Monday, January 31, 2011

The Excitement! The Panic! The Laughter! The Tears! And That Was BEFORE the Feed Even Started ...

Johnny Weir, our beloved
two-time winner of the Readers' Choice
Skater of the Year Award (Michelle Kwan Trophy)--
the only skater other than Michelle herself
to be so honored.
 He was interviewed by IceNetwork's
lovely Linda Przygodski after receiving the award.
Photo credit: Paul Harvath.
See the gallery from the ceremony at IceNetwork
under "Feature Photo Galleries."

Kayso this is the weekend in which my computer decided to come down with The Killer Virus from Hell Which I Am Wondering If Perhaps Is Also Where to Send Snail Mail for USFS, conveniently just a few hours before Johnny was scheduled to receive the Readers' Choice Skater of the Year Award on IceNetwork's livestream.


You know, the kind of virus where you're working merrily along on six different projects at once plus paying some bills ordering stuff from Amazon checking Twitter and FB for updates texting and emailing sign and banner ninjas and slucking down Starbucks after Starbucks when without warning your screen changes to a very odd color and your desktop icons suddenly look all pixel-y like they're from 1982 and this message flashes in huge block letters: "YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED! YES, YOUR HARD DRIVE! WHERE YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS STORED! INSTALL THIS TOOL NOW TO REMOVE INFECTED FILES!" while some fake scan looks like it's running, and you know if you click on anything your whole computer will blow up and you will lose all 4,687,972,083,625 Johnny photos in your collection.

So that was my late late Saturday night, by which I mean about 6 am Sunday.

The rest of my Sunday morning was spent alternately hovering desperately over my husband's shoulder (he loves that) whilst he did mysterious things which he described in highly technical terms as "zapping this shit out of your registry" and then, as the hands on the clock edged ever closer to 2 pm, running to my daughter's computer where I kept refreshing IceNetwork and looking for THE LINK and trading tweets with Julie Horowitz while both of us also tweeted frantically at Wendy Stevens WHAT LINK? WHAT LINK? and finally realizing at about 1:58 that for some reason the live feed from IceNetwork Just. Didn't. Work. On. Alice's. PC.

So as I was preparing to watch the ceremony on my charming bite-size laptop, two pairs of glasses perched stylishly on my head to help me peer at the screen (no time to pop in my contacts; need distance glasses to see anything, then reading glasses to see small things FML), volume turned all the way up but still knowing that Johnny was going to sound like he was from Lilliput, my husband took pity on me while zapping and remarked idly, "You know, you could watch it on the studio PC if you want ..."

The Studio PC is the monster machine that sits in hallowed glory in the tiny extra room upstairs that is my husband's music/sound studio. The monitor is GIGANTIC. The speakers are for pro recording engineers with bass that makes your bones rattle.

It is the Holy Mother of Gaga of computers.

I was in that room and seated at the ready so fast I didn't even miss Julie's next tweet.

And yes! I made it! Just in time to see all of this from start to finish:

Thank you, Jenn Kittler, for your truly wondrous YouTube skills. And thank you, IceNetwork, for everything.

I love this so much that here's a transcript:

[Camera on Johnny. Crowd cheering.]

Announcer: Since 1989, Skating Magazine, the official publication of US Figure Skating [P.O. Box 666, Lucifer's Corner, HL 66666], has presented the Readers' Choice Award for Skater of the year (Michelle Kwan Trophy). Voting is conducted online at Skating Magazine readers vote for the eligible skater who they feel is the most deserving of the award, based on accomplishments of the past season.

This year's recipient is just the second repeat winner of the award [yes! HELLO]. During the 2009 - 2010 campaign, he won a silver medal at the NHK Trophy, and a bronze medal at Grand Prix Final. His bronze-medal finish at the 2010 ATT US Championships in Spokane, Washington, earned this skating icon [I have now officially decided to send this announcer an enormous gift basket] a second trip to the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. There he dazzled the world with his artistry and athleticism [Dear Mr. Announcer: I love you so hard] en route to a sixth-place finish.

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this year's Readers' Choice Award for Skater of the Year (Michelle Kwan Trophy) is ... Johnny Weir!

[Crowd cheering wildly. Cut to BETH AND KAREN AND A BUNCH OF JOHNNY-LOVE POSTERS!!!!! YES!!!!]

Announcer: Presenting the three-time US Champion with the award is Skating Magazine editor Troy Schwindt.

[Some adorable awkwardness ensues. Then the interview. OMG they're actually going to let him speak. Sweet Weirsus of Sparkles, hear our prayer.]

Linda Przygodski: Hi Johnny. How does it feel to be the only second-time winner besides Michelle Kwan of this award?

Johnny: It's fantastic. I owe everything in my career to my fans. And the fact that they voted on it from all over the world, and so massively, makes me feel so loved, and very much like a champion. [Dying of joy.]

LP: I know it's been a busy year for you off the ice, but seeing Ryan Bradley, who's not that different in age from you, perform the other night--has that inspired you in any way?

Johnny: Are you calling us old?

[Crowd laughs.]

LP: A little. [laughs] -ish.

Johnny: -Ish. No, the whole event inspired me so much. I got to see some of it while I was packing to come here, actually, and Ryan Bradley was incredible. And I texted him after--I said, "That was GORGEOUS." And I was so proud, and having him represent sort of my generation and be so strong is incredible to see.

LP: So many young skating fans out there really look to you for inspiration. Is there a message you can give them, of something that you felt when you were coming up?

Johnny: Always believe in yourself, and never be afraid to fall down. I know there are lots of skaters in the building watching this event right now, and many more at home. And I'm so proud of everything that I've accomplished, I'm so proud of everything that I've won, and that I've lost. And I can stand here and be happy and be excited about it, because I did everything on my own terms. I want the skaters of the future never to feel pressured or marginalized, or told what to do, or who to be, or what to skate to, or what NOT to wear. I want everyone to believe in themselves [crowd starts cheering wildly again while USFS officials officially pee themselves], love themselves, and stand here in ten years and be proud of where they've gotten.

LP: Thank you so much. Congratulations!

Johnny: Thank you.

[And a wave and a "mwah!" to his fans, and he walks away.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen: Johnny Weir!

[Cut to young skaters waving Johnny signs enthusiastically and cheering. I am delirious with the happy.]

[Cue tears.]

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germansoulmate said...

"[P.O. Box 666, Lucifer's Corner, HL 66666]"

*laughs* Yes...

Johnny was good as usual. That´s no news, I know. But it needs to be repeated

Thanks for the great blog, and for making me laugh.

And thanks to Johnny for inspiring me again.

theresa said...

I know...I happy for him and yet such a melancholy feeling because he was not in the competition.


aaaack said...

A knight in shining armor in these modern times is one that offers a working PC on his lance.

And thank goodness for Microsoft Security Essentials. But sadly, the program still calls frequent timeouts to do digital dental flossing of PC memory/files while looking for viruses/strings/bits. Though like its cousin, the Blue Screen of Death, it actively senses high levels of user tension and swings into action at the worst possible times.

Here's so hoping that Johnny will skate competitively this coming season. That would provide the drama for another season of Be Good Johnny Weir. And give us fans another excuse to vote him another Michelle Kwan Trophy, especially if the judges mistreat him. Three MKTs would make a better display on the shelf (three give a family look).

Presenting a theory that Johnny is biologically younger than his age: Based on the fact that at the ripe old age of 12 Johnny's cerebellum was still pliable enough to learn masterful skating. Also, Johnny's adolescent rebellion took place way past the usual age 12/13/14 to a downright ancient 18/19. Plus, he has always looked much younger than his peers. Finally, a critical chunk of Johnny's weakest/oldest skating muscles died in December 2008, so the replacement muscles are just two years old.

Having an extended youth is a good thing. It's one of the key things that separates humans from apes...our overextended infancy, childhood, and adolescence that gives us time to GROW our brains.

PumaJ said...

A medal for your hubby for saving the day:-)

I "fell in love" with Johnny just a little bit more whilst watching him receive the award and answer questions. His integrity to self, humility and dedication to his sport continue to astound me. Not to mention that he is just so darned cute in the vid!

Thanks, Binx for your blog today.

julie98 said...


I laughed, I cried just like I did watching him receive the reward. Only those of us familiar with the back story could know how emotional this was for him. He handled it with such grace and beauty (of course he did; doesn't he always?) And thank gaga for But seriously.... they couldn't just tweet: "It's in the Mixed Zone." I mean, how hard could that have been to tell us that thereby saving us from apoplexy?

Thanks for the blog and THANK YOU MR. MISFIT!!!!

Debora Walsh said...

I can't even write anything. I love this man!

Mimsie said...

Deborah i'm with you...sigh...sigh...sigh

.....and thank you for the profile so I can have my nose bump fix...

WheresMyKoppy said...

You have 4,687,972,083,625 Johnny Weir pics? Gosh! I only have 4,687,972,083,624 of them! LOL! Once again, thanks for a great blog and for making me laugh!