Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Today's Darling"

Kindred spirits: Shigesato Itoi and Johnny Weir
after Fantasy on Ice in Fukui.

Special to the blog, thanks once again to the fabulous and endlessly patient Akiko Nakata! Today we present a translation of the brief and beautiful column that our beloved Shigesato Itoi--"Itoi-san"--wrote this past Sunday, September 12, after watching Johnny skate in Fantasy on Ice at Fukui.

Itoi-san writes a daily sort of diary for Hobonichi, and it is always titled "Kyoo no Daarin," which is literally translated as "Today's Darling." Akiko explains:

Itoi-san has his crew (his staff members are known as his "crew") call him "Daarin [Darling]." In Japan, this word is used only kiddingly. Itoi-san titled his daily column this because, as he wrote a few years ago, "I decided to try to endure the creepiness I feel when I'm called 'Darling.' "

The title's meaning is "[What] Darling [did / is doing / thinks / is interested in / remembers … ] Today." The subtitle of "Kyoo no Daarin" is: "Something like an essay that Shigesato Itoi writes every day."

Many of the entries are more like poetry than typical essays. Here is what Itoi-san wrote after seeing Johnny perform live for the first time.

Today’s Darling 9/12/2010

We did see, we did enjoy--the ice show!

Speed, movement, courage, and pride: The skaters show all these on the ice.

It was like condensed life power was dizzily flitting before our eyes.

I’m convinced it’s natural that they have so many devoted fans.

We simply came to see Johnny Weir-san’s live performance, as we had recently met him.

Unexpectedly, we found ourselves deeply in the whole world of figure skating, soaking it all up.

By the way, I think that it must be difficult for such a gorgeous show to also be economically successful.

Filling the plain hall floor with ice, taking care of the medalists invited from all over the world, designing the show, maintaining a place for the skaters to practice … none of these are my job, but just imagining them gives me a headache.

When I lived in Kyoto, I felt that Fukui was rather near.

From Tokyo, it was a long way.

But many people came a much longer way, say, from Hokkaido or Kyushu, for the show.

They don’t mind coming from so far because the show is full of something that cannot really be conveyed by a live broadcast, no matter how skillfully it may be done.

It just doesn’t all translate on TV—finally we have noticed that.

It’s the same with me, too.

"Well, this isn’t how it looks on TV."

We recognize that in various fields again and again. ...

"Life power" and "life force"—these are good terms that interest me.

Hobonichi also posted an entry today with more about Itoi-san's interaction with Johnny after the show, and with lots of fabulous photos! Akiko hopes to offer us a translation soon of this entry as well. Many thanks to her for all her time and effort in bringing these wonderful articles and interviews to Johnny's English-speaking fans!

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WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you for this Blog! I added Itoi Shigesato's post (in Japanese) to my Blog on the Fukui ice show, and I loved the additional pictures we got to see! Thank you to you and Akiko for proividing this translation!

WheresMyKoppy said...

I clicked on post comment and my comment disappeared... OH well! Let's try this again!

Thank you to you MM (and Akiko) for this Blog! I added the column as it was written in Japanese to my Blog on the Fukui ice shows, and appreciate the translation! I also loved the additional pictures, and the additional insights between Itoi Shigesato and Johnny!

PumaJ said...

Beautiful, thank you and Akiko for providing us with the translation:-)

Anonymous said...

So much thanks to Akiko once again for the translations and to you MM for blogging!!! I love that we get to hear what Itoi-san said (love Itoi!) as well as get a little peek at the culture of Japan!

I have said this before but I really hope we start getting more shows like this in the US, hopefully close to NYC. LA show is a great start and I cannot wait to see it on tv!!

Debora Walsh said...

OK..I think I kinda wanna hang out with Itoi san!

Princess said...

yay! more lovely words from the lovely Itoi-san!

thank you, MM & Akiko!

and i'm thinking that luxe stores in nyc should be required to keep a crown of fresh roses on hand at all times in case Johnny decides to grace their store. ♥

Robin aka Princess Johnny-Love