Weir. Why support an organization that disrespects a man I respect so much?

Maybe USFSA doesn't care to get my money and can blow off my concerns. But I strongly suspect I'm not alone.

USFSA needs to balance its determination to distance itself from the wildly popular Johnny Weir with its need for financial support and a turn-around of the currently-declining public interest in figure skating in the U.S. Their choice.

theresa said...


You are the best for putting this together for us! No time to waste...gotta get to the tasks at hand and cannot wait for tomorrow's TODAY show. It bring back memories. :)


Vicky said...

I don't think it will make an iota of difference but hey, "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" so I've emailed and tweeted and if it weren't for that pesky Atlantic always getting in my way (and other minor details like parental responsibilities) I'd be in your flash mob too. Good luck, I hope for Johnny's sake that for a change fair play prevails.

germansoulmate said...

Very nicely put, Vicky...even if you don´t believe it will make an iota of difference.

"Good luck, I hope for Johnny's sake that for a change fair play prevails."

Yes, i hope that too. Fair play, that´s all we would like to prevail.

natalie said...

Having just finished reading his book (twice), when he got his last Kwan award in 2009 he had been told he would be able to make a short speech, on his was to the podium to get it he was told no speech. Also, at this years Olys, before the short program brief bios of all the skaters from around thw world were post, showing home town and accalades, Johnny's said "He speaks French and Russian. He has a TV show and enjoys fashion" It's as if, he's not an athlete! Nothing about a 3X US champion, World Bronze Medalist, or Grand Prix Medalist. I doubt the USFA will change their minds, they are too far gone. Sorry for the rant, I'm back to tweeting!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Natalie wasn't that thing about the bio irritating? I read that part and I was like, are you kidding? I wasn't aware of that bit. How freakin' irritating is that?

Once again MM, good job! I was not really aware until today about the RISE connection in relation to Evan's skating. I am glad that you mentioned it in your Blog, because it's one more way to say to the idiots and naysayers that we do know what we're talking about and aren't just a bunch of loonies like they try to claim we are. Same with you saying a lot of people and not a few people tweeting a lot...

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

Dear Binky,

thank you so much for organizing this and siccing the Cabal on the USFS and Smuckers. they can call this anything they want to, but it's plain old discrimination again. i just wrote tons of emails telling the USFS and various news outlets that i think letting Smuckers' anti-gay bias influence them SUCKS big time! and . . . since i have gay friends and family that deeply matter to me, they are losing a potential ardent supporter and donator.

you are fabulous and wonderful and i LOVE LOVE you!


Princess Johnny-Love

Tami said...

Today show was all about sen. gabby gifford. totally understand that. ... maybe tomorrow?