Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Pre-Caffeinated Stream of Consciousness on a Monday Morning...

Kayso I kind of ran out of words because I used them all up on a quixotic nine-page footnoted crusade because I am nothing if not psychotically thorough (oh! the audacity of some blogger tackling such a prestigious magazine! and clearly she's on Fireworks' payroll [um, no--everything I've ever written up to this point for / near /above / below / in / around / insert the preposition of your choice here / about Johnny Weir is entirely an unpaid labor of love and what a sad commentary on our society that hardly anyone can believe that] she really needs a hobby [hello this IS my hobby] cluck cluck what must her family think? [that I'm nuts, of course, but after growing up with me their whole lives nothing really surprises them and no matter what they are my most stalwart supporters not that it's really any of your business] and if anyone's homophobic it's her [oh dear I must have really missed the mark there because of course I have no problem at all with men of any orientation wearing false eyelashes or skirts or dresses or heels or whatever pleases them and allows them to be true to who they are my point is that's not a true portrait of Johnny in his everyday life although if it were that would be just lovely as long as it was described in truth and without snark] etc. etc.), and so all I have left now are the straggler words who couldn't quite get their horses and armor together [yes I've been watching Pillars of the Earth on Starz] and are just milling around like those fatalistic workers outside the day-labor office, smoking and slurping bitter coffee in styrofoam cups and wondering if there will be anything at all to do today ...

And no, not really.

[BTW is it wrong that I don't like it when Johnny flies halfway across the world for weeks at a time? Although I'm completely thrilled for all the fans who will get to see him during his time in Asia, where once again he'll be treated like royalty which is of course as it should be. But it just feels funny when he's not in the U.S. ... Actually, some East Coast fans have confessed that sometimes it doesn't even feel right when he's just on the West Coast. Well, it's all part of that whole ... thing, I guess, as best described in my new motto: "Batshit crazy and proud of it since January 2010!" OK, it needs polishing, but like I said I'm working with the dregs here and plus my kids aren't really sure the date is accurate...]

And the idea of two weeks in Asia brings me to the blog that you really must read today, which is not so much this one as the delightful one here. Today is the first installment of a series titled "Johnny Comes to Our Office."

I totally love this man, because he totally loves Johnny the way I do. Here's his entry from February 20, after the conclusion of the men's figure skating in the 2010 Olympics--an entry that eventually sparked the visit from Johnny:

Right now, my interest and attention goes to Johnny Weir, the figure skater. He was as if the definition of art had come to life. Medals, scores, nationalities, the crowd ... he seemed to have transcended them all. To my eyes, he seemed as if he had an uncontrollable desire to express himself ...

I felt that I had witnessed "Art" as discussed with philosopher Takaaki Toshimoto. I'm really happy that I was able to see his performance.

He's going to be running his interview with Johnny in multiple parts over the next two weeks, which will be a lovely diversion from the fact that Johnny's far from home right now. And if you want to tell him how much you love it so far, you can contact him on Twitter at @itoi_shigesato. Please use the hashtag #jw_itoi so he can be sure to see your tweet.

So please click on over and enjoy the photos, the vids, and the thoughtful, engaging, and humorous text. Cuz that's where all the cool words are hanging out today.

And Johnny, please, please send us some twitpics while you're away--you know, like these photos of you and the fabulous Mr. Brad Goreski from last week's trip to LA:

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Hey! Johnny Is skating in Yu-Na Kim's fabulous show,
All That Skate, in Los Angeles in October!
Everything you need to know about tickets
and special gatherings of The Cabal
is right here!

Weirlandians for Life organizer Gary Podschun
notes that we're a little more than one month away
from the Chicago AIDS Walk,
Please visit the group page here for more info.
We hope to see Johnny well-represented by his fans
at the walk on October 2!

Coming soon: More in the series
of translated interviews from the Mook Book
courtesy of the fabulous Akiko Nakata!

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Makiko Shinoda from Hobonichi said...

I'm Makiko Shinoda, the interpreter during Johnny's interview by Shigesato Itoi. Thank you for introducing our post so wonderfully. Johnny left a strong impact on Itoi-san and the whole team. We're greatful that Johnny took the time to come visit us, and I am personally so honored to translate the conversation between the two amazing men. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the series!

Maggie St. said...

"Batshit crazy and proud of it since (February) 2010! HELL YEAH!!!

Wandering over now to praise & thank @itoi_shigesato

How wonderful is it that people all over the world - with the exception of the USFSA - totally see and feel the art that is Johnny and his skating.

Ninja Guuurl! said...

Beauuuutiful! Your grace in the face of adversity reminds me of someone. Who is it? Some dude, sparkly onesie, I’m a proud ninjatress of his… Well, anyway, it’ll come to me eventually. This interview is how he should be treated always. Warm, welcoming, enthusiastic bordering on worshipful. Fan interviews of Johnny (that’s his name!) are always the best. Somehow managing to make sophisticated, well-heeled journalists of the tippty-top caliber (their opinion certainly not shared by anyone but their own mothers) look, well, lacking. And I would totes film him exiting an elevator! Entering an elevator. Putting on his shoes. Eating an omelet. Breathing.

You know, Alpha Omega Blogtress, for a pre-caffeinated blog entry of randomness, this is pretty fantastic. The next two weeks are going to be difficult. We are going to need your help to keep smiles on our faces. You know what would assist even more? Tara sending more super-exclusive twitpics your way. Just letting you, her, him, them know…

Love love!

aaaack said...

Binky, we sooooo appreciate you. You deserve a long day at a really good spa to renew your energy and recharge your bat-shit creativity. In the meantime, please drink a glass of pomegranate juice (Galina's favorite), eat some sushi (or whatever all Mao Asado ate to recover after the Olympics and prepare for World's), and snack on peeled hemp seeds from the health food store to replenish your brain (my favorite brain insulation recovery food).

Ali said...

You had me at the title bb.

And, yes, the east coast just is not the same w/o Mr. Weir present and accounted for.

Shigesato Itoi et al are beyond wonderful. Soooo looking forward to the book coming out.

Wendy S said...

LOL, I don't like the idea of Johnny taking a long trip abroad, either. And yes I'm an Eastie who gets a little sad when he goes to LA. Which amuses me greatly, cuz it's not like I'm anywhere near him anyway. So... heee! (Here's me, waving my big, glittery Cabal flag!)

I'm excited about the way they are parceling out the interview over the next couple of weeks. A little something to look forward to each morning! And I have to say, it's fun watching their whole office get googely over him.

♥ ♥ & xo

germansoulmate said...

LOL, Binky.

Thanks to Makiko Shinoda for commenting here. I love that comment.

Beth (twitter-Bsontwit) said...

I may be #batshitcrazy but at least I know I cant see Russia from my house...(not that kind of crazy).
#notpartofcabal #teamjohnny #MMROCKS

and a BIG thank you to Makiko Shinoda from Hobonichi for the translations!!! really appreciate it!!!

Beth (twitter-bsontwit)

Mimi said...

Can't stop smiling and make my day my friend!!!


Anonymous said...

You are always a joy to read - even after weathering a storm of undeserved cray cray.
I think lots of people are jealous of you and the attention you have earned.

<3 TK

PumaJ said...

Makiko, thank you for your comments:-)

Beth......OMG, ROFL!!!!! Can't see Russia from your house:-) Love it!

Binks, for a person short on caffeine, you have a mighty fine wit, girl! Rock on! You have brought laughter to my lunch break:-) Thank you!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Another great job, MM! Yay! Best thing about releasing the interview over ten days is that it appears we get new pics and video each day! All the pics and the video from part II today are different from part one yesterday!

JEKitten said...

To Shigesato Itoi, Makiko Shinoda and everyone from Hobonichi, thank you! The pictures, videos & interview are all wonderful. Thank you so much for seeing the beauty that is Johnny. Anticipating each installment helps keep him close while he travels.

Love your captions Binx! Mr. Brad Goreski looks like he's really pondering the question! We both know one can't simply run out and get a cabal; such fierce loyalty has to be earned. You might know a little about that from both sides, Binky (~_o)

I'm a Jersey girl with no chance of running into Johnny in my day-to-day but I'll admit, I don't like it when he leaves the state!