Friday, October 29, 2010

And Of Course Today's Headline Is, In Fact, Porno Robot

Just three things to cover today which is good because I'm still stuck in OMGHEREALLYWASNTKIDDING mode so let's just sip our coffee and feast our eyes on these for a minute while we imagine a little story:

Once upon a time last night in Jersey, "Johnny Weir" and "Porno Robot" posed on the red carpet at Eric Alt's Halloween Disco Ball, hosted last night at Eric's salon in Wood Ridge. The ball was a fundraiser to benefit Strengthen Our Sisters, a community-based nonprofit shelter program serving homeless / battered women and children. I LOVE that Eric came as Johnny (with the help of the amazing F'nD!), complete with pouf hair, glittery shoes, fabulous pink flower, and giant bag with "WEIR" in sparkly letters. And Porno Robot was all that we might have imagined and more. If we lived in Johnny's head. And had a slight encounter with mescaline. In the words of an awestruck NinjaGirl: "Oh God he looks like an S&M club kid mauled by a werewolf ... I love it ..." For more photos of his costume that we don't really want Patti to see, please visit Getty Images.

During the event, a delighted Agentress Tara "Fembot" Modlin enjoyed the, er, spiritual care of gentle "Sister Butch," left, and kindly "Father Grämz" ...

... but later, it was evident that Father Grämz was deeply concerned for the state of Porno Robot's soul--or possibly just his hair ...

... but he needn't have worried, for in the end Porno Robot found Fembot, whose boa fell head-over-heels (do boas have heads? or heels? Now that's gonna mess me up...) in love with his hair. And so they all lived happily ever after.

Item #2: If you now need something Ajax-strength to try to scrub these images from your brain (which won't work because those suckers are burned in there, baby, and you will never be able to look at Johnny again without seeing the ghost of Porno Robot superimposed over him no matter what he's doing--meeting President Obama! Hosting the Grammys! Winning the Nobel Peace Prize!--yep, you'll still picture him in this costume, especially if you roll around in those Getty Images for more than a second or two), here's a fab video clip that popped up yesterday that does not feature porn of any kind, although there is a disturbingly large orange M&M involved and you'll also notice that the Rhinestone Raccoon has been blurred out (the prevailing theory on Twitter was that he's in the witness protection program ...). The video can't be embedded, so here's a screen cap to entice you to go watch it even though Porno Robot is whispering the web address for Getty Images in your ear ... :

And that brings us to Item #3, which is: GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Several articles, including this one, indicated that the People's Choice nominee voting continued until November 9, but @PeoplesChoice tweeted yesterday that VOTING ENDS TONIGHT!!!! Word spread quickly on Twitter, so fans NOT attending exotic Halloween parties last night switched it into high gear and churned out several thousand votes (@natomax alone, with her six accounts, has tweeted 13,560 votes this week!) until twitpics of Porno Robot started appearing--

--and then there was kind of an open-mouthed gaping pause ...  for a little while ... while we died ... and then ... we were going to tweet some more ... but OH SWEET WEIRSUS HERE IS THE BACK OF THE COSTUME ... so ... eventually we got back on board although our brains had completely melted but we could still manage to copy-and-paste Be Good Johnny Weir #tvobsession #peopleschoice another 6,000 times or so although that's about all we could manage ...

And please, we need to keep doing it as much as possible until midnight tonight! We are still ahead of those determined Beekman Boys voters (which I'm sure is a lovely little show but COME ON there is nothing more worth obsessing over than BGJW! The highs! Porno Robot The lows! Porno Robot The cheese! Porno Robot The foot massager! Porno Robot Viacheslav! Porno Robot "This mammoth thing shoved in me ..." Porno Robot ...

You also can vote over and over and over in this category on the People's Choice Awards website! Porno Robot Just check the box next to "Other," type in Be Good Johnny Weir, and click "Cast Your Votes." Porno Robot The page will refresh with the next category. Porno Robot To vote again, scroll down and click "Previous Category" to return to the "TV Obsession" voting page. Lather Porno Robot rinse Porno Robot repeat.

So let's do this thing! And give Porno Robot a really happy ending! Which sounds wrong ... but then again, once Porno Robot is hopelessly embedded in your brain like some kind of sexual shrapnel, everything kinda sounds deliciously wrong ... Imma just go with it and get  my groove on: Vote tweet vote repeat gotta love that Porno Robot ...

Designer T. Rains and Johnny have teamed up to raise money and awareness for The Trevor Project! This organization is "determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources." Proceeds from the "Army of One" t-shirt sales will go to The Trevor Project foundation. Order yours today! Your support is greatly appreciated!
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Trish said...

Well, I hope he at least got himself "some" after wearing such an incredibly sexy outfit. (Although he did look cold - in a way that me and my sisters would joke "we could cut glass.") Love the blog Binky as per usual.
Trish Misiura

WheresMyKoppy said...

OH you are too funny, MM! I don't think JOhnny is going to ever live this costume down. NOt that he needs to, but pics of this will pop up for the rest of his life, lol! (I wonder if Patti really has seen any pics of this? Or Diane?) Natomax, PrincessJhnyLuv and a few others are putting my paltry few hundred votes to shame...

Great job!

akiko said...

I had thought I would love Johnny no matter what he did/didn't. I had thought I would love Johnny in/with whatever he liked. This is the first time I see him without adoration. Only guffaws.

Thank you, Binky! I think I finally understood the spirit of Halloween. This is beyond my description and feeling.

I hope to see Johnny as a geisha or an oiran (oh, again!) or anything but like this next year.

And I wasn't aware Eric came as JW. I wasn't aware it was Eric!!

aaaack said...

Love that shot of Father Grams glancing at Porno Robot. Vaguely reminds me of a photo of Anderson Cooper with Lady Gaga.

Today am trying to scour my brain cells out with scouring glitter. By the way, if Lady Diana were alive, she would love and promote

bsontwit said...


the party was fun, johnny was very tall in his heels and fans got a chance to say hi to him before we went in, which is good because it was very crowded inside. I took alot of pics and it was so funny that Eric was Johnny for Halloween!

Beth-twitter bsontwit

PumaJ said...

Lesbian poet and scholar Judy Grahn, said "Halloween is the great gay holiday".

"Porno Robot" within the context of many of the other costumes worn at Eric's party, really isn't a big deal. Actually, as far as a costume for a Queer Halloween party, it is more tame than others I've seen over the years, though, admittedly seeing Johnny in such a costume did earn an eyebrow raise from me. Then I just started to giggle, and thought that is our boy:-)

Whether or not Johnny ever identifies himself as gay, he is definitely Queer. Now, mind you, Queer is a big umbrella & does not automatically imply gay. The word has certainly been used derisively, but it is being reclaimed by many with considerable pride to encompass "sexual orientation and/or gender identity/gender expression that does not conform to heteronormative society".~Wikipedia

On the other hand, I say, "Whatever!". It is my observation that whenever a creative genius uses him or herself as a palate for their artistic expression as a type of performance art, it is going to be interesting, different, and very often provocative.

Great blog, again, Binks:-)

Maggie St. said...

For the first time in his Life, Johnny was finally taller than Michael Mazzella.

All photos taken of me that night go as follows: person, person, (space...oh! Look down!) me, person. Like Gimli, next time I go any place where pictures might be taken, I'm bringing a box to stand on.

Words just can't describe how fanTAStic the party was. Eric certainly pulled out all the stops with the entertainment - a fire eater, energetic DJ, amazing hors d'oeuvres, delicious champagne cocktail, selections of beers, and COOKIES!! Johnny, Tara, Marshmallow, Eric, Danielle Staub, Naked Cowboy/Cowgirl, Linda Moran, two topless ladies wearing amazing artwork. I could never figure out if they wore body stockings or simply wore paint.

At one point I even told David Frank Ray - who was looking dapper (in a good way) wearing a black & white boa - that he wore it best. He was standing next to a young man who wore a black & red boa. I had NO IDEA who he was, only that he was a very handsome looking gentleman. He laughed and said "I certainly hope so"! Afterwards, I learned that he is Makeup Artist to the Stars and so much more!

Should Eric ever throw a party again, I suggest everyone try to plan a NYC trip around it and GO!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

"And give Porno Robot a really happy ending!"

ahahaha! god, yes! there's a legion of adoring men and women out there who would like to do just that.

beautiful man, beautiful costume!

and Eric as Johnny - just too cool! he looked great, too!

hmmm . . . maybe i should dress up as MM for Halloween? let's see . . . overalls, laptop, something sparkly, a pen to sign autographs, and crystal-studded handcuffs to place crappy interviewers under citizen's arrest! :-D

Happy Halloween, everyone! ♥