Monday, November 29, 2010

SWTS, Episode 2: Attack of the Bitch Slap! Because 9.36 Million of My Closest Friends Can't Be Wrong!

The lovely Melissa Gregory offers a recap of SWTS episode 1
and invites your comments on her YouTube channel!
She'll be bringing us the inside scoop each week
(while we're busily voting for her husband, Denis Petukhov ... )

Yes! SWTS episode 2 is tonight!!!

Let's pause and remember this moment from last Monday's premiere:

Johnny's flair

And this one:

And also this one:

.2 second

Yet despite all this mesmerizing fabulousness (and I get giddy just imagining what glorious .giffy goodness might come out of tonight's episode. BTW I just mistyped that as "epidose" which, given the current level of my addiction, seems medically accurate), episode 1 had hardly finished airing last week before the naysayers pounced, decrying the premiere's "poor showing" in the ratings and sagely announcing that it was DOA.

I beg to differ.

You know, it's all about the spin. And I'm not talking about on the ice. I leave that to Johnny, and also the wonderful Denis Petukhov. (#TeamDenis! #Votevotevote!)

The initial overnight Nielsen ratings indicated that SWTS benefited from some DWTS spillover in its first hour, starting off with 19.45 million viewers. The perceived problem is that this number dwindled steadily throughout the program's 107 minutes to eventually end at 6.9 million.

It's that 6.9 million that has the headshakers out in force, abandoning the pulse-check and drawing up the sheet while the patient is actually still breathing just fine on his own and is, in fact, trying to text his mom.

Excuse me.

As if 6.9 million people showing up to watch TV is like nothing.

It's sure as hell more than I would want to have over for Thanksgiving.

(Although we did actually prepare enough food for them all. Really. Oh, while you're here, could I make you a turkey sandwich? Or 40?)

But article after article snitches up its nose and harrumphs as if we're talking about a number that simply involves hauling out the extra card-table chairs from the downstairs closet and setting them up in the living room. There we go: Seating for 6.9 million. Done. Let me just grab the extra napkins and we'll be all set.

Oh, BTW: The final adjusted ratings indicate that SWTS actually garnered 9.36 million viewers. Which means we might indeed have needed one more pumpkin pie after all.

So, in a holiday week where even Glee experienced a 20% drop to land barely above SWTS at 10.41 million, let's put these numbers in perspective, shall we?

Here's how SWTS' 9.36 million stacks up against last week's ratings for some other popular programs:

House -- 9.24 million

How I Met Your Mother -- 8.73 million

The Simpsons -- 6.59 million

Lie to Me -- 5.63 million

Chuck -- 4.80 million

WWE Raw -- 4.73 million

Sarah Palin's Alaska -- 3.04 million
(This gives me hope for America, especially since Palin's ratings dropped 40% from the previous week's premiere of about 5 million. Although there are still 3 million people who inexplicably tuned in for the second episode and to whom I'll be writing gentle notes of support and encouragement [WTF is wrong with you Holy Mother of Gaga don't give this woman any more attention don't even make eye contact PLEASE we're trying to ignore her so she'll just GO AWAY] as soon as I finish this entry. But in any case, Johnny and SWTS premiered in nearly twice as many households as did Sarah. Hello, Congress. The people have spoken. Pay attention and repeal DADT already. And how about marriage equality for all ? Here, I'll get you some more pie while you're working on that ...)

So WTF with all the doomsday scenarios? No, SWTS is not Masterpiece Theatre. Let's all be OK with that. And no, I'm not some highly paid bean-counter executive in TV-land, nor an online in-love-with-the-sound-of-my-own-snark TV critic, nor even a math-challenged judge for the USFSA. I'm just a consumer WITHIN (barely but I'm hanging on with a death grip here) THAT ALL-IMPORTANT 18-49 demographic who does, in fact, make all the major purchasing decisions in my household. So listen up, because I'm one of the ones that the networks want watching their stuff.

Yes, there were some rough spots in SWTS, and some room for improvement (More Johnny! More Tanith! Less Vernon! Or how about all Tanith and no Vernon? I'm sure he's a nice guy--all sexting aside erm OK maybe "nice" isn't the word I'm looking for here--but I don't think he's connecting well with the American audience. But Tanith, unscripted and free to comment with all the considerable charm and knowledge she possesses, could be magic. Throw in Johnny skating every week and you've got ratings to the power of unicorns).

And yes, Monday night's DWTS audience was 24.20 million. But comparing SWTS' premiere numbers with the juggernaut that is the DWTS finale is grossly unfair. Skating is rather more of a niche audience. Everybody thinks they can dance. Fewer people can relate to skating. A lot of people even realize they can't skate. I'm one of them. But I love to watch other people do it. It's interesting and pretty and risky. Like that boy I regret never dating back in high school.

But mostly I love to look at Johnny and listen closely to everything he says about bunnies and weaves and priorities, which only he could cover lucidly and most enjoyably within a single episode of any show, and then look at him some more. And then ask my friend Jenn to .gif the hell out of everything he just did.

And I'm not alone. Me and my 9.36 million friends already have the chairs set up and the last of the leftovers ready to serve. (Yeah, I know: Tonight's SWTS episode may draw fewer viewers than last week's premiere did. But that's OK because I'm really running short on gravy now anyway.)

And given a few more epidoses, a whole lot more people are going to discover the riveting magnetic undeniable overpowering we're talking world-domination-level here fascination that is Johnny.

We're definitely going to need a bigger room.

So back off, negative spinmeisters, get the f*ck out of the way from in front of my TV, and let me watch Johnny and Denis and all the rest just do their thing.

Sheesh. You people are analyzing numbers like you don't know anything.

Which reminds me: Anybody catch the new commercial from the USFSA?

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julie98 said...

Yes, I'll have a turkey sandwich please!! I just woke up at 3 a.m. and have the middle of the night munchies.

And yes, I'll be watching tonight waiting with bated breath for every second Johnny is on that TV screen.

germansoulmate said...

Great blog and I guess some truthes as well.

Oh...and LOL.

PumaJ said...

Oh, I so agree about Vernon! Sorry, dude, but let's get the hook for you. I was at the taping of that first show. In person, the skaters and the skating was great.Some, of course, better than others. Johnny was gorgeous, fabulous and strong. Vernon was obnoxious.

When I watched the TV version on line at ABC, Vernon came across much worse than he did live:-(

Your gifs are very cool. Love them. Love today's blog.

theresa said...

No worries, did you know that last season DWTS at one point reached a low of 10.2 million? And that is after ten seasons of build up and hype... I think SWTS did pretty well!!!

I like the fact that Johnny was used to start the promo out for Nationals and I love the fact that the clip showcasing Johnny in Flint is followed immediately with guest appearances by the ever popular Hello Kitty and Santa Claus. YAY!! I adore them ALL. :)

Thanks again Binky for an entertaining and informative post.


aaaack said...

Stray comments...

Have heard that Johnny is working with Tanith on some kind of new program. Be still, my heart. For that matter, it would be awesome to see Johnny and Laurie Ann dancing on the ground together to something she has designed. Or Dick Button dancing with Betty White.

Monday nights are recover-from-being-back-to-work days, so skating will be a good respite. If you can keep it funny, that would be better yet.

There's a great funny segment that Melissa Gregory did on the Internet comparing football and figure skating and how you can be fans of both

Nancy Knisley said...

Well, Binky, when you run out of turkey, if any of your guests are from the Mid-West, I'm sure they'll be fine with baloney and cheese.

[There's probably a Johnny Weir quote that's appropriate--or inappropriate--for every occasion.]

While reviewers mostly panned SWTS, Johnny got nearly unanimous raves. I read many reviews and comments that said, "Johnny Weir is the only reason I'm going to keep watching Skating with the Stars." So, good decision to hire Johnny, ABC!

Dancing with the Stars also got horrible reviews when it debuted, with many poking fun at the concept: "D-list Celebrities trying to Dance." But looked what happened. Plus, SWTS has one thing DWTS doesn't--Johnny Weir. Squeeeeeee!

WheresMyKoppy said...

RAtings, pooh! Critics, bigger pooh! The numbers for SWTS are actually respectable, especially when you see them in comparison with the other shows such as you put up, MM! And I have to agree with Nancy, Johnny has been getting raves! One of the few critiques I've read was from some looney Bethenny fan who writes a long-winded Blog about how she hates certain RHs and adores Bethenny. She claimed blogs and articles had been written about how Johnny dissed Bethenny on SWTS. He did? What articles? Where? By whom?

jenn said...

Thanks for analyzing those numbers. They paint a very different picture than the bloggers. It's been a long stretch of one-handed .giffing and tweeting. I think I'll have a little lie down so I'm fresh for Skating with the Stars. Got my comfies all picked out (comfies=cute x the power of unicorns). I'd like mayo on my sammie, Binx. On white toast if it's not too much trouble? Thanx!

Anonymous said...

great blog MM! ♥♥♥

Heres my tweet today, it says what I want to say and all in 120 characters - LOL!!

@ABC_Publicity @ABC_dotcom Planning my night around watching @JohnnyGWeir and #SWTS!! #JohnnyWeirRocksSWTS


Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

first of all, epidose = Hell, YEAH!! as in, that's 6.9 mil watchers that need their daily Johnny-dose, please!

i love Johnny's curly updo - really cute! ♥ and that sleek black & white outfits with transparent shirt is awesome! can't wait to see what he's gonna wear tonight!

and, OMG, Johnny's special guest is Hello Kitty! squee! will they skate together? please, oh, please!! just for a few seconds?

anyway, tyvm for your special and sparkly number-crunching! going to go sit by the t.v. and wait for Johnny to come on . . .