Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SWTS: Silent When They Should -- SAY SOMETHING!!!

So, how about that announcement from SWTS? About the pro skaters and judges?!?! Wow!



Um, yeah. Still waiting here ... as patiently as you might expect, just lightly drumming my fingers on my desk and, with my other hand, idly ripping out all my hair ...

So thank goodness Agentress Tara came swooping in yesterday to save me from myself with the announcement of yet another show on Johnny's upcoming schedule!

The show is being hosted by Perani Arena and Event Center in Flint, Michigan, and will follow a format similar to April's Ice Dreams (side note: See Johnny's impression of Tara re: wanting him to skate in Ice Dreams here, from about 42:08 to 42:39. Still lol'ing forever), in which 100 junior skaters from the Flint area will be chosen via American Idol-style auditions to skate in the show with Johnny! Interested junior skaters can sign up by filling out this form.

Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov also will be performing, and, in a really nice gesture of holiday spirit, the show will be raising money for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in Flint--one of the areas of the country hardest hit by the recession.

You can get HDOI tickets by calling 810-744-0580. But here's the best part! From Tara's post on Johnny's Facebook fan page yesterday:

"[This show also will have] a special VIP meet-n-greet! VIP tickets are $200 each, and will include on-ice seating and a VIP party pass. But, for this event, we are limited to 50 VIP guests. This will help us make sure that those who have paid for VIP tickets get a chance to visit with Johnny. Sooooooooo: The first 50 people who email me at holidaydreamsonice@gmail.com to request VIP tickets will be the lucky VIPs! You will receive a confirmation email back with instructions on how to pay for your VIP ticket. So hurry and email me! I’m waiting to hear from you! See you in Flint!"

I'm impressed that Fireworks has listened to the concerns of fans about various meet-n-greets held throughout this past year, and are responding by offering an opportunity for a smaller group to meet with Johnny and actually get a chance to visit with him. I appreciate Fireworks' willingness to try to accommodate fans, and I hope that Tara is already getting flooded with emails! Calling all Chicago-area fans: This is just a scant five-hour drive for you! Let's do it! (And let's happily assume there isn't going to be a Midwestern blizzard that weekend ....)

Finally, we also have other exciting news to report: The Australia shows have been confirmed by an excellent source!

So @alexcooke and his stepmum really were as knowledgeable as we had hoped--thank you, Alex! He's now offered to scan in a flyer for the show, if he can, and post it (maybe via twitpic?) for all of us who are insatiable when it comes to Johnny news--even news about shows that there's no possible way we could attend but we don't care we still wanna see the poster ...

OK. Let me get this straight:

Australia Dec. 2, 3, 4; Texas Dec. 8; Michigan Dec. 11.

(... plus maybe SWTS in LA every Monday ...)

Wow. That's like 37,000 miles in nine days plus the square root of actually, you know, skating =  maximum potential for exhaustion. But I hope all the shows go really really well, that there's a great turnout at every single event, and that Johnny stocks up on plenty of Cold-EEZE just to be safe ...

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Lindie is.. said...

I called yesterday to get extra tickets to the San Antonio show and there's barely anything left. EEEE CAN'T WAIT. This is the first time I'll get to see Johnny skate in person, even though I've been following him since 2006!

aaaack said...

The premiere of SWTS is Monday, November 22 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), and goes six episodes, according to (if we can trust what we read on the Internet)

Presumably, the follow-up episodes also are live and on Mondays, so...Nov. 29, Dec. 6, Dec. 13, Dec. 20, Dec. 27. Combining the judging and performance schedules would be humanly possible (but not necessarily humanely possible). Well, Johnny has skated whole competitions with flu and fever, etc., so he can pull it off, as long as the weather at airports cooperates. This gives me hope that Johnny has been asked to judge. And if worst comes to worst, they can always electronically dish Johnny in via satellite.

Anonymous said...

Tara- can I get the job as Santa Claus? does it include flight/accommodations/meetngreet as pay?♥

another great show! Living by NYC I know I have no right to want another show here, but I do!!!All those that can go - Enjoy it!!

Beth - twitter bsontwit

julie98 said...

He is Superman! Clip of him imitating Tara is priceless.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Combining the judging and performance schedules would be humanly possible (but not necessarily humanely possible).

aaaack, you are too funny, lol!

Once again MM, great Blog! You know I love your sense of humor, lol! And isn't it nice to know there are fans like @alexcooke downunder just like up here, in Japan, China, Russia and so on?

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

are the SWTS peeps reading your blog and silently delighting in torturing us all? augh!!

i LOVE that Alex Cooke - whoops! almost wrote cookie - is going right along with our Johnny madness and offering to scan a flyer. he's not scared of the Cabal! nope!

and, hey, before i forget: here's a Hello Kitty bandaid for all that hair you're ripping out.