Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Johnny at the meet-n-greet
at Holiday Dreams on Ice, December 11.
Not sure what he's reacting to here,
but this is pretty much the look on my face
after last night's SWTS ...

Wow. Well, this will be brief because I didn't see that coming and I'm still in shock. Jonny Moseley, my personal SWTS favorite (after Denis, of course, but let's not dwell) did NOT make it to the finale, so instead it's the lovely Rebecca Budig going toepick-to-toepick with OMG-What-The-Actual-F*ck-Just-Happened-Here--yes, she who suddenly went all sicky-sweet Splenda on us last night, and sort of cried or something after her free skate.

And so of course the only rational response was to immediately vote vote vote for Rebecca and Fred on every available phone and with every possible email address, including a brief foray into pondering whether, if my beloved grandfather were still alive, he would use email (yes) and what he might have chosen for his address (hmmmmm) and whether or not he would be #TeamRebecca (most definitely) ...

Online voting actually continues today until 3 pm EST / 2 pm CST / 1 pm MST / 12 noon PST, so please, VOTE NOW if you have any votes/assumed identities left!

Johnny seemed to be in a good mood throughout the show--which keeps improving every week, IMO, and I really hope ABC will give it a chance at a second season to settle in and find its audience--despite signs that he's still fighting a cold, and he was classy and kind toward OMG-She-Cannot-Possibly-Win-This-Thing-Can-She, to his credit. But my very favorite Johnny moment was this, when Vernon (after all these weeks I'm still NOT o-) Kay (with his performance as host but oh well now it's almost over) announced that Johnny would be performing on tonight's finale:

My other favorite moment was when the judges gave Jonny and Brooke their scores, during which Johnny is clearly cracking up for some unknown reason, which makes me crack up too even though I have no idea what's going on with him and Laurieann:

But wow, I am so bummed about Jonny and Brooke. Fortunately, Wendy Stevens came to my rescue almost immediately by uploading Johnny's Kaleidoscope performances so I could use them to wipe my mind of images of Skeletor on Ice:

Johnny's Ave Maria performance from Kaleidoscope,
December 8, 2011, San Antonio, Texas ...

... and his Bad Romance. About which I can only say: WOW!
And then click "replay" ...

So that helped. As does the fact that Johnny is performing in the finale with Denis Petukhov (yay!), Keauna McLaughlin, and Jennifer Wester in a group number choreographed by Laurieann to Alicia Keys' "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart." I can hardly wait for the fabulousness!

But seriously: I'm still shaking my head over this finale. How on earth is it not Jonny and Rebecca? As the news exploded across Twitter last night, my friend JEKitten offered this explanation:

Lolololololol. Votevotevotevotevote ...

The cover art for "Dirty Love" is now
on Amazon and Johnny's website. OMGIDIE.

The finale of Skating With the Stars
at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST!
Don't miss it!
(Dear Santa: All I want for Weirmas
is for Rebecca to WIN THIS THING!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Bethany has too big a fanbase. If she could overtake a nearly 30-point deficit to stay ahead of Brooke there's no way she can lose. If it wasn't for Johnny performing tomorrow I wouldn't even watch; I am that disgusted.

Anonymous said...

If I were the least bit litigious, I'd sue ABC for these lost 6 mos off my life, and the neck brace I need for last night's whiplash.

Jaw-dropper. Bethenny really *is* the Bristol Palin of SWTS. Jonny is charming and wonderful, and it kinda broke my heart for him a little; Brooke too, cuz she's kick-ass. It's hard to see the more deserving and lovable pair go. But this is what makes these shows tick, and Bethenny was a big draw from the start.

Vernon's grown on me, actually. Less camera time (sorry, Vern) has helped, and he comes off more amused now than dum-dum-dum dramatic.

re that clip -- I think that was residual laughter over Tanith putting Jonny in the hot seat about his song choice (Mrs Moseley was far less amused, uhoh).

(And OMG, did anyone else notice how PO'd Tanith looked at the end? Gritted teeth! LOL. Love!)


Anonymous said...

I agree that I was very shocked here and after I got all my votes in (in spite of my huge headache that had suddenly some on at approx 8:57 EST), I decided that I am going to try to take this alittle less seriously and focus on the positive: Johnny!!! Johnny was fantastic as a judge again and I am so excited to watch him skate tonight! I still can't believe they finally made a show about skating and put it on prime time tv with my favorite skater of all time as the head judge...Love!Love!Love!♥♥♥

Beth (twitter-bsontwit)

Mimsie said...

All I can say is THANK YOU BINKY!
You make the world just a little bit more sparkley bb! The Johnny LOVE LOVE-fest continues. Ave Maria...totally lost it, sitting here making ornaments and crying remembering sitting in church with my mom and watching how the song so effected her. Didn't know if I could watch it, it made me so emotional, but the way JGW interprets the music is just magical, soulful, graceful, heart wrenching, all wrapped up in a fantastical ribbon of glittery hope!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and keeping us all entranced with everthing that is Johnny Weir!

Anonymous said...

ok so my first comment (above) was trying to be positive, still am but just have to say, how can someone take a great and fun opportunity and turn it into a whiny complaining self-important bitchfest?? Put me on that show, you won't see nothing but smiles (and maybe some bruises from falling-lol)! And you can bet I would listen to comments from skating champions! Like I said to my friends, she did the opposite of Johnny's words and took something beautiful and turned it into something ugly. OK maybe thats too strong, but she sure took a great opportunity and turned it into something negative. I actually was supporting her at first. Its great that a mom at age 40 can take a chance like this to try something new. But then she attacks Johnny for no reason other than to get herself ratings and spreads her hatefulness around on a show I was really looking forward to...dont like it at all!

Beth (twitter-bsontwit)

Anonymous said...

I actually googled for 'Skating with the Stars results' to see if anyone else out there was as shocked as I was - that's how I found your blog. I don't even know who Bethany IS, but what I saw last night as her 'improved' skating was NOT something that should have kept her in as one of the two finalists. I'm boggled. She spent the entire first half of the program anticipating the big lift, and only relaxed after it went smoothly. I have to agree with msisobel above - Johnny's performance is the only reason I'm watching tonight.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

i just watched these 2 skates with my parents and my mom said "he's an artist"!

yay, mom, for appreciating Johnny!

SWTS was very sad . . . don't know what else to say about that. really hoping the best SKATER wins!



Debora Walsh said...

Thank you everyone who got the Ave Maria & Bad Romance vids posted! You are all aware, I'm sure, that I lost my DVR's copies. These are the best Christmas presents I could possibly get!

Ya know, I had a whole lot written about the OMFGWTF moment from last night, but we all know the deal and felt the pain.....I just hope that ABC paid Johnny, Dick & LaurieAnn well for their time, trouble and in the end, unneeded expertise. The boatload of viewer crap they had to endure was shameful.

Kudos to the skaters who were voted off, and who actually listened and learned. Let's hope rational thought guides the proceeding tonight, (although it is doubtful). Whatever happens, Johnny Weir will be skating, he will be gorgeous, and he leaves the show, integrity intact. Bravo...

Sasha said...

In Kyles Moms voice,"What what WHAT!?!?!?" Well at least our Johnny didn't let us down. They will be foolish not to have Johnny back for a season two at least. Thanks Binky & Wendy for sharing this with all of us.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Great Blog MM! When weird things like this happen I always know you can do a better job of talking about it than I can. I just grit my teeth and post the results and try not to respond to the haters in kind... The delusional haters who actually seem to like, really, actually, really, actually, really believe Bethenny is a good skater... Sigh. Besides, I still haven't seen the finale or been able to watch the video of part one other than the video I saw posted of Johnny, Denis et all amazing program which I have no clue how they did it on that tiny ice surface...