Sunday, October 17, 2010


So Johnny's in Toronto today and tomorrow as a special guest of the top Canadian TV show, "Battle of the Blades," where he'll be skating to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" in a performance that no one in the US or possibly anywhere outside of Canada will be able to see. #qué? (rhymes with #eh?)

And just in case there's anyone left in the galaxy who was not on Twitter or Facebook yesterday, may we present traveling with an international flavor plus #besthashtagever, courtesy of Johnny's indefatigable sense of humor and the fine staff at the Newark airport, whose employers apparently do not offer a vision plan as part of their healthcare benefits:

Which inspired this sympathetic response from Eric Altomare:

And this twitpic and caption from Agentress Extraordinaire Tara: 

Ah, #Estrellita. Muchas gracias for an unexpected #lolwut
that turned an ordinary Saturday into an hours-long #hashtagpalooza that's still cracking me up.

Perhaps the only explanation is that wise Spanish proverb:
El amor es ciego.

P.S. As if that weren't enough to complete our weekend, we also got the first twitpic ever from Boz!

Let's hope they weren't on their way to somewhere involving a pitstop at the EWR men's room ... #hombre #don'tmesswithEstrellita #stoppleasejustletmego #givepeeinpeaceachance #thisstuffreallywritesitself

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Novia said...

Thanks for the laugh, Binky (and Johnny! And the formidable Estrellita!). I really need it today.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

aww . . . poor Johnny, just trying to pee in peace! hee hee!

he's not the only one it happens to. i was mistaken for a crossdresser once at a drag revue. true, i was dressed to the nines in a black silk & fishnet vintage dress . . . and i'm very skinny . . . but i was horrified when this guy tried to give me a tip! ack! i was just a baby and was sooooooooooo embarrassed. if it happened today, i'd probably just laugh and take his money.

anyway, sorry i haven't commented these past few days. sick again. :(


Princess Johnny-Love

p.s. he's finally gonna skate to Just Dance and we don't get to see it! AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! #imjustgonnadie

p.p.s. Boz is a cutie!

p.p.p.s. Misfit is a sweetie!

germansoulmate said...

*lol´ing forever* I love Johnny´s sense of humor so much. It makes me laugh and what is better than a laugh.

Thanks for your Sunday blog...much appreciated.

aaaack said...

Here's some links to the Canadian battle of the blades pages

Fingers crossed that whole episodes will be posted.

Maggie St. said...

Should Johnny ever need a bodyguard, I suggest he hire Estrellita. Ain't nobody getting past her!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thanks for the laughs MM! I hadn't seen the Eric Altomare tweet, though I had seen the rest of it. Great job!

As far as those links, I had already found those the other day, and I also got the outside of Canada thing! Oh well... Maybe someone can get copies for us. I know one person on FB offered, but isn't sure how to upload them.

aaaack said...

Binky, I was able to play some of the videos. In two cases, I got the message, but when I hit reload (F5), I was able to view the video after all. Shrug. It might have to do with where your Internet supplier keeps their server, etc.

The "ballet with the boys" segment was a kick, by the way.

aaaack said...

The pattern is that I am able to view the little outtakes but not the actual show segments. Guess they don't want their servers swamped. If I remember correctly, and this might be outmoded info from my fifth grade, Canada has 1/16th the population of the US.

Misfit Mimes said...

@aaaack: Thank you for the follow-up! Somehow Blogger ate my previous comment, but essentially I can't get any of the videos to play. I'm going to have to try again using your little trick...

aaaack said...

It was frustrating. Here's a tidbit from youtube

Like stream flowing around rocks in the stream bed...

aaaack said...

When I tried Microsoft Internet Explorer, I was not able to play anything. With Firefox and Adblock Plus application, I was able to watch the small segments but not the longer videos. Hope someone will post all the segments of interest on youtube.