Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Is the New Saturday!

... because by the time most people read this, it'll be Saturday in Australia! So I've decided to go ahead and have my Saturday today too! And then have it again tomorrow, because a week with two Saturdays in it is clearly an idea whose time has come. Today, in fact.

Johnny's week, on the other hand, will have two Sundays in it. Which is how most of my weeks used to feel a few years ago, and I have to say, the two-Saturdays thing is a lot more appealing. But on any day of the week, it has got to feel really weird to get on a plane early one morning, fly 16 or 17 hours, and then land about three hours before you took off that very same day--which is how he'll end up with Sunday all over again this weekend, which hopefully won't feel like some kind of Tim Burton-esque holiday version of  Groundhog Day ...

So because that whole concept makes my head hurt and I hate to start off my Saturdays having to slam a handful of ibuprofen just to be able to make it to the medicine cabinet to find the Tylenol, we're going to move on ahead to the good parts which are pics and vids from Australia that we will use to distract ourselves from that ever more twitchy and cranky feeling that always overtakes us when Johnny is out of the country forever, possibly longer, and we're starting to get really really antsy for him to come back and BTW WHAT has happened to his twitpic'ing skills? He was doing so well--YouTubing even!--and now all we get is a skyline (beautiful shot, yes, but oddly lacking in Johnnyness due to the total absence of any actual Johnny in the picture) and then a malevolently red-eyed, rodent-like "tree kangaroo" which didn't at all completely freak me out but did offer me an opportunity to ponder the disparities between my definition of "cutest thing" and Johnny's definition, and which once again was a Johnny twitpic with no Johnny in it. Sigh. Well, I know they're really really busy, so OK, we shall rely on our Australian friends, who happily did not disappoint:

From The Age: "American figure skater Johnny Weir
shows how it's done at the Icehouse in Docklands."

whose interview with Johnny should be available
on Monday, December 6, in Melbourne
during James and Nath's "Glory Boys" segment from 7 to 9 am
(US translation: Sunday, December 5, at 3 pm EST).
JOY does offer online livestream!

Another yfrog pic from James.
I'd recognize these shoes anywhere--
also the carefully laid-out bandages,
the red-and-white towel, and the skates ...

And finally, this stunning shot from the Herald-Sun:
"American Olympic skater Johnny Weir performing
at the Medibank Ice House at the Docklands."
Fans noticed that he has no makeup on,
so we're thinking this was taken during dress rehearsal maybe?

We also thankfully have some videos with which to occupy ourselves in between hitting "refresh" repeatedly on the World Clock page to see what time is it NOW in Melbourne and WHEN is it again that they're getting on that flight home?

Johnny performing "Ave Maria." It's only 1:30, but we'll take what we can get while we restlessly chew our fingernails and twirl that same strand of hair into a knot over and over ...

And Johnny's performance of "Bad Romance." I LOVE all the fangurl screaming in this--of men and women alike--and the gasping, and the shouts of "Johnny! Johnny!" And even in a handheld fan-shot video in a peculiarly stunted rink of a program that I've seen multiple times, Johnny is absolutely mesmerizing.
As always.


[refresh] [refresh] [refresh]

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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

every minute of that shaky, hand-held video was deeply appreciated! looks like someone's having a real good time shaking his booty for the Aussies. ♥

and yeah, MM, i agree with you: we need more Johnny in our twitpics, please.

pretty please with some LV on top?

we've been good . . .



WheresMyKoppy said...

Thanks for the fun Blog, MM! And right before I got off way later than I should have because I'm so behind on my mail and updates and blogs due to a preoccupation with SWTS/BT BS and having to write two articles for and I'm really tired and my ankle hurts and I have to stand up for eight hours tomorrow and walk almost a mile to the bus stop before I get there... Don't ya just love run on sentences??

Anyway thanks for the pics also, cause I hadn't seen two of them! You gotta love those screaming Australians, lol! Why such a small ice surface?