Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Special! Revisiting Seattle to Avoid Pining for LA ...

Well, OK, first we gonna pine for LA with this, which you've probably already seen ...

And this ... ditto ...

From Universal Sports.
More photos--a whole rehearsal slideshow!--here!

Sigh. But I am THRILLED for all the fans who get to be there! What an absolutely AMAZING show this will be!

Now, as we try not to pull out our own fingernails in a desperate bid to take our minds off the emotional pain of pondering the Greek tragedy that is our lives, let's go back to last Saturday! For more stuff you've already seen! (Is it just me, or is anyone else having extreme déjà vu ...?)

The wonderful people at the Human Rights Campaign, whose HRC Seattle Steering Committee honored Johnny with the Visibility Award, have very kindly made available on YouTube the official video of Johnny's speech from the "asOne" Gala Dinner! Thank you so much to Camille Rodriguez, National HRC Associate Director of Events; Chris Peron, National HRC Development Director; and the HRCMedia YouTube channel! We wallflowers can content ourselves with watching this and the fabulous HRC montage multiple times whilst waiting for the salt that is more pics and vids from All That Skate to come pouring into our wounds this weekend ... #takingourselvesreallyseriouslyhere #getyourmopeonandgrind

If that's not quite enough to keep your mind off the fact that if ever there was a time to chuck it all, move to LA, and settle unobtrusively into the utility closet at Michael Mazzella's house ("Well, hey, y'all! How you doing, bb?"), that time would have been, oh, say, last Wednesday, here also are two great .gifs to enjoy, courtesy of the wonderful Wendy Stevens:

The second one is for all of us who saw the JW Art Project clip and sighed, "Oh, I could just watch this over and over ..." Now we can. Thank you, Wendy. :)

(Yeah, I know. It's like scraping up the dabs of frosting left over on the kids' plates and licking it off your fingers till they're raw when what you really want is to eat the whole damn cake yourself, but there you go. We addicts will take what we can get. And happily, shamelessly beg for more ...)

Yes! You can own a fine art print of Johnny
perfect for any/every room in the house!
Prints of artist Peter Jurik's "Showtime!"
are available for purchase from his website.
More info here!

Johnny Is skating in Yu-Na Kim's fabulous show,
All That Skate, TODAY and TOMORROW in Los Angeles!
Everything you need to know about
special gatherings of The Cabal is right here!
This show is expected to be televised
on Sunday, October 10, on NBC--
check your local listings!

Also on Sunday, October 10, Johnny will be performing
in Skate for the Heart in Youngstown, Ohio!
Tickets are available here,
and there's a discussion page for fans here!
This show also will be televised on NBC
on Sunday, January 16, 2011, at 4 p.m. EST!

Please remember to register to receive
the JW Art Project's email newsletter!
They have great tidbits to offer,
and you get a special sneak peek at an exclusive photo
from the book when you sign up!
The Artbook is expected to be published
by the end of October--can't wait!

Coming up: A special holiday offer!
And more in the series
of translated interviews from the Mook Book
courtesy of the fabulous Akiko Nakata!

copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Annie said...


Yes, I checked event tickets. Yes, I checked flights. Yes, I checked hotels.

But a trip to LA for the weekend wouldn't work for us.


And I'm not just disappointed because I'll miss seeing Johnny and the other amazing skaters perform in such an incredible event in a venue that is extraordinary in the U.S. (imagine the financial and logistical efforts). But I feel as though I'm not supporting, sort of like not voting in an election. I want to be there to help ensure the seats are filled and, by being there, show sponsors that this kind of event is worth doing again, and again, and again... maybe somewhere I can even attend.


But thank you, Lynn, for these posts. They help ease the disappointment.

And I'll do what I did when I missed past events that I hoped to get to and couldn't. I'll watch Johnny's performance videos. I'll blast Lady Gaga (and even sing - frightening!) and clean the house. I'll stick to FB & Twitter like glue for updates, photos and videos.

And I'll be grateful, as always, that as insane as I know I am being, that not only am I not alone in my crazy, but I'm in VERY good company!

Love you! "See" you all at the performances! ♥♥

Mimsie said...

What a way to start a sleepy Saturday morning! Thank you wonderful Binky!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MM- Thank you for the LA practice video, I had not seen it. RL is interfering on my twitter time this last day or 2, its very upsetting!!!LOL!! I may be biased here but Johnny is always the best one in the group, I just LOVE watching him move on ice! ♥♥♥

Now I am going to go cry that I dont have enough money to fly to LA show or know how to get Korean TV stations so I can watch it today.

Beth - twitter bsontwit

Maggie St. said...

After the week(s) I've had - illnesses, death, ER visit, another illness, and turning older - I really need everyone to have a fanTAStic time tonight!!

I'll be living vicariously through all of you! ♥

Big hugs to those responsible for the gifs, pics, and vids!!

WheresMyKoppy said...

I missed this one over the weekend, thank you so much MM! What a great show, we missed you all, and I was so thrilled to meet everone, and I hope I have many more chances to be with them, and to meet the rest of you!