Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'll See Your "I Don't Care" & I'll Raise You a #CuttabitchOnNationalTelevisionFTW

So the bad news is I am just too damn tired to blog after having driven nine-and-a-half hours from Michigan (motto: Salt? On the roads? Really? What for?) through northern Indiana and an exciting phenomenon known as "lake-effect snow," a quaint and charming way to describe near-blizzard conditions that suddenly pop up thanks to a nearby body of water, reducing visibility to about three inches in front of your car and thus making your drive just one surprise after another ("Oh! A semi! Jack-knifed! Right HERE!" screeeeeeeeeeech) to arrive home just in time to take our oldest kitty to the vet and completely miss Skating With the Stars live.

The good news is TiVo saved the day and WTF I don't even need to write a blog because the transcript of this priceless moment really says it all:

Vernon [trying to get Laurieann to shut up]: Thank you, Laurieann.

Laurieann [as Johnny nods in support of her continued commenting despite Vernon's desperate "Thank yous"]: By the way, if you want to win, just pull up a little bit more, stretch those arms, and more dance! More dance!

Johnny [to Laurieann, approvingly]: Get it!

Vernon: Thank you, Laurieann. All right, Johnny! Thank you!

Johnny: The beginning of the program, I felt, was much more loose, much more fun, than it's LOOKED like you've had on the ice. The element at the end, the "Detroiter," was fantastic. You were nice and stiff and strong. But to me, it's very clear: You don't care what we think, and I don't really care to watch you actually perform anymore because you aren't listening to our critiques.

Ethan [nervously]: Well, we'll just get our, we'll just get our--we'll just get our scores then. (Is it just me or did he suddenly seem to erupt into fear-based babbling--not because of Johnny, of course, but because of Bethenny, the Skeletor-Faced Loon standing at his elbow with razor-sharp blades strapped to her feet?)

Bethenny [with apparent sarcasm]: Thanks. Thank you.

Laurieann: You know, you SHOULD care what they think.

Vernon [also nervously, since Bethenny is uncomfortably near ...] All right, OK OK OK OK OK...

Dick: Ha ha! Ha ha! I love it! I love it! I love it!

Vernon: Wow. Johnny Weir, you are FIERCE!

Johnny: Well, I mean, if she doesn't want to--if she doesn't care--

Vernon: FIERCE!

Johnny: --we DON'T CARE.

Laurieann: She cares ...

Dick [shaking Johnny with glee while Johnny makes a sort of "Z" sign in the air]: Go to it! Go to it, Johnny! Go to it!

Johnny: [???]

(I'm not sure what he says here. A quick poll of other crazy people who happened to be awake and on Twitter at 3 am yielded these guesses: "Pass"? "Harass"? "Her ass" (as in, "Let's cut her ass from this show")? Or just "ass," as in, "Could she possibly make a bigger one of herself?" Discuss.)

So. Really, what more could I add to such a masterful tour de force in cuttabitch delivered in less than 70 words other than simply: Ahhhhhhh. I spent the rest of my night basking in his brilliance and humming "Dirty Love" softly to myself while I made this .gif just for Julie Horowitz:

There's one thing that bothers me, though. After he says the Mysterious Word Which I Really Hope Is "Ass" Because She Is One, he sits back in his chair in a way that, coupled with the look on his face and kind of his whole demeanor throughout that scene, suggests to me he's a little upset. And I think, you know, after the Johnny lovefest that was Holiday Dreams on Ice, with the well-received premiere of "Dirty Love" and the opportunity to do what he loves and what fans love, which is, of course, for him to skate--it has to be hard to switch gears to SWTS and all its ridiculous drama, and to see an idiot like Bethenny display absolutely no respect for the sport that he has championed--literally--for so much of his life.

And then, of course, the haters were out in force on Twitter, tweeting stupid shit that isn't even worth the time it takes to run the search to find it. But a little while later, Johnny ended the night on a pitch-perfect note (as might be expected since he does, after all, have a pretty hot song coming out):

More brilliance. Still basking .... ("You think you know me / But I'll call your bluff...")

The next episode of Skating With the Stars
airs next Monday, December 20,
at 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST!
Don't miss it!
(Dear Santa: All I want for Weirmas
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germansoulmate said...

I know, I know what that sign at the end means. He tried to virtually windex her off. That must it be. LOL.

In all seriousness, I think Johnny can´t win that.
If he gives high scores, he is a coward, if he gives low scores he is mean. It´s not appreciated if he says what he really thinks and he is too honest to lie. Bethenny played the audience better this time. The audience, especially the average American audience, wants to be played. Was it Dick Button who compared Bethenny to Bristol Palin? That was much more telling than anything.
Johnny, don´t let yourself down to the level of these people who throw mud on you now. Keep telling what you think and keep your class.
Amiability can be the greatest meanness if chosen wisely.

Anonymous said...

Since I am on 2 hours of sleep and may not make sense I am going to talk in tweets again, lol. After watching the Bethenny fans tweet Johnny all night what they should have been tweeting to her I sent him a few support tweets, including these 2. Thanks to Nat and her multiple accts they (plus her tweets) were tweeted all over the timeline. Loveit!

@ABC_Publicity @ABC_dotcom 2X Olympian,3X Natl Champion @JohnnyGWeir has my respect and support #SWTS ♥Love him!

Now that @JohnnyGWeir can parallel park, he isn't taking sh-t from anyone! LOL! Love you Johnny! #SWTS #JohnnyWeirRocksSWTS♥♥♥

I wanted to tweet her that her and her fans are ridiculous to demand she is treated like a God when she doesn't give any of the judges any respect amongst other things (use your imaginations here-lol) but I dont want to be a bitch like her...So glad we all defended our hero without lowering ourselves to her and her fans nasty level. #TeamJohnny♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

As always, Johnny's scores were right in line with the other judges'. It isn't like he gave her the zeroes she asked for. This is the kind of drama that keeps people talking about the show, and fans voting for their favorites. So Johnny's just doing his job. The after-effect tweets from Bethenny's fans are going to shorten my lifespan by 6 months, though. Johnny might be strong enough, but I'm not sure I am!

That said, I'm actually enjoying the show, have my fingers crossed for my fave skater, and adore Johnny and his rapport with the other judges.

Oh, and I think he says "You gotta kick ass" after the Snap, referring to himself I guess?


aaaack said...

Johnny brings his A-game to every performance. Love it! Melodrama is the essence of reality/celeb TV and ratings. I make zoo seal happy claps.

So sad to see Brandon Mychal Smith give up. At the start he looked like such a promising contender. Wonder if he had eaten some ground beef that had been assembled from parts of cattle from six different states that had been prepped by underpaid workers working in abysmal conditions.

Maggie St. said...

It sounds to me like he is saying "Yeah". As in, YEAH Bethenny, you are an ass.

I was actually screaming my approval & applauding when Johnny spoke. He said what needed to be said and I love & admire him even more for doing so. ♥

Anonymous said...

Ah, that was a beautiful moment. She started a fight and he finished it. I wonder if his breaking point was her reportedly calling his sport “ridiculous” and “idiotic” last Monday when she breached her contract and attacked him backstage, backed up by her saying this week (paraphrasing), “Look at this funny costume, I’m in sequins, this is idiotic!” to Tanith. She’s very lucky Tanith didn’t wack her over the head with the microphone like Tanith very obviously wanted to do.

Johnny has proven over and over again how tough he is and that he doesn’t give a rusty hoot (God bless you, Dick Button for that one) what anyone thinks about HIM, but you insult or hurt his family or his sport and the claws come out and he will defend himself. She dismissed the last 14 years of his life as nothing more than goofing off in glitter while having fun Fun FUN! Woman, you have no idea.

You’re right, Binks, what a terrible let down after such a great, but grueling week. Being “rough” like that is not in his nature, I don’t think. He did look very upset before he spoke and after. He hasn’t got a problem with confrontation (competing at an elite level for most of you life probably washes that problem away) but he knew he would get heat and has to know that an uninformed public will not understand. For example, last night on his Facebook page, one Bethenny fan started whining about how “mean” Johnny is, until I posted your three blog series on Bethenny’s attacks to show that yes, there is a method to the madness. By the end, she understood and was much more sympathetic to why Johnny did what he HAD to do. Will her fans always be that reasonable? Nope! Should we care what they think? Not really. When this is done, should Johnny find every major media outlet he can get his hands on to explain every so nicely what a massive bitch Bethenny has been to him? Yep!

He is a wonderful, sweet, gentle, loving man that was provoked and brilliantly fired back. So much love and respect to him. If only we all had such strength.

- Jessica Lane

(Sorry for the mini-blog!)

Debora Walsh said...

I am very happy you're home safe & sound, Binky! Another HDOI road warrior has returned, hopefully bringing very detailed and heavily illustrated stories of the entire adventure with her to share with the other members of the Johnny Weir longhouse!

Well...quite a night last night, eh? The 800 pound gorilla in the room named ATTITUDE finally got called out, and it upsets me that Johnny has to listen to such a barrage of crap about it...because he was absolutely right in saying it.

To the SWTS viewers who are deriding him on the show’s website (viewers who by the way are the nastiest and crudest group of delusionals EVER…); like it or not, Johnny Weir has been at the top of his sport for over 10 years. That's more gold, silver & bronze than any of the armchair critics of this show will ever see in their lives. His critiques of all the skaters have always been supportive and constructive; he has not asked Bethenny to do anything other than loosen up, to practice the basics, and to skate with your own two feet a bit more. He has been complimentary of her lifts and her determination. I see no personal malice in any of it. The competitors on this show are lucky to have skaters of Weir’s and Button’s caliber comment on their skills every week.

For the record, I remember seeing Bethenny get upset once when she was called a cook rather than a chef…well perhaps publicly stating that you don’t really care what judges; who are champions in and of their sport; have to say to you, shows a callous disregard for their expertise, for their time, and their livelihoods as well. What’s that’s old adage about the heat in the kitchen?

julie98 said...

OK, first of all:
Misfit, so relieved you and all the other fans (and Johnny!) made it home safe after the Flint show. Good grief, what a nightmare storm to have to travel in.
Second of all: OMG, thank you for that wonderful .gif. I am honored!!
Finally, poor Johnny, but what a man he is.
Mikey M. is convinced this whole Bethenny/Johnny feud is a publicity stunt. I couldn't agree less. Deborah W. is right about Bethenny: I saw that episode on RHNYC where she flipped out about being called "cook" not a "chef." She is a nasty, whiney bad seed.
She has been bad mouthing Johnny and whining since the first episode. She is encouraging the nastiness of her fans which have included not articulate criticism of Johnny but downright homophobic slurs from fans who clearly have the minds of 5 year olds. So shame on Bethenny. Johnny, since last week, has clearly been upset by Bethenny's attitude. As I said last week, when it was time to judge her, he looked like he was sitting next to Evan during a press conference. He looked very upset last night. Who knows what that nasty woman said to him backstage last week... but it must've been really bad for him to say what he did on national television, knowing full well, the shit storm he was going to create.
Misfit, I think you are correct in that going from these skating shows to sitting as a judge for SWTS with a woman who has absolutely no respect for his sport or him or the other judges must be terribly deflating for him. He looks miserable.
Clearly, there is something wrong with this woman when all she says in light of such a slam against her is "I'm having fun" over and over again like a psychotic robot.
There is a part of me that fears for Johnny's safety because nutty Bethenny has a lot of fans and clearly many of them are off their rockers.
Hopefully, her nastiness will be exposed for all to see when the second season of BGJW finally airs and we see what the hell she said to him backstage.
Anyhow, sorry for the mini-blog.
Thank you for summing it all up for us and I hope Johnny comes out of this bizarro experience unscathed.
I *cannot wait* to read about Flint!
P.S. Dick Button rocks! I am totally behind that Twitter pitch for him and Johnny to do a show together!

PumaJ said...

Thank you, Binx!!!

Kayso, I've now watched the clip you've provided about 4 times, enabling me to become more clear and certain in what was my initial response to Johny's boldness. The response being, "OMG! YES! You just go, Johnny! Speak that truth:-)"

Some have expressed the opinion that it wasn't professional of Johnny to speak out the way he did. My thoughts were, "Huh? Its reality TV, not an elite skating competition, after all!" Then, I thought, "Well, um, ...but he is a professional figure skater,who as one of the judges is simply stating what he has observed about the contestant's obvious disregard of the judges previous suggestions. Isn't that what he is supposed to do?"

It is my observation that Johnny was completely appropriate in his presentation, even though it was quite clear that he felt upset. Frankly, I applaud Johnny for having the courage to speak the truth, one more time. You just go, Johnny:-)

Another blogger nailed it on the head when she made this observation of Ms.Frankel's performance last night, "Bethenny went out there and did her usual glide on 2 feet, stop and dance a jig, get tossed around a little, repeat." Right! My observation exactly. Frankel isn't skating, period. She has refused to incorporate the judges' suggestions and change what she is doing on the ice, in addition she has stated in writing and verbally that she is disregarding their advice.

Johnny was completely right on!

Hugs to you my dear Binx.

Judith D.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

Just when I think I couldn't love him any more, Johnny just had to go and do something like this!

Love him for standing up to her and her I-don't-cares, nasty comments, and obnoxious attitude!

Johnny, I just fell in fan-love with you all over again, and yes, you looked beauteous last night.

Great blog, MM, & thanks for the transcript!



WheresMyKoppy said...

Woman, you have no idea

Actually Jessica, I think she does know, she's just trying to have the last word and failing badly at it while making herself look like an ass. Re the cook vs chef thing, if you are a chef as my nephew is, you do NOT want to be referred to as a cook. However, there is a right and a wrong way to handle it, and it sounds like, as usual, she handled it the wrong way. BTW, is she actually a chef? To be a chef officially you either have to go through a certified culinary program or study under a master chef. If you haven't done that you are not a chef.

MM, glad you made it home safely! Sorry you had to come home to another mess! Sigh... Unfortunately I think some people may not react well because they don't know all the backstory. I had to explain it myself last night to my mom.

It was kind of funny last night in a sense because in the topic Jessica mentions where she posted your Blogs someone had said GAil, where are you?! You need to post your blog link here, they don't know about all this. They figured you were on the road, so I posted mine and Jessica posted yours. And yes, some people did get it after that. On the SWTS page after being provided some info they were not previously aware of one person actually said 'I stand corrected'.

Anyway, thanks for the blog, the gifs, the insight... YOu are the best!