Monday, November 8, 2010

All the News That's Fit to Tweet

Well, the good people at ABC certainly know how to annoy us beyond belief with their stubborn reluctance to admit the obvious already WTF people keep us in suspense, don't they? My guess is they're going to maybe reveal the pro skaters sometime this week--maybe today?--since said skaters are already easily identifiable (yes! That is Denis Petukhov with Sean Young!) in this video posted LAST THURSDAY by Entertainment Tonight:

And then maybe NEXT WEEK after I've chewed off my fingernails halfway up my arm (note to self: remember to use "arm chewy-offy" in a sentence soon), they might get around to announcing the judges as they build the excitement leading up to the first episode of this show FINALLY and sweet Weirsus how many days doth November actually have? Because wow the 22nd can't get here soon enough for me ...

So in the meantime I noticed that there is a little bit of a naysaying storm going on, with a lot of people across the Interwebz scoffing at this whole idea and asking exactly how far did ABC have to stretch the concept of "stars" in order to accommodate those whom they cast, but I am blithely ignoring all that and instead rolling around in this wonderful little writeup from the fine folks at Zap2It and their seven-million-strong monthly readership titled, "A Case for 'Skating With the Stars': 5 Reasons to Get Excited." Because here's what they identify as reason #3, direct from the article:

"3. Johnny Weir

"No, there is absolutely no foundation to this whatsoever, but we'll be dipped in you-know-what if Johnny Weir isn't somehow involved with this series. He's been crouching like a bedazzled puma in the jungle of fringe media for too long. This is just the project to put his colorful personality front and center. If ABC hasn't already locked him down, they best move fast."

Yes yes yes yes.

(Speaking of bedazzled pumas who ought to be front and center, tomorrow we find out whether or not we were successful in getting BGJW a spot on the People's Choice ballot! Here's hoping our power-tweeting paid off ... )

So while we've been waiting and while we continue to wait and did I mention I'm really not very good at waiting for all this potential Johnny excitement in TV-land to maybe happen, all of a sudden over the weekend a bunch of ice-show announcements popped up in various places and so hey! Check these out!

First we have a tweet from Alex Cooke in Australia, who notes that based on his impeccable source--his stepmother, who is organizing the show--he's happy to announce that:

A quick check of the Icehouse website reveals--nothing yet, which leads me to the strong suspicion that the same people who are in charge of announcing stuff for SWTS are also running an ice rink in Melbourne, Australia... How is it that they are not blaring this from the rooftops? Or at least quietly already selling tickets? But no, one must politely wait until next Tuesday, like Popeye waiting for Wimpy, for tickets to go on sale for a scant two weeks before the show. All righty then. (But hey, don't forget that every Wednesday is Glam Night at the Icehouse!)

Anyhoooooo: Next there appeared on Facebook, thanks to alert fan Gary Podschun, this charming poster of a gigantic WREATH. Decorated with oddly out-of-proportion skaters (how is Scott Hamilton this much larger than Evgeni Plushenko? Yes, I get that we're going for artistic perspective here, but honestly it looks like the WREATH could eat Plushenko alive. While a Hagrid-sized Scott looks on congenially).

But one of those skaters happens to be--Johnny!

Now there are several amazing things about this: (1) They're already selling tickets even though this show happens AFTER the Australia shows; (2) Holy Grilled Cheesus this show is right after the Australia shows jet-lag much?; and (3) The tickets are only $15. Wow! FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Even I can afford that without any type of Craigslist advertisement involved. Or this is a misprint that will have the poster producer tied up in litigation for the next ten years. But since I'm still all giddy from the Zap2It article, Imma go with yay! It's only $15! And just 1,100 miles from here! (And also very inspiring because the show celebrates cancer survivorship.)

And then finally we have one of the most frabjous announcements ever:

I dunno what it says because my daughter is already asleep, but I LOVE the graphics and I know what it means: Johnny is skating the role of the Mad Hatter in "Alice in Wonderland on Ice," January 2, 3, and 4, in Moscow, Russia! And I can't help but be THRILLED for his Russian fans, who were so disappointed when his Kings on Ice dates didn't work out this fall. Get more info and your tickets here! (Or here, if you want to enjoy Google's whimsical translation of the page.)

This should be an absolutely fanTAStic show! Alexei Yagudin skated the role in the St. Petersburg production recently wearing this costume:


Maybe they'll alter the costume for Johnny, but THE HAT. Please keep the hat. This is a hat that could eat the WREATH and Plushenko and Scott Hamilton. And Kurt Browning for dessert.

So there you have it! (plus a quiet little rumor that Johnny may be skating in an upcoming charity event in the US near the holidays ... ) And maybe someday we'll ALSO have an actual announcement from ABC actually announcing that there will be actual judges on SWTS, one of whom maybe could actually be Johnny. Or we could always hope that Alex Cooke's stepmom is in charge and has SWTS firmly under control, in that brisk and friendly Australian way, and Alex will be tweeting about it soon ...

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WheresMyKoppy said...

Ha! Oh MM you are SO funny, lol! Here's hoping all of these shows actually pan out. Johnny did mention something about going to Australia, but this show is sure not confirmed! I really hope there aren't going to be some disappointed people around! If all this stuff comes off poor JOhnny is going to be a busy, busy bee the next few weeks! :- D

PumaJ said...

Is Johnny one of the judges for SWTS??

Another possibility to be added in to the busy mix is a Christmas show in Michigan that Tara is scoping out.

Binx, thanks for the early morning giggles:-)

Misfit Mimes said...

@PumaJ: The quietly rumored charity event is the Michigan show.... :) Hoping it comes together--not a bad drive for Chicagoans!

Debora Walsh said...

JOY! There is soooooo much heppi Johnny news this month, I am in a constant state of anticipation!
My Number #1 priority is to somehow convince my husband that he desperately needs to be in Russia for New Years, otherwise I won't be able to wish him a Happy New Year in person; seeing that I will be languidly gazing, in my NOT very terry tatty robe, at a snow covered Bolshoi while drinking coffee on the balcony of my room at the Hotel Metropole in Moscow.

OMG, Johnny thinks Tara is overdramatic in Russia?...Guurrll, let me tell you what; if I had the financial means to haul myself over there, there would not be any меха и фантазии left in that city!
Oh well, a girl can dream......

Maggie St. said...

Pleased with myself for getting the Popeye/Wimpy reference. Not so pleased that is means I'm old(er).

Happy to hear he's traveling and spreading the Johnny-love ♥ Gotta tell my friends in Australia (all 3 of them) to get their butts to Melbourne.

And I got my tweeting fingers all ready, so I hope Natalie & everyone helped move Johnny onto the People's Choice ballot. JGWsLilCupcake, EstrellitaEWR, and all my alter egos are looking forward to non-stop tweeting again!

Thx Binx!!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

yup, the Zap2It article was great!

Johnny as a bejewelled puma! hmm . . . how about Matthew Rolston photographing J in nothing but glued on diamonds and puma makeup? yeah, i know, it sounds a bit odd but i bet it'd be killer!

OH! what about Pierre et Giles? now that would be truly breathtaking. Tara, are you reading this?

k, sorry, i've gone off on a tangent here.

ty for yet another lovely post that has me purring in delight!