Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SWTS Haiku: Because I'm Still So Appalled That 17 Syllables Is All I Can Manage at the Moment

Fierce pre-show twitpic from Avo Yermagyan!
"Me, @ , and @ at #SWTS...
tune in tonight at 8 PM on ABC!"

SWTS Haiku: A Study in Contrasts

 Amethyst-clad grace

The devil wears permagrin

Dick, and Traver, reigns

If you'd like to let ABC know what you think, please tweet them at @ABC_Publicity or @ABC_dotcom, or contact them through this form. (BTW I loved the show! Everything other than Bethenny's incredibly spiteful, self-involved, and loathsome Bethenny-ness was wonderful! Best episode yet! Wishing both Brooke and Brandon speedy recoveries, and looking forward to next Monday already!)

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germansoulmate said...

*cues in* Speechless, he left me speechless so speechless *cues out*

Well, I´m not a Gaga but that`s what came to my mind after listening to Johnny giving B the scores. Class act is classy. It almost sounded like Johnny was talking to an obdurate child. Well, she behaves like one.

Classy response, Johnny *thumbs up* and it again has made me proud to be a fan of you.
You go, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

I love Johnnys classy response to Bethenny's unclassy bitchfest. Its totally ridiculous that she is questioning his ability to judge figure skating fairly and properly. He's been to the Olympics twice and won the title of National Champion three times among numerous other medals so I think the man knows his sport!!! Maybe she needs to respect that a little bit more, or a whole lot more! He's an accomplished athelete, but since she isn't doing as well as the other contestants she verbally attacks him? I am on very little sleep here, spent most of the night tweeting and RTing abc how I feel about this nonsense. I really hope someone at ABC hears and addresses this....and Go Traver!


Anonymous said...

In case there are people who want to tweet but cant think of anything to say (for anyone who knows me, this is obviously not my problem-already sent many many tweets-lol) Here are some tweet ideas:

@ABC_Publicity @ABC_dotcom Bettheny on #SWTS needs to class up her act, @JohnnyGWeir is a respected athelete, treat him like one!

@ABC_Publicity @ABC_dotcom You need to reign in @bethenny from personally attacking @JohnnyGWeir who knows his sport very well #2XOlympian

I think @JohnnyGWeir 2X Olympian,3X Natl Champion knows how to judge figure skating #SWTS @ABC_Publicity @ABC_dotcom inform Bethenny!

I am sure you can come up with better ones than I have but thats a few ideas...happy tweeting! #TeamJohnny

Beth (twitter-BSonTwit)

Debora Walsh said...

I can't even....

Johnny, on the other hand...displaying calm, was respectful, direct, honest, and above it. Business as usual. And what about Dick Button tonight?...extraordinary. That final .gif is tremendously wonderful....Thank you Binky. Thank you Johnny. Thank you Dick.

Nancy Knisley said...

Skater's expletives
Say so much more about her
Than she realizes.

aaaack said...

This incident calls to mind a quote by George Bernard Shaw: "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

But there's not much you can do when the pig comes charging, caked with mud, at your white trenchcoat.

Reality shows deliberately cast people who emote strongly and spontaneously. In the first two episodes Bethenny skated either stiffly (as if she had swallowed an icicle) or like she was being levitated by her partner (like you see in magic shows).

Anonymous said...

You managed to sum up in 17 syllables the entire foolish situation. Johnny as the soul of class and grace, Bethenny as a frightening twizzle stick of bitter, and Traver rocking it out as the voice of reason. Preach, brother! I'm so proud of him for calling her out. As you could see in my tweet that HE TOTALLY REPLIED TO OMG I'M FLAILING AND SKATING AND DYING HERE IT'S SO AWESOME I DON'T EVAN!


But yeah, great blog. I think that the best thing to do is to speak up and not let this go. I was perfectly willing to say "take the high road" and "don't argue with idiots" and while we should always stick to the high road, we need not do so quietly. Let ABC know, let SWTS know. One of your judges was confronted by one of your skaters. Can you imagine someone doing this to Simon Cowell on American Idol?! Nope, me either. Not classy, not acceptable, and this never needs to happen again.


-Jessica Lane/ CrazyColorist/ Dead

WheresMyKoppy said...

Great Blog MM! Thanks!

My first thought was I was not going to say anything about this mess, because I figured why give these people any more press for their stupidity? That was before I found out about her verbally abusing JOhnny backstage, and before I realized she had said something to Laurieann on the show like she did Johnny last week, and before I got a tweet from someone who butted into a convo I was having with someone else and told me we were all bitches just like Johnny and then 'What the hell is wrong with you?'. It's amazing to me that people behaving the way some of Bethenny's fans have been behaving would ask what was wrong with US!

Anyway, I realize reality shows cast certain types of people for certain reasons, but we're not talking 'Survivor' here. We don't need one of their 'villains' on a figure skating show.

aaaack said...

Johnny gave an assertive response--that was neither aggressive nor submissive--and that was pitch perfect and commanded respect.

Bethenny started from behind in terms of skating experience and deserves some natural sympathy (though not lenient scores) for that. In any case, she did not win any new fans with her attitude. I'm less likely to tune into her other shows and future projects after the outbursts seen at SWTS. I have little to learn from someone who shows such immaturity.