Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Johnny Multimedia Day!

Kayso I realize I'm running like 24 hours behind everyone else but I was really wrapped up in a work project so it's like I lost a day or something, so I'm having my Tuesday today although that does mean I'm going to have to push Wednesday into next week sometime, possibly between Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon (hmmm, that's actually Thanksgiving, so I don't know if I can work it out, but the next open spot on my calendar is Groundhog Day, I believe. Have your people call my people), but anyway I'm just now surfacing to take a deep breath, pop open another Coke Zero, and catch up on the latest Weirvents in which we consider Johnny from various angles via this multimedia presentation, beginning with his attendance Monday night at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in NYC:

Let's start with the front shoulders-on-up view. His look for the premiere garnered a lot of attention, but I think my favorite take on it came from my Twitter friend @blackren101, who tweeted that he reminded her of John Lennon. I approve this message.

Here's the back, with a fab hair bow made of actual blonde hair, courtesy of Beauty Bear Eric Alt. I love that he tweeted this later that night: "@JohnnyGWeir we worked it out again gurrrllllll!!! Your hair bow is the talk of the media. I never know how you will inspire me next."

And here's the full-frontal-fashion view. Which immediately reminded me of something ... someone ... wracking my brain ... so tantalizingly familiar ... maybe this will help ...

Yes! That's it! Which now makes me think he should have gone for the full band ...

... and then broken out into "Dirty Love." Ah, well, maybe another time. In any case, his look is still sweeping the Internet, and I am pleased to report that in this "Hot or Not?" online poll at, so far 70 percent of voters say, "Hot!" (Please go add your vote! And then scroll down the poll page to see StyleBistro's fun "Johnny Weir Lookbook," a gallery of various Johnny outfits from throughout this year.)

Also on Monday, ABC finally looked up from their sudoku books or whatever the hell they've been doing since first announcing the SWTS celebs, then kinda announcing the pro skaters, then drifting off to stare absently out the window and wonder why it was they came into this room in the first place ... hmmmm ... oh yes ... to issue this press release: "Three-Time US Champion Johnny Weir, Renowned Choreographer Laurieann Gibson and Two-Time Olympic Champion and Emmy Award-Winning Broadcaster Dick Button to Judge Skating With The Stars"!

Which means it's our turn to not glance up from the newspaper while we scrape the last of our soggy corn flakes from the bowl and murmur vaguely, "Oh, really? That's nice, dear," since we already knew that (well, except for the Laurieann Gibson part. So it's not a total loss, though I wonder if they could possibly have used a smaller font for their press release ...)

In addition, yesterday (which as you know is today for me, because I am stubbornly going to have my Tuesday, dammit, since otherwise I'll miss Glee) marked the debut of the Official Johnny Weir YouTube channel! Yes, our BB not only learned to "twitter-picture" this year, he's now industriously uploading videos to the Internet. (Awww, they just grow up so fast, don't they? Pretty soon he'll be wanting to leave to go off to California or something, hoping to break into showbiz with maybe a hot new show on one of the major networks ... oh wait ... !)

So he posted two videos of himself doing triple axels. In the description for this one, he wrote: "A plain triple axel. YouTube is kind of fun."

And for this one, he wrote: "I learned how to 'YouTube'! Me trying to get in shape again at Hackensack, New Jersey. The triple toe was cheated, but I'm trying! I'm sorry for the video quality but I train alone and needed to ask the wall to film me."

I thought the video quality was excellent, and I meant to post a comment to that effect but then I got lost in a daydream imagining Johnny talking to the wall and asking it to help him film, which personally I think is an entirely real possibility given that he's already said he'll talk to anything as long as it will stay there and listen, including a bush.

I love his wave to the camera (to us!) at the end. And I love that within seven hours, he had over 1,900 views between the two videos and 184 197 219 236 242 subscribers to his channel.

Finally, our multimedia tour concludes with this exciting news:

Ooooooo! Even in my kerfuffled state, I think that means ... today! Can't wait!

Designer T. Rains and Johnny have teamed up to raise money and awareness for The Trevor Project! This organization is "determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources." Proceeds from the "Army of One" t-shirt sales will go to The Trevor Project foundation. Order yours today! Your support is greatly appreciated!
For more information, please visit

Yes! You can own a fine art print of Johnny
perfect for any/every room in the house!
Prints of artist Peter Jurik's "Showtime!"
are available for purchase from his website.
More info here!

Here it comes: Johnny's quarter-century memoir,
Welcome to My World, will be available
January 11, 2011--that's just two months away!
You can preorder it now on Amazon!

OMG! Skating With the Stars premieres
THIS COMING MONDAY! Get those DVRs ready
and tune in to ABC on Monday, November 22,
at 9 pm EST/8 pm CST! Don't miss it!

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Special holiday offer!
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Anuradha said...

He is special!!! Words wont enough... Anuradha from Finland.

WheresMyKoppy said...

I have to admit I also immediately thought of AC/DC when I saw that outfit though I didn't say so at the time, lol! They are Australian, you know! He's going there next month, maybe they were an influence, ha!

Once again MM, great Blog! You are too funny! I can't wait for his new website later today! He's really going to own the media pretty soon, isn't he? :- D

germansoulmate said...

Great blog, great subject as always. I´m constantly on cloud 7 (in Germany it is cloud 7) and with what he announced will still come this week and on I will reach heights unspoken of yet. Cloud 9 won´t be enough.

Thanks again to Johnny for twitpicing, You tubing, tripleaxeling, rocking the shorts, laughing and so on and on, and to you for writing about him.

aaaack said...

Yup, ABC must have been doing a lot of sudoku, or understaffing. Here's very excited that Johnny will be working alongside Lady Gaga's choreographer Lauriann Gibson. I'm imagining all the brainstorming that must be taking place with the stimulus of ice and its new movement vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

OMG MM- I am so excited for all the new Johnny projects coming up! Some quick comments: he did look like John Lennon,he will rock the AMA's,SWTS is going to be incredible, I cant wait 2 get my hands on that new website(although I really hope he still keeps the old one with journals somewhere), and I bless the day he learned to "twitter picture" and feel the same about him learning to "youtube". those tripes♥ - Love to watch him skate!


Anonymous said...

Love the photoshopping, LOL. Johnny looks so comfortable slinging a guitar. And YAY for YouTubage! Yay for his new website!

aaaack said...

The "hair bow" is a nod to Lady Gaga.

Thanks again for pulling so many bits together and turning them into a cool package, Binky.

theresa said...

This is all so great!! And thanks for getting it all together in one space.


akiko said...

Thank you for another great blog! I've tirelessly watched the vids--more than 50 times each. These are sooo beautiful. I hope I'll be able to see Galina and Viktor too in his vids next year (and some other one than the wall will film him). Waving back to Johnny, you Binky, and all the fans of your fabtastic blog.