Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome Home, Johnny! We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Judging-Conspiracy BS Already in Progress

Best. Interview. Ever.

Before we allow our quiet fact-checking to be drowned out by the sound of 319,249 crazy people adjusting their foil hats (-crinkle crinkle CRINKLE- I KNOW OMG it's just so OBVIOUS that he's BIASED I mean LOOK at the SCORES which differ by ONE WHOLE POINT from Dick Button's scores PLUS don't you know that he and JILL ZARIN are actually SIAMESE TWINS separated at BIRTH even though she's 21 years older than he is IT DOESN'T HAVE TO MAKE SENSE it's a CONSPIRACY and Rob Shuter SAID SO TOO), let's just savor these items for a moment:

(A) He's back!! Actually I'm thrilled for him that his Melbourne trip was such a total lovefest on the part of the Australians, and I kinda wish he could have stayed longer just to bask in it all before having to come back to the Staggeringly Evil End-Times Judging Conspiracy That Obviously Was What The Mayans' 2012 Prophecy Was Really All About But They Were Visiting Australia And What With The Time Change And Everything Their Dates Were A Little Off.

(B) OMG!:

OK now I'm dying a little inside because OMG "DIRTY LOVE"!!! This show is going to be AMAZING; I love that it's a fundraiser for the Eastern Michigan Food Bank; and OMG "DIRTY LOVE"!!! If you've been thinking about going, please: Do it! For all of us who can't; for the thrill of showing Johnny some love and seeing him perform (OMG "DIRTY LOVE"!!); and for all those in eastern Michigan who really need your help--please do it. We'll love hearing all about it from you, and we'll try not to segue into silent aggrieved martyrdom that you went and we didn't.

Anyway: Back to my original point (and I do have one. Actually several. I've been carrying them in my overalls' right pocket all weekend and burnishing them to a bright shiny diamond of a treatise, spurred on by @NaughtyNiceRob who is currently near the top of my list of people--right below Bethenny Frankel--who should be immediately relocated to a cardboard box under an overpass in Flint as some sort of Detention Camp For People I Just Don't Like. But no HDOI tix for either of you.).

(1) SWTS: The "Math Is Hard" Edition--Although Not Really When We're Talking About The Difference Between 11 and 10 Which Is 1. Either Johnny alone is sabotaging Bethenny by giving her scores that are incredibly low compared to the other judges (which he isn't. See chart. Week 1: His marks differed by ONE POINT from both Laurie Ann's and Dick's. Week 2: His marks differed by ONE POINT again from Dick's, and by two points from Laurie Ann's), OR it's a conspiracy among all three judges, in which case Bethenny's super-classy fans ought to be tweeting homophobic slurs to Dick and Laurie Ann as well, not just to Johnny. You can't have it both ways.

(2) SWTS: The Rob Shuter You're Not Helping Edition. So Rob interviewed Johnny for his new show on HDNet (motto: "Even we don't get HDNet on our TV!"), and of course they talked about SWTS. And Rob was all smiles and chuckles as he advised Johnny to "be really mean" to Bethenny because she doesn't like Rob and once called him "the poor man's Perez." Johnny responded by mentioning that he's good friends with Jill Zarin. And that's all we saw on the clip, because of course we don't get HDNet on our TV either.

Rob released the full interview on his premiere show this past Saturday, which no one saw, but of course the timing--coming after the first two episodes of SWTS, and with Rob making no effort to set the context, at least on the clip, by noting that this interview was conducted weeks ago--found Bethenny fans pouncing and proclaiming it as proof that Johnny admits he's severely underscoring Bethenny. Sigh. See chart. Rob then fanned the flames by tweeting: "This isn't right. The fabulous Skating head Judge @JohnnyWeir tells me he's on team @JillZarin not @Bethenny" and also this: "@plainviewsue it's not right that a judge would say that! Feels so unfair to me."

Really, Rob? That's what feels unfair to you? I think your irresponsibility in providing no time context in the clip, your twisting of quotes, and your shameless determination to boost your own ratings (like Nielsen is really tracking HDNet) at other people's expense is what's unfair here.

(3) SWTS: The Bethenny You're Not Helping Either Edition. Maybe Bethenny's scores FROM ALL THE JUDGES are low because she's not doing much actual skating, and the skating she's doing isn't great. Check out this article for the opinions of pro dancers on what they saw on last week's SWTS. Interestingly, their comments about Bethenny's performance ("permagrin" lolololol) echo those of the SWTS judges (-crinkle- OMG I DIDN'T REALIZE THE CONSPIRACY WAS THAT FAR-REACHING!! -crinkle-).

It would be fabulous if Bethenny demonstrated real leadership for her fans by asking them to refrain from personal attacks in their attempts to support her. Instead, she tweeted this: "It's ok.they need to make themselves important. RT @stellasgiggi: @Bethenny I don't like judges.Nasty.Self-important.No reason to put u down." And this: "@ethan_burgess and I skate for u guys not judges!!!RT @svacla Johnny weir shouldn't score Bethenny! He has disdain for her"

And then there's this, from an interview with Bethenny last week after episode 2:

"I am the woman Johnny Weir wants to be and he clearly has an issue with that,” [Bethenny] joked.

Like putting "joked" at the end of that somehow makes it all right.

Her "joke" is even worse when we consider that she was one of the hosts of the GLAAD Media Awards earlier this year, an event which Johnny also attended, and at which Bethenny pontificated: "It's all about the way the gay community is portrayed in the media, and the wrong and right terms."

Yes. Yes, Bethenny, it is.

Which makes me wonder what GLAAD would think of your sense of "humor," and how poorly you reflect what they stand for.

(Note to SWTS Facebook admins: BTW, it'd be really great if you deleted this topic from your "Discussions" page.)

(4) SWTS: But Let's Look On The Bright Side Edition! All this swirling controversy may create publicity and buzz for SWTS, which saw about 3 million of my closest friends beg off after the first week, putting viewership at about 6 million for episode 2 (although again, I can't remember the last time 6 million people showed up to watch me do anything. How about you?). So this silliness could actually be a very good thing. Also, the more Bethenny's fans tweet crazy shit, and the more Johnny's fans don't, but rather respond simply with love and support for Johnny, and for the show, and also with actual facts, the more Bethenny looks whiny and petty and unwilling to take responsibility for her own poor performances. She and her fans are doing a great job of making her look bad--while Johnny remains simply the beautiful person he always is, inside and out.

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jenn said...

"No he does not want to be a woman, least of all you." Words cannot express how much I love you right now. Permagrin FTW! \o/

Maggie St. said...

Mr. Moose is amazed that on most any given day, I tend to know Where-In-The-World-Is-Johnny. I am proud of him that he has finally learned when Johnny is on TV. He even asked me the other day if he had to go to a bar tonight as he knew I'd be watching SWTS and OMG!FOOTBALL! is also on.

Do looking forward to watching tonight. I'm certain that no matter what happens, Johnny will handle it with calmness and grace.

PumaJ said...

We are talking about television, here. 99% of the brouhaha could be a publicity stunt stirred up by Ms. Bethenny. She has some sort of reality show, herself, doesn't she? If this is the case, her upset fans may not realize the false nature of the whole scenario. Unfortunate, if so.

I am looking forward to the show, I have my faves. Ms. Bethenny is not on my list. Tanith and Ben are skating, hooray! I loved seeing them, along with Johnny at All That Skate LA:-)

Johnny will be as fabulous, as he always is.

Anonymous said...

MM- perfectly worded blog that explains the situation so well!!! Thank you!

I am ready to support Johnny tonight on twitter and definately watching SWTS! Bethenny is really a bigger f-*n-a**-****l (dont worry MM, I edited myself-lol) than I had originally realized. I was getting so mad at her and her attacking fans yesterday, and I was so close to tweeting her and her fans a few CHOICE words then I remembered that I am a Johnny Weir Fan, not a Bettheny hater or anything else and I remembered Johnnys tweet from a while back to
♥ignore the haters♥
so, for the moment I am back with the Lovers. Someone grab me back of I forget again♥

Trying to support Johnny as I have done for 10 years now, without focusing too much on the haters. #noteasy

as he rocks everything! Love you Johnny!♥


aaaack said...

Johnny is proud of being a man and very macho in his own way. He is very secure in his own skin to dress in fashions and rock costumes the way he does.

There's a Simon Cowell streak in Johnny because he respects the intricacies of his sport. He's tough but treats everyone fairly. He rocks his judging paddle.

Debora Walsh said...

Bethenny fans are Bethenny fans, and I would guess, the majority are not figure skating afficionados. If they were, they would understand the scoring (as rudimentary as it is on the TV show) and would not have any second thoughts as to the fairness of it all. I have not found any unduly harsh, or for that matter, any overly generous, scores being given to anyone on the show.

All the judges are perfectly aware that these contestants are not trained competitors, and all acknowledge their hard work every week. A viewer having a problem with a score is understandable, as it’s natural to want one’s favorite to do well, but her fans are just downright rude and obnoxious. The hateful language and vicious tone of their tweets and Facebook messages are just beyond extreme! Johnny has always explained to each skater what they can do to improve their performance, something any serious competitor should be listening to. Any other skater would give anything to have Johnny Weir analyze and critique their performance. How often will THAT chance for constructive criticism ever present itself?

Personally, I’m so glad that ABC has given this show a chance that I’m happy for whatever happens on the show. I’m thrilled to see Johnny & Tanith (and Dick) every week…I’m ecstatic that Johnny is finally getting the recognition and widespread exposure that he deserves.
Bethenny’s fans should look at it that way as well; it gives her another outlet that they can watch her on.

As for Johnny having some hidden agenda…PUH-LEEEEZE! If any of these haters knew of Johnny's career, and his having to deal with what could genuinely be called truly biased judging, they'd do exactly what they should be doing right now, which is STFU.

Anonymous said...

I love that Johnny, once again, was universally loved by everyone who met him during his Australia trip. And that we got so much fresh entertainment out of it!

AFA SWTS drama goes, I will continue to ignore and avoid the mudslinging and rather focus and promote the positive aspects of it. Thankfully, Johnny makes it easy, by giving me just so darn much positive to focus on! #HatersToTheLeft

WheresMyKoppy said...

What The Mayans' 2012 Prophecy Was Really All About; oh, is THAT what it was all about? I just saw Johnny's comments about Bethenny, and I thought he was very nice to her. When you consider how nasty she and some of her fans have been to him he was much nicer than she deserved. I decided I'm not going to bother with what I did last week with the tweets. Why give them the satisfaction? It amazes me how some of them are actually proud of their hate mail and nasty comments to Johnny! Jonny Moseley did a jump combo, wow! LOve the Blog, MM! You called out NaughtyNiceRob! Good for you!