Monday, December 13, 2010

Neither Sleet Nor Snow Nor Lack of Starbucks Shall Stay This Blogger From Posting Brief Picspam

Yes! Video! With incredible heartfelt thanks
to @Jwnnica (Jennica Wilson from Traverse City, MI)
for posting this so fast to YouTube!

Kayso I'm still in exciting Flint, MI (motto: Oh.), but I managed to wrest a few photos from my son, by which I mean I stole his 32GB memory card out of his camera while he was asleep and leafed through the 850+ shots he took between western Illinois and mid-Michigan over the course of two days including but not limited to various photos of some skater dude and lots of said skater dude's VERY happy fans (note to Gary Podschun: OMG we have a whole SERIES of fab pics of you and Johnny!)--good thing my son's "sleep" more closely resembles "hibernation"--and then grabbed a few and uploaded them and slithered back to the camera bag and replaced the card hopefully not upside down and so here you are.

Blogs containing actual words to follow if we can make it across the frozen wasteland that is currently the Midwest--but somehow keeps making me idly ponder Sarah Palin's mind--and arrive home tonight.

Johnny preparing to skate to the intro to "Dirty Love."
I was SO not prepared for "Dirty Love" to be the very first thing
that happened in the show! A wonderful surprise!
Jennica's lovely sister captured video of the intro.

Yes. OMG. Skating and singing and sliding,
and never losing a step, a beat, a note.
Absolutely thrilling!

Johnny's Ave Maria.
Tears streaming down my face.

The show was centered around Santa's elves
having trouble lighting the Christmas tree.
They keep trying different things, but nothing works.
After Ave Maria, toward the end of the show,
Johnny comes to tell them that what they need is some magic,
and that what really gives us that warm holiday feeling
is having those we love, our family and friends, near to us.
Then we hear some jingle bells and some ho-ho-ho's,
and Johnny helps the elves to turn and see that Santa is coming!
Very cute story, and all the young skaters were
adorable--and talented!

Johnny just after entering the meet-n-greet.
I know his attention is caught by one of the balloons.
But in this photo, my son and his artist's eye
captured the essence of Johnny to me:

Looking up--
bathed in light and love--
and reflecting that back
to all around him.

The next episode of Skating With the Stars
airs TONIGHT, December 13,
at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST!
Don't miss it!
(Dear Santa: All I want for Weirmas
is to get home in time to watch this,
and for Bethenny to please please just go away.)

Please remember to check out
Johnny's new official website!
It debuted recently to many rave reviews
on Twitter and Facebook,
so be sure to take a look around!
Love the intro page with the Swan photo
and handwritten note from Johnny. :)

Designer T. Rains and Johnny have teamed up to raise money and awareness for The Trevor Project! This organization is "determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources." Proceeds from the "Army of One" t-shirt sales will go to The Trevor Project foundation. Order yours today! Your support is greatly appreciated!
For more information, please visit

Yes! You can own a fine art print of Johnny
perfect for any/every room in the house!
Prints of artist Peter Jurik's "Showtime!"
are available for purchase from his website.
More info here!

Here it comes: Johnny's quarter-century memoir,
Welcome to My World, will be available
January 11, 2011--that's less than a month away!
You can preorder it now on Amazon!

All photos courtesy of David Ingogly
(although I know he's going to be annoyed
that I posted them before he had a chance
to finetune them to perfection...)

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copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


germansoulmate said...

Johnny just after entering the meet-n-greet.
"I know his attention is caught by one of the balloons.
But in this photo, my son and his artist's eye
captured the essence of Johnny to me:

Looking up--
bathed in Light and Love--
and reflecting that back
to all around him."

Beautifully said and very true.

He´s still able to wonder and to see the little things that make life so worth living. That´s somewhat magic and something to keep.

Thanks for that great blog and thanks to your son for capturing the magic.

Anonymous said...

MM-stuck in a snowstorm still gets a blog out FTW!!
I love the song! and love the costume! and love his sexy voice! oh, and the skating is pretty good too (lol, its amazing as usual!)#JohnnyWeirRocksFlint♥♥♥

...and you also manage to make me teary again at 8AM with these beautiful words describing Johnny so perfectly...

Looking up--
bathed in Light and Love--
and reflecting that back
to all around him.


akiko said...

All the pics are beautiful, and I love the last one best. Bravo, David!! I enjoyed all the haikus on your blog, and I love this haiku best. Brava, Binky!! And thank you Jennica, for the video!

Binky, I'm praying for you and your gifted kids to safely come home before the SWTS begins.

PumaJ said...

Oh my, at least 100 sad sighs that I couldn't be at the show with all of you:-( But....thank you, Binx, for giving us the beautiful pics along with a goodly dose of your fab humor. As always, you rock!

Hugs to your son, please, for his picture taking skill.

Johnny just shines, doesn't he? ❤

Maggie said...

Thank you Davey!! The Light & Love photo is excellent. I am so happy for the Kittens & everyone who could be there, bringing Johnny & some happiness to the people of Flint.

Crossing everything that you make it home in time for SWTS. Also keeping everything crossed that it's the last we see of Bethenny.


aaaack said...

Thank you, Binky and son, for capturing the essence of Johnny in all its brightness and glitter and another great posting. Drive safely (and, we hope, arrive home in time to catch the next episode of SWTS but don't hurry because you can always still catch the taped version).

Monday used to be the most dreaded day of the week when I was working. I'd get the "Sunday night dreadies." Now that I'm semi-retired, Monday is the day I look most forward to thanks to your column and SWTS. Thursday is the day I put lines in my carpet...etc.

julie98 said...

Oh Misfit!
I'm speechless. Utterly and completely. Tears streaming down my face to see that breathtaking performance of Dirty Love's intro and then the song. On video. Thank Weirsus for Jennica and her sister. And thank Weirsus for you, your son and our Gary for keeping us in your thoughts during this most incredible evening (and travel "adventure") for you all.

Annie said...

Lynn, I can always count on you to make me feel included (through your blog) in all the excitement of the shows that I can't get to see. Thank David for the fabulous photos. I certainly wouldn't be able to watch Johnny perform his Ave Maria without crying... sobbing probably. Can't believe I get to watch him every Monday night on SWTS. :)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Well, as you may know by now Brandon has withdrawn and the others are automatically all finalists. OUr boy basically told Bethenny off and her fans are on a major rant right now, they've even come on to Johnny's FB page to attack him. We are, however, trying to keep as much wank off the FB page as possible.

Anyway, thanks for the Blog, and the pics, and I can't wait to hear more. Wish I could have been there!