Thursday, November 11, 2010

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!! (And Also, Part 2 of the Trivia Challenge)

Photo from the People article
which @lovelyreally kindly tweeted yesterday,
promptly sending me soaring into new heights of giddiness
heretofore unattainable without some type of chemical aid ...

Yes! We have confirmation! Such as it is! Which is not to say, something official from SWTS itself! Because apparently they're mute! (But that's OK--that happens to me, too, whenever I'm within 3,000 miles or so of Johnny Weir.) So we'll take what we can get! Which is this article from People magazine titled, "Johnny Weir: I'll Be a Tough Judge on Skating with the Stars!"

All righty then!

I could not be more frantic to set up my TiVo to capture every glorious moment of this--Johnny! Live! On TV! SIX MONDAYS IN A ROW!--but my TiVo's little internal crystal ball currently stops tantalizingly short, at 6 pm on Monday, November 22, so Imma just sit here and wait ever so patiently, just like I have been, all toe-tappy, knee-bouncy, finger-drummy, hyper-caffeinated ball of Weir-vangelical frenzy that I am, leaping off the couch periodically to run outside and grab total strangers by the elbow on the street to shriek at them, "Did you know that Johnny Weir is going to be on Skating With the Stars? You've GOT to watch this!" and then racing back to see if my sturdy little DVR has caught up yet to where my mind has already gone ...

Oh and BTW:

He's not only a judge, he's the HEAD judge!! Yes, it's Weirmas in November! And December! And forever after, since, you know, TiVo! Wow--right here, live, in my living room, Johnny-as-Simon-Cowell's-far-better-dressed-and-better-looking-[see-blog-photo-from-yesterday]-young-American-cousin-with-just-the-right-mix-of-sympathy-and-snark, for hours of endless replay enjoyment to tide us over until BGJW Season Two finally starts.

(And hey, when you visit People to go savor every delicious syllable of glamourific Johnny goodness that is this article, please be sure to click on the link that says "PHOTOS: Johnny Weir: Drama on Ice!" It will take you to a slideshow of nine of Johnny's costumes, and you can vote for your favorite! So far Poker Face is winning with 41% of the vote, followed by The Swan at a distant second with 18%.)


Wow! Yay us!

And also: Congratulations, Johnny! This is a fabulous opportunity! And I know you'll make the most of it, and now we're all going to just sit back with little knowing smiles on our faces and enjoy the tsunami of new Twitter followers and Facebook "likes" that are going to come flooding into fandom after the first five minutes or so of Judge Johnny...

Which reminds me: It's time to judge how well you did on the trivia challenge! Here are the answers to Part 1:

1) d; 2) a3) e; 4) c; 5) b; 6) a; 7) d; 8) c; 9) d; 10) a;
11) c; 12) a; 13) d

And here's Part 2! Enjoy rooting around in Johnny's past quotes while we imagine what fresh Word-of-Weirsus delights await us in the coming weeks ... Nancy, are you ready for this?

14) Johnny said he would never wear what to a press conference?
a. A boa
b. Bunny-fur slippers
c. Illusion mesh
d. Big fuzzy animal costumes
e. Purple pajamas

15) Johnny said that when he first met Priscilla Hill, she was wearing a beaver fur coat and ....
a. A velvet onesie
b. A Dalmatian-from-Disney hat
c. A bustier and fishnets
d. A Mighty Mouse T-shirt
e. A Mongolian fur blanket

16) Johnny said that one of his costumes would be made of:
a. Chicken breasts
b. Whipped cream
c. Two Bandaids and a cork
d. Korean barbeque
e. Four whoopie pies

17) If Johnny never has a baby, he'll be happy to end up with a furry dog and ...
a. Estrellita
b. A yak
c. A ferret
d. A raccoon
e. Eric Alt

18) Johnny said he'd wear anything once except ...
a. Farm wear
b. Fur nipple covers
c. A mirdle
d. Pants made of feathers
e. A mini-skirt made of marabou

19) When Johnny goes into a jump, he thinks about ...
a. Cotton candy
b. Not falling
c. A can of pork and beans
d. Faberge eggs
e. Fluffernutter

20) When Johnny took a "funny tumble" during practice, he blamed it on ...
a. His Louboutin stillettos
b. Too much champagne
c. Chelsea Handler
d. A man eating french fries in the stands
e. Galina's cod sandwiches

21) Johnny said in "this line of work" nobody cares if:
a. Your left testicle falls out
b. You fold your panties
c. You're dapper
d. You're orange
e. You claim you're an hombre

22) Johnny threatened to smother Paris with:
a. Ping
b. Cheburashka
c. A Karl Lagerfeld T-shirt
d. A lynx skirt
e. A teddy bear

23) Johnny said that before Evan skated, he was going to give Evan a:
a. Bitch slap
b. Turquoise bag
c. Mook book
d. Massage
e. A muscle shirt and tattoos with grease stains

24) Johnny wanted to meet RuPaul to:
a. Learn how to avoid thong lines
b. Learn how to keep his "boobies" from falling out
c. Run his fingers down RuPaul's spine
d. Teach RuPaul to pairs skate
e. Learn how to tuck properly

25) While trying to teach Kathy Griffin to skate, Johnny told her:
a. She looked like a liver sausage in a wig
b. She belonged on the C-list
c. If he didn't like cats so much, he'd take her home
d. He should have worn pants
e. They should both eat during the early-bird special

26) Johnny offered Justin Beiber two pieces of advice: Don't get into drugs, and ...
a. Get a mullet
b. Definitely disco boogie
c. Don't wear leather pants
d. Wear a white speedo
e. Avoid swingage

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Debora Walsh said...

HEPPI, HEPPI, JOY, JOY!!!!! You are right, Binky! What a major SQUEEEEE moment for all of Weirlandia!
I cannot wait to see these shows! The fact that the program is live(!) makes me even more thrilled...Hear that folks? Johnny Weir, LIVE in your living rooms every Monday night!!! (if what we hear is true and he is the steady heady judge for all six has been so forthcoming! LOL)

I am soooo over the moon happy for Johnny! He was always a star to all of us watching him in competition, but time exposure, on a major network and in millions of homes as a bona fide TV personality...WOW! I just know that his smarts, his good looks, and his savvy, effervescent personality will be fantastic onscreen. This is Johnny going big-time, and he's so deserving of all the attention this will bring him.

Weirlandia, get you snacks ready...put on your fur (faux or not) and mix up an icy batch of glitterglam punch...Mondays are getting set to be a whole lot more FABULOUS!

aaaack said...

On prime time and on a major network. Johnny once said he wants to conquer the world. This could be the tipping point.

Maggie St. said...

Cannot comment.
Busy setting up DVR. :)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Current standing on the costumes:


Poker Face 41%
Fallen Angels 7%
Pink Corset 11%
Cross His Heart 3%
Love Is War 2%
The Swan 18%
All Heart 6%
Free Bird 13%

Once again MM, great Blog! Love your sense of humor as always!

theresa said...

...and let me thank you for all of the 'wrong answers' - absolutely hilarious! :)

Thanks Binky,