Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Stuff in No Particular Order Because Even Alphabetical Seemed Hard But Hey Here's More Pics!

Random "Dirty Love" performance pic from Holiday Dreams on Ice,
December 11, 2010, courtesy of David Ingogly.

OK, there's a bunch of stuff we need to go over but I'm not really caffeinated at the moment hence the lack of any discernible organizational method other than that there are words and pictures together on a page.

First of all, a major heartfelt squeeeeee left over from Friday for anybody who might have missed it:

Which means he actually got to read everybody's beautiful messages of love that were screen-capped (thank you again, NinjaGirl!) from his Facebook fan page and blogged here. And that is just one big happy. :)

Next there's this article, which was posted on his official website AND tweeted by Tara--and that was all it took for us to ROCK THIS VOTE! I LOVE this, because not only does the writer diss She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named-(But-If-She-Were-I-Would-Do-So-By-Taking-Her-First-Initial-and-Using-It-to-Replace-the-"W"-in-"Witch"):

"Bethenny has decided she does not care what the judges say, which is mostly that she’s awful, and instead says she is skating for America. America wants you to know, Bethenny, we agree with the judges."

The writer also gives props to Johnny for his "You Don't Care/I Don't Care" critique of I'm-Sorry-What-Was-Your-Name-Again-I-Couldn't-Hear-You-Over-Your-Stridently-Appalling-Attitude on last week's SWTS:

"Finally, [Johnny closed out the year] with his stint as a judge on Skating With the Stars and let Bethenny have it on episode four--and it is safe to say this diva definitely OWNED that diva."

So when I first saw this article Sunday morning, Kate Gosselin was ahead in the voting for Biggest Reality Diva of 2010 by a huge margin. But once Johnny's fans got ahold of the link and started FB'ing it and tweeting it everywhere, it took less than 12 hours for him to grab the lead decisively. IDK when voting ends, but please let's just keep going till they make us stop cuz it's fun and this writer is my new bff.

And then there was Kaleidoscope, the San Antonio show in which he performed on December 8 with a world-record case of jet lag and which was broadcast on Fox yesterday afternoon at various times around the country, resulting in a huge FB and Twitter Johnny lovefest after it aired. Here's just a sample:

Which brings us to today and tomorrow and the finale of Skating With the Stars! (Hey, actually this is kinda in chronological order! Which is pretty good for someone who has no idea WTF time it is right now.) Tonight the final three pairs will perform, and one pair will be eliminated (please Sweet Weirsus, Holy Mother of Gaga, and of course Santa Claus, let this be the end of Frankel-My-Dear-I-Don't-Give-A-Damn tonight ...). And tomorrow night the final two couples will compete, the champion will be crowned, but more importantly, Johnny will be performing again in a special number with Jennifer Wester, Keauna McLaughlin, and Denis Petukhov, choreographed by Laurieann Gibson! Can't wait!

And so, as a reminder to Rhymes-With-"With-An-'E'"-Which-Apparently-Very-Few-of-Her-Fans-Realize-Or-Else-They-Really-Really-Just-Can't-Spell that it's all about the SKATING, please enjoy these additional random HDOI pics of someone who knows that all the way to his soul. And who can even skate while he's singing (whereas she can't even skate while she's skating ...):

Very special thanks to my son, David Ingogly,
for all the HDOI photos!
(Memo to self: Don't leave home without him
when attending Johnny events...)

The cover art for "Dirty Love" is now
on Amazon and Johnny's website. OMGIDIE.

The next episode of Skating With the Stars
at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST!
Don't miss it!
(Dear Santa: All I want for Weirmas
is STILL for Bethenny to please please just go away.)

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David W. Ingogly / all rights reserved


aaaack said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Binky. Your son's photographs are magical and your words always exceed expectations and charm and surprise.

Maggie St. said...

THANK YOU David!! These photos are simply fanTAStic! and not only do we get the "Holy Zamboni" Johnny slide but a spray of ice also. *squeee*

SWTS cannot get here fast enough today. Now I have a great reason to get out of bed on Mondays!

theresa said...

It's always a great day in the house when Johnny is skating on television because we can watch on the really really big screen!! :)


julie98 said...

Yes Johnny, you and your community are definitely the ones that make the world f*cking gorgeous!


Thanks Misfit and photo hound David!!


PumaJ said...

I was thrilled to see all of the Tweets loving Johnny on Kaleidoscope! Most of all, seeing Johnny skate Ave Maria on my big TV in HD vs a YouTube vid on my computer monitor, was the biggest treat of the day:-) To me, that skate is one of Johnny's most gorgeous.

Thank you David for the fab pics from HDOI:-)

Nancy Knisley said...

Love all of these photos, but especially the ones of Johnny's slide with the ice spray. It looks as though he has an aura of glitter. That is ice and not glitter flying around, Johnny, right?

Bravo, David!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you MM for the Blog, and thank you David for the photos! You're both wonderful!

You know what the best thing about all those tweets is? They're all from different people, no one can say it's just a couple of people saying and retweeting the same thing. It's a spontaneous outpouring of what people really think, of how JOhnny genuinely affects people. And that is definitely a good thing!