Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Special to the Blog: Yes, It's Weirology Wednesday! Or: SWTS = Some Weirisms To Share / Since We're Totally Starstruck

Kayso it's a good thing I already had this blog
pretty much written when this photo of Johnny
in NYC suddenly came across the Internet because OMG.
Absolutely so-stunning-I-have-no-words beautiful.
Huge kudos to Beauty Bears Eric Alt and Joey Camasta,
who are gods among stylists / artists--although it helps
to have such an impossibly gorgeous canvas
upon which to work their magic ...

So for those of you who may be missing out, there's this other fab Johnny blog produced by my friend and fellow Johnny fan, Nancy Knisley, called "The Quotable Johnny Weir." Subtitle: "Because Johnny Weir always says something worth quoting."

(Yes. Always. Even if it's just a word or two that becomes an instant hashtag classic, like #dapper. Or #pornorobot.)

Nancy's blog is another labor of love, put together with enormous time and effort on her part, and the result is a total treasure trove of Weirisms. Nancy painstakingly researches each quote so that we have not only what Johnny said, but where, when, and how to find it online if possible. It is an absolutely priceless collection that I refer to daily, and sometimes just roll around in when I need to. (Like I'm going to do with these if I ever get my brain back to functioning enough to be able to click on a link.) There's a reason Nancy's blog carries this cautionary label:

Warning: This blog contains nothing but Johnny Weir quotations. Reading them may become habit-forming.

Nancy posted her first entry on August 17 of this year. And yesterday--just 85 days after she began her blog--she found herself posting quote #500:

Tara is wonderful lady. She has really supple ... calves.

[Tara: You're very sexy.]

Thank you so much. You know I don't shave.
--(as Viacheslav Romanov), Be Good Johnny Weir, "God Bless America," Season 1, Ep. 8

Nancy said to me, "Isn't it astonishing that one young man could say so many quotable things? And I still have a backlog of several hundred!"

Yes, he's amazing. And very wise for his age. And also really, really funny.

And as we were exclaiming over Johnny's quotability--one of many, many characteristics of his that is exclamation-worthy ... 


... but I digress ...

--Nancy suggested that really, 500 quotes was a milestone that deserved some kind of celebration.

And I wholeheartedly agreed.

And so, today we co-present--by which I mean Nancy did all the work, and I cracked up at what she sent and then copied and pasted it here--this fabulous Johnny trivia quiz based on the quotes Nancy has catalogued thus far in her blog journey. At first we were just going to run ten questions, but I loved them all so much that I'm using every single one she sent me via a two-part post. Because it's not like we don't have an endless supply... (BRB checking Johnny's Twitter feed ...)

So here's Part 1 of your JW trivia challenge! Test your knowledge, and please check back here tomorrow for the correct answers to Part 1, and more questions in Part 2!

Yes, here it is again
because it seems way
too hard to have to
scroll up to see it
but Sweet Weirsus
we need to see it
1) Johnny once said that if he were an ice cream flavor, he'd be:
a. Tutti frutti
b. Vanilla
c. Baileys Irish Cream
d. Rocky Road
e. Chocolate Macadamia

2) The person who once wished Johnny success on his "porno movie" was:
a. Viacheslav Romanov
b. Galina Zmievskaya
c. Orange Mongoose
d. Amy Larocca
e. John Waters

3) When Johnny first lived alone, he slept with what next to his bed?
a. A piece of Louis Vuitton luggage
b. Paris Childers
c. Ping
d. An ice hockey stick
e. A kitchen knife

4) Johnny said he was like what Star Wars character?
a. Obi-Wan Kenobi
b. Princess Leia
c. Yoda
d. C-3PO
e. Wicket W. Warrick

5) Johnny told Tara she smelled like:
a. Cuties clementines
b. Brisket
c. Lemon pledge
d. Armpit and chicken soup
e. Zamboni fumes

6) Johnny told Tara her feet looked like:
a. Tumbleweeds
b. Bambi's
c. A giant banana
d. Pointy sneakers made of matryoshka dolls
e. She was wearing skis

And again, this time
in Old Hollywood
glam style (thanks
to Deb Walsh
for this idea)
7) The superpower Johnny would most like to have is:
a. Mind control
b. Invisibility
c. Morphing
d. Flying
e. Running in heels

8) Johnny told a TMZ cameraman that his tassel was:
a. Hanging from the rear view mirror of his Lexus
b. At home, playing Mario Kart
c. On his underpants
d. Doing an interview with Billy Bush
e. Being worn by Lady Gaga

9) Johnny said that his Aunt Diane is afraid of:
a. Crockpots
b. Improperly cut cheese
c. Everyone wearing the same thing
d. Germs
e. Galina

10) Johnny said he'd love anything Chanel, even if it was:
a. A bag from a moist towelette
b. Previously worn by Joan Rivers
c. A hockey player's athletic cup
d. A brussel sprout
e. Pants that are "a little snug"

11) While visiting Tara's apartment, Johnny asked her, "Where's your ..."
a. Glue gun
b. Hair rollers
c. Vibrator
d. Menorah
e. Vacuum

12) Johnny said his secret crush was:
a. Ice cream
b. Peter Carruthers
c. Hello Kitty
d. Windex
e. Larry King

13) Johnny said that if he were introduced to Christina Aguilera, he would:
a. Faint
b. Ask her for an autograph
c. Yell, "cocaine!"
d. Pee
e. Suggest that she drink Organic Valley reduced-fat chocolate milk

Ahhhhh just one last time....

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WheresMyKoppy said...

Another great blog post, MM!

LOL! Between you, and these pictures, and the comments I've been seeing on them I've been laughing half the night and getting nothing useful done! What the hey, everyone needs a laugh once in a while, right?! LOL, great blog and can't wait for the next round of the Trivia Challenge!

Nancy was asking me for help with sources when she started 'The Quotable Johnny Weir' and I did provide a few, but I haven't helped that much, and she, like you, puts a lot of work into her Blog! Very much appreciated!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

where do i sign up for the lighted billboard directly across from my house? you ARE taking orders, right? right?

love the b&w version of the photo - is there a bigger version? cause, you know, in b&w he looks like #iconichollywoodroyalty

Johnny, you are freaking Beautiful! and yes, that deserves a capital B.