Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Funday

Just for fun today, for all the faithful readers who stop by on the weekends just to see if there might be a new post ... here is your reward:

Johnny stretches before the men's High Heel-A-Thon race
last Wednesday in NYC.
Special thanks to Agentress Extraordinaire
Tara Modlin for the photo!
There's also a tiny bit of Johnny in this video,
from about marker 4:34 to 5:14.
Thanks to @prijony on Twitter for the link!

And to prepare you for tomorrow's blitz of fabulousness (yes! on a Monday! Because we're going to try on Drew Meekin's gloriously blithe attitude about Mondays and see how it fits) that was Johnny last night at the HRC Seattle "asOne" Gala Dinner, where he was honored with the Visibility Award and also was the featured speaker for the evening, please review these tweets and then go follow Brandon and Amber on Twitter ASAP. Because they rock.

See you back here tomorrow for exclusive photopalooza!

Yes! You can own a fine art print of Johnny
perfect for any/every room in the house!
Prints of artist Peter Jurik's "Showtime!"
are available for purchase from his website.
More info here!

Johnny Is skating in Yu-Na Kim's fabulous show,
All That Skate, in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 2!
Everything you need to know about tickets
and special gatherings of The Cabal
is right here!
This show is expected to be televised
on Sunday, October 10, on NBC--
check your local listings!

Also on Sunday, October 10, Johnny will be performing
in Skate for the Heart in Youngstown, Ohio!
Tickets are available here,
and there's a discussion page for fans here!
This show also will be televised on NBC
on Sunday, January 16, 2011, at 4 p.m. EST!

Please remember to register to receive
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and you get a special sneak peek at an exclusive photo
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The Artbook is expected to be published
by the end of October--can't wait!

Coming soon: More in the series
of translated interviews from the Mook Book
courtesy of the fabulous Akiko Nakata!

copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


WheresMyKoppy said...

Thanks once again for providing us with a pic we have not seen yet! From that short bit in the video (isn't @prijony great?!), it looks like Johnny's shoes came off immediately after he finished that race! LOL! Looking forward to your next Blog 'exclusive photopalooza'! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday MM!! and Thanks for the new pic! so happy for Johnny, hope he enjoyed his award last night!! #lovethestretchingpic

Beth-twitter bsontwit

Debora Walsh said...

Binky on a Sunday! YAY!!!!
Thanks for the great pic and for the video. I wear heels every day on the job, and I know EXACTLY the feeling (or lack of feeling) he had in his unfortunate feet at the end of that race! Plus he had said that the shoes were too small. Yikes! The balls of my feet hurt just looking at them!...Bravo, Johnny!
Can't wait for the reports on the HRC Seattle event. If the night and his speech were even 1/10 as fabulous as he was in that Versace, we should have quite a read indeed on Monday.
I'm just over the moon for him, and hope every day that really good things keep coming his way.
What a doll, indeeed.

Princess said...

Wow, there's nothing like waking up to a new pic of Johnny! Thanks Tara and MM! ♥ ♥ ♥

Someone's looking pretty fine on that fence . . . *grin*

Can't wait for tomorrow's blog post w/ all the details about the HRC award. Johnny, we are all so damn proud of you!!



ann foxlee said...

ooh, thanks for the fabulous pic, Binky!! And can I just say that I am devastated to find out a day too late that Johnny was in Seattle, a mere 3 hours and 1 tank of gas away! sigh... I had visions of him taking a detour through Portland to say hello to the jeweler who crafted the Angel's 'wing' pendant, but alas, he is not standing on my doorstep. And I didn't win the lottery today either. sigh.
But I AM going to meet up with some Angels at the upcoming Skate America, since it is here :-)

theresa said...


Sunday sports on the tele and a photo of the lovely one!!

Thank You!