Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome Home, Johnny!

Oh my yes. Me too.

Well, I was thinking earlier that by the time this blog entry posts, Johnny should be home enjoying more of that weird out-of-body-experience that is jet lag after a 13-hour-or-so flight across half the time zones in the world in which you end up arriving a few minutes before you left. So he gets to have Monday twice, which is not necessarily something I would wish on anybody. Although he can live the Never-Ending Monday From Hell two different ways, so that's got to be kind of interesting ... ("Let's see, first I spent Monday trying not to be bored out of my mind on an airplane without Tara there to entertain me by dousing me with personal-care products. Now I can spend it running all over my apartment unpacking and Pledging and trying to stay awake until it's time to go to bed. Or I could zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .... ")

But then he tweeted that he's "never had such a crazy time leaving Japan," so now I'm thinking things maybe didn't go quite according to plan but he should still be back in the US sometime today (I hope), at which we will all breathe a sigh of relief. Because these past two weeks that he's been in Asia have kind of seemed like forever. Possibly longer.

Although I am thrilled for all his fans there, who showered him with love and roses and interviews in which not a single stupid question was asked (Yes. It can be done), and especially for the Chinese fans, who had not seen him in person for three long years. It sounds like all the shows were a huge success and well-received, and I would happily sell vital organs in order to see a full-length vid of him skating to Dima Bilan's vocal performance, of which, alas, we have only a four-second clip that offers us this .gif (@JEKitten: For you and me, BB. So we can just see the best parts without having to rewind over and over ...):

(I love the half-second of clapping audience in the snowy TV image that looks like it's from 1962.)

And we also can savor this blurry screen-cap:

Sweet Weirsus. THAT COSTUME. How in holy hell did we not know he was going to be wearing this? How did this even make it past airport security? ("I'm sorry, sir, we're going to have to ask you to take this out of your suitcase. And put it on. So we can take pictures and send them to absolutely everyone we've ever met.") Because just these few seconds are enough to cause minor pheromone explosions worldwide. Or maybe he just picked it up on a fun little shopping trip while he was there ... ? (Note to self: Clearly I'm not shopping at the right stores ... ) No wonder no cameras were allowed in the arena. They would have just melted.

This demands a Mook Book all its own.

And as far as Fukui goes, that will likely have to do, although we are hoping maybe there was a fan meeting from which pics and vids might be forthcoming ... ?

At any rate, I will be very glad when Johnny's home safe and sound; I hope he takes a break to get some really good rest for at least a few days because he was looking kind of tired there toward the end; and while he's doing that, I really, really want RevoLucian to stop being so coy and give us some Dirty Love already! He tweeted two weeks ago that he was strategizing and that he would need help from Johnny's fans, and we've all been waiting breathlessly ever since. Which is starting to make my hands and feet go numb ... 

And so, we leave China and Japan behind with this final backstage moment from Fukui, courtesy of the wonderful people at JW Art Project (click photos for larger view. Yes, OK, OK, links to non-capped photos are below):

We also can enjoy this moment endlessly as a .gif ...

... which can help tide us over until we see Johnny and Stephane again at All That Skate in Los Angeles on October 2 (that's less than three weeks away! Yay!).

And thank you, Johnny, from your fans all over the globe for this lovely tweet while you were on your trip:

Oh BB, we love you too.

"Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres ..."

You are love in motion.

And you inspire us to the same.

Welcome home. ♥

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germansoulmate said...

OMG...still hyperventilating at that costume.
How did he manage to get into it...jumping from a pedestal into these pants? That image leaves me with questions...and more questions...and very vivid images.

Love these pics I haven´t seen yet. Must have slept. Thanks for posting them (and the captioned ones...there is nothing better than a laugh).

Great blog. Made my day. Thank you.

Debora Walsh said...

"....and now I change ze language setting to Portuguese."

Thank you for embedding that 4 second masterpiece that I hope will make it onto the Academy's ballot this year for Best Foreign Film.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Binky, I have no words for this...


This outfit requires a Mook Book with detailled pictures of every centimeter. Just in case.

Quotes you : "We also can enjoy this moment endlessly as a .gif ..."

OH YES! :')

PumaJ said...

That costume...will we ever see it again? Stills will be accepted, but in motion views would be the most sublime:-)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you once again for your wonderful Blog, MM! And thank you for the pics both with and without captions, love them!

I suppose that little few seconds of video and that one pic will have to suffice for now...

jenn said...

In a just world there is no way that program & costume would be seen three times & put away forever. *sigh* For those of us who need to carry that little bit of magic everywhere with us…

Anonymous said...

Love your funny captions MM-

Glad Johnny is back today! Also, I thank the incredibly generous Johnny fans in China who shared their pictures and videos with us!♥♥(not sure if this is the appropriate place to do this - but just in case they read the blog..TY!!)

Princess said...

welcome back to Johnny and Ping! ♥ we missed you!

MM, I don't know whether to say thank you for the photos and clip of the new costume or not . . . cause i will absolutely DIE if i don't see better pics soon!

seriously, i will just lay down on the sidewalk and refuse to move or eat or breathe until Johnny graces us with better photos of that Gorgeous Rock Star Outfit!

so i'm offering up my best full-on Japanese bow to the lovely Mr. Weir (giggle!) - and no, i'm not Japanese, but I read a lot of manga!

here i go, kneeling on the floor, bowing down until my forehead touches the floor.

oh please, Gracious and Lovely One,
Most Sexy Bitch in the Freaking Universe,
take some head to toe photos
of yourself in that droolworthy outfit
and share them with us,
pretty please with some LV on top?

please? *whimper*

Robin aka Princess Johnny-Love

akiko said...

Binky, thanks very much for the wonderful blog!!

As one of Japanese fans, I apologize that we cannot share any good pics and vids of Johnny from the show.

I could see the vid forever...

The newscaster voice-overed Johnny's skating in the vid, "Johnny Weir and the other skaters challenged difficult elements..."

BTW, the unbelievable low-tech TV image is due to the dry-ice smoke filling the arena.