Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now We Just Need a Gallery Glittery Enough for This...

So my eyes were wandering around my home office the other day as I was searching eBay for a BeDazzler because really, it's high time I updated my wardrobe with a sparkly, gem-encrusted pair of overalls for special occasions, like inaugurations and stuff, and I found myself smiling as my gaze rested in turn on the few Johnny-related items I have scattered about, and by "items" I mean everything emblazoned with his image including informal photos, mousepad, coffee mug, framed photos, coasters, bookmarks, calendars, pillowcases, T-shirts, and the mural depicting his entire career that covers both sides of the hallway outside my office, and by "scattered about" of course I mean plastered on every available surface.

And then I frowned as I realized there was something missing.

Something vital with which I could complete my collection, and by "complete" I mean until the next item comes along that's equally vital, like, oh, say, a Snuggie featuring his Swan costume, or possibly a Renaissance-style tapestry that illustrates his life story in delightful vignettes, from a woman lying mostly on her left side to an elderly but still gorgeous man smiling at his extremely well-dressed children and grandchildren, all gathered at his pointy-
toed-shoe-clad feet and all clutching Balenciagas in a rainbow of colors ...

But until those treasures are available, what I really want is something beyond an 8 x 10 photo. Something unique (which goes without saying, of course), and something that represents him in a truly memorable way.

Something like ... an official portrait.

And then I discovered that: Oh yay! There kinda is one! (I am not making this up.)

A really cool Czechoslovakian artist named Peter Jurik--who currently lives in West Vancouver, British Columbia--made a career specializing in realistic, highly detailed watercolors and pencil drawings. His works have included representations of classic automobiles, sailboats, and wildlife, as well as portraits of celebrities, such as Cher, Bob Hope, The Rolling Stones, Walter Payton, Payne Stewart, and John Daly, among many others.

And then Peter went to the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.

He was so fascinated by the events he attended that, as he notes on his website, he was "inspired to change direction and create artwork involving figure skating."

(You can see the happy place where this is going, right ...?)

He has completed water color paintings of three Canadian Olympians: Gold medalist ice-dancing pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, and bronze medalist Joannie Rochette.

And, his website notes, his "most recent creation is of the American Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir."

And here it is--alongside its fabulous subject!

In the painting--titled "Showtime!"--Jurik depicts Johnny performing his signature exhibition piece, "Poker Face," from the 2010 Olympic season, a year that marked Johnny's second Olympic Games for Team USA. In the background Jurik included a portion of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, one of the most symbolic landmarks of Russia--a land that, as Johnny's fans well know, is close to Johnny's heart through his love of that country's people, language, and history.

And yes! You, too, can own this unique piece! Fine art prints of the portrait are now available for purchase on Jurik's website!

Each 27" x 27" print costs $24.95 plus $7.80 for shipping to the US, for a total of $32.75. Jurik accepts PayPal through his site, which makes ordering simple and easy. He also offers shipping within Canada and internationally.

Jurik includes this note on the site: "Due to this new start up, orders will be currently delivered on or before the end of September 2010. Check for regular updates on this situation. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

I'm thinking maybe he knows that Johnny now has more than 67,000 Twitter followers and just broke 40,000 Facebook fans last night ... all of whom I'm sure, like me, have that perfect space on a wall somewhere at home / in the office / or both / for exactly this. Which we will enjoy immensely for now.

And then all over again when it hangs in the White House. :)

Photos courtesy of Fireworks Sports Marketing!

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Debora Walsh said...

Thank you Binky!! & to @AuntinAZ on Twitter, for the heads up on this! Got to your blog just in time before the boss gets in...

As soon as I got to the words "Each 27 x 27"..." I was on that site mindlessly purchasing like it was 1999...

When this arrives, and gets hung up on my institutionally-inspired prefab wall, I will officially have a cublicle so drenched in sparkle that my coworkers will need facemasks to protect themselves from the excessive inhalation of fabulousness and glitterdust...

Too bad...cough away my friends...and shoes off!

Anonymous said...

It will be mine. Oh yes! It will be mine... My alter is still in its infancy. Right now it consists of an autographed photo from the Olympics and a huge holographic picture of Lady Gaga, whom I also consider a part of the Weirverse. I'm thinking my spare-room-turned-into-closet situation is about to become a spare-room-turned-into-closet-with-imaginary-Balenciaga-trees-JWe-shine situation. And possibly a Louboutin art instilation. A girl can dream!

Love love, mama!

-Jessica Lane

Maggie St. said...

HOLY MICHAEL MAZZELLA! I must have one of those!! How beautiful!! Exclamation mark!!! *squeee*
(My birthday is October 2, should anyone wish to gift me a portrait ;) )

Once again, I am in my happy place to see that Johnny continues to touch people throughout the world. Today Earth, tomorrow the Universe. Oh wait. He's been there, done that, has the planet to prove it.

Anonymous said...

So excited for more translated interviews from the Mook Book!!!! love those!

totally want that Poker Face portrait!

cracking up about "overalls for special occasions, like inaugurations and stuff" - MM - love how you stay true to your fashion style, even at the White House!!! LOL!

Beth (twitter-bsontwit)

aaaack said...

Johnny does indeed inspire creativity. Yay, Jurik! Wonderful painting! Here's the rub that hit me...Johnny did not even get to perform his Poker Face exhibition live in this is a great recognition! Johnny reached across and inspired the artist via a youtube or little NBC snippet. Or maybe a simulated repainting of history, considering the series? Thanks again, Binky, for bringing this to our attention.

Mimsie said...

OK...I am for sure going to pass out right now...
Amazing artist, amazing subject, amazing message. Binks you ROCK IT SISTA!

Anonymous said...

I missed this Blog when it was originally posted! I found the portrait by accident when I was updating one of my Blogs and went to Johnny's website and saw the little news item on the top of the page about it. That's how I happened to be able to post a copy of it last night at FB. However, I hadn't seen the two pictures of Johnny with the portrait until now! Beautiful! And once again a great and humorous Blog! Maybe that can some day be hanging in the White HOuse?! :- D