Monday, November 22, 2010


Johnny tweeted this photo of his SWTS dressing room door
(he has a dressing room! gaaaaaah!)
last night after the AMAs ended, along with this gentle reminder:
"Watch us tomorrow! 9 pm EST on ABC!"
(Oh BB, my TiVo has been set for ten days now
so I can watch the show live and then watch it all again ... )


Squeeing With Total Spazzosity!

Simply Wild That (it's) Starting!

Since We (have been waiting forever possibly longer for) This Show!

And wow, weren't last night's twitpic-laden AMAs a wonderful little preview of what's to come? Those few minutes onstage, during which Johnny was of course beautiful and sparkly and funny, were just the perfect appetizer for the nearly two whole hours of His Ab-Fabness that's coming tonight!

I say "nearly" two hours because:

(1) My trusty TiVo has noted that tonight's SWTS premiere is actually starting at 9:13 pm EST / 8:13 pm CST which I have confirmed at the SWTS site and also which, as times go, isn't at all incomprehensibly bizarre, but apparently DWTS' cup runneth over tonight by 11 minutes and then there's two minutes of commercials and then FINALLY! and,

(2) I think there are some other people on the show.

So it won't just be Johnny on camera for about two hours straight (although that's the show I really want: Just Johnny. Just sayin'.).

So here are my fave pics from the AMAs:

A yfrog pic tweeted by Agentress Tara:
"On the carpet just hugged k perry
now onto leno's ross the intern."
I LOVE Ross! Follow him on Twitter @helloross.
Hope to see this interview posted somewhere soon!

From the Official AMA's stream on yfrog.
Fab side view of his hair!

Twitpic from @hunterw, self-described roving reporter,
who notes: "Johnny Weir is wearing
some type of shirtdress under his blazer."
He also tweeted this quote from Johnny:
"I'm wearing heels and a dress, basically,
under this blazer, and I'm not afraid"--
a quote that also was picked up by the AP
in their "Vignettes from the American Music Awards."

Twitpic from eTalkCTV:
"Johnny Weir working the press line backstage at AMAs."

Johnny teamed with actress/singer Christina Milian
to present the award for Favorite Latin Music Artist.
This photo was taken after Shakira was announced
as the winner and Johnny quipped:
"Shakira couldn't be here tonight, so this is mine now."
eTalkCTV immediately tweeted: "Shakira wins Latin AMA.
Johnny Weir's hair accepts award on her behalf."

Love this shot, especially because the
(pink? purple?) color in his hair is visible.
I'm guessing we have Beauty Bear Eric Alt
to thank for bringing us this hair magic. :)

A wink and a nod from Johnny--
and another view of the hair color.

 And this beautiful shot--the hair again,
gorgeous Chanel brooch thingy, and .... just Johnny.

So for any who missed it, fan Wendy Stevens was Johnny-on-
the-spot, so to speak, and uploaded his AMA moment to YouTube within minutes (thank you, Wendy! Because even though I saw the show, now I can watch my favorite part over and over again yes there is an obsessive pattern here why do you ask ... ?):

So there you have it: Everything we need to get us in just the right mood for tonight's SWTS! (Squeefest With The Star who is Johnny of course what a silly question.)

Speaking of YouTube, I came across this luscious tidbit yesterday from Melissa Gregory, whose husband, Denis Petukhov, is skating with Sean Young on the show. (Disclaimer: Yes, I am completely biased. And unlike the USFSA, I don't pretend not to be. I LOVE Denis and Melissa, and I am going to be voting my fingers off for him and Sean! I hope you'll join me! Team Denis all the way!)

Melissa posted a little preview video on their YouTube channel in which she announced that she's going to be offering insider updates throughout the coming weeks of SWTS:

Oooooo .... this should only add to the fun! To stay in the know, please subscribe to Melissa and Denis' YouTube channel, then follow Melissa on Twitter here and Denis on Twitter here.

OK then! I think we're all set for tonight! Oh wait--one more thing: For international fans--or anyone else who doesn't receive ABC--the network says that you can watch full episodes free online here. I hope it works!


OMG! Skating With the Stars premieres
TONIGHT! Get those DVRs ready
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Don't miss it!

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Love the intro page with the Swan photo
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germansoulmate said...

So much Johnny goodness to relish and to look forward to coming weeks. Are we supposed to survive that completely intact mentally? Wait.., Johnny is the one who keeps us sane.

aaaack said...

Johnny did a great job last night. (Looking forward to Johnny hosting the AMAs someday. If I were Karl Lagerfeld, I would ship posthaste a container of Chanel to Johnny's dressing room at SWTS for the free publicity.)

National Network TV show! Book release! Song release! Skating show opening! The heavens are realigning into a new mandate, and I'm expecting a big Constellation JGW to appear in the northern skies soon. First conquer the world, then the universe. May love, peace and sparklies reign.

Debora Walsh said...

Squeeeeeeeeeeee is right, Binky! OMG it felt like today would never come! So psyched & excited! I've been hawking this show at my job constantly. (Unfortunately I spend my days surrounded by pessimistic cranky pants, except for a few Japanese colleagues who LOVE figure skating... one was my Mook book connection!)

So here it is Weirlandia! Our Johnny G. Weir hits the major big time tonight, and I know we all couldn't be more thrilled and happy for him. I know he'll be amazing and he will definitely shine, like the diamond that he is!

Anonymous said...

So excited about SWTS tonight! and I really loved the shirtdress that Johnny wore under his jacket at the AMA's. The whole look was great, funny I loved it on him but I also would love wearing it myself!=)

and I am in total agreement MM, wish the whole show was about Johnny, but then again, we do have that whenever we get season 2 of BGJW...hurry up James and David!! miss that show!


WheresMyKoppy said...

Twitpic from eTalkCTV:
"Johnny Weir working the press line backstage at AMAs."

What WAS on that woman's dress? Feathers? LOL!

Once again MM, great Blog! YOu never fail us! I know you'll just say you have great material to work with, but I didn't do a Blog on the AMAs because I knew you would do one and have a better sense of humor about it all!

Looking forward to DWTS tonight, and hope I can actually watch it because I now have a TV in my room again by my nephew and his son are staying with us and using my room, so unless I can talk my mother into watching it in the living room...

Nancy Knisley said...

How will I keep up with blogging all those quotable quotes that I'm sure will come, because when does Johnny ever say anything that isn't quotable?!!!

Anonymous said...

The AMAs were so much fun! I mean the Johnny-parts, of course (oh, and Pink, loved her performance and message). :) Johnny looked like he was having a fun night; makes me happy to see him enjoy these experiences. And he looked so comfortable at the mic! The awards where the winner isn't there are usually a snooze, but not when he's presenting. He should Host the next one. :)

I couldn't find a press mention of it, but were attendees asked to include purple in an outfit? So many did, including Johnny in his hair. Loved his hair! Loved the whole shebang.

And now SWTS tonight, which I'm looking forward to more than I reasonably should. I think it's going to be soooo much fun.


Novia said...

It's not a Chanel thingy, it's a Chanel cluster and everyone wants to wear it now they have seen it pinned on Johnny's beautiful, classy, well-cut jacket. Which I covet like a very covetous thing.

He looked soooo gorgeous (is it sacrilegious that I want to pat, reverently, that purple-tinted nimbus that he wore like a crown?) and his spontaneous quip about Shakira's award is soooo him... I love him so much for it. He started it all formal and serious and scripted and ended it as only Johnny can. LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for compiling all the Johnny-meets-AMAs-fun-ensues memorabilia, Binky! xoxo