Thursday, July 8, 2010

Words to Live By--in Special .Gif Form!--and Some Stuff to Do

Johnny enjoys (?)
some sushi in Japan.
I love that the box next to him says "Chanel"...

OK, so I figured out what's wrong besides the fact that my new computer and I are still not speaking and Johnny is in Japan and I'm not. Actually I'm really happy for him to be in Japan, because he's happy to be there, and the Japanese treat him like royalty. Which is as it should be.

But in the meantime we are languishing here stateside, and judging by my e-mail, I am apparently not alone in being bored and out of sorts and just plain bitchy, and also in spending inordinate amounts of time picking with great disdain through everything I own which was apparently purchased by someone else who must have liked it at the time but now feels that it's all wrong. Which I guess is me.

And so I seek distraction from myself by flopping on the couch with the remote, but no matter how many channels I flip through nor how fast and irritatedly I flip, THERE IS NOTHING ON TV.

And then I realize.

This is the dreaded Be Good Johnny Weir withdrawal syndrome.

And I am in the full throes of it.

We knew it was coming. We've analyzed his every facial expression in every scene of every episode; watched the finale twenty times plus every scrap of webisode and outtake video available on Sundance and toudou; and hung on every word of every bit of dialogue all year, memorizing it line for line and embedding catch phrases in our vocabulary that now make us wonder how it was we expressed ourselves coherently before. Even my kids say, when I suggest some unpopular activity, "Wow, Mom. That totally tastes like it has reams of paper close to it." Another versatile favorite: "Don't you know that? Are you stupid?" Plus the new gentle fashion guideline: "When you wear pants and they mark you like this, that means they're a little ... snug."

But now we're in that godforsaken endless barren desert that stretches across some unknowable span of time from the end of Season 1 to the beginning of Season 2--a beginning whose date remains elusive and thus tortures us almost as much as the endless thrumming of will-he-or-won't-he in the backs of our minds.

The only thing that might help is to be able to drown ourselves in the new Mook Book featuring the famed MAC photo shoot of myth and legend--but the machinations required to purchase said book from Japan (cripes! Do the Japanese fans realize how incredibly blessed by Weirsus they are? Actually, I think they do--so no wonder he loves to go there) are akin to ancient forbidden Opus Dei rituals that require an ever-tighter cilice, a sacrificial lamb, and a personal credit reference from a foreign bank--or preferably a foreign head of state--to complete. (Although Facebook fan Gail Turley has kindly gathered some instructions on how to actually order the book and made them available on her blog.)

All of which helped me to arrive at this point:

So after I joined Johnny in repeating this phrase a few times, which made me ridiculously giddy, I went into deep consultation with members of the Haus of Weir, and together we created a happy little fantasy to get us out of our BGJW-less doldrums, which shall be shared here soon ...

In the meantime, here's something with which we can amuse ourselves, a special request that came from a little Twitter bird (just before it had to go help its little birdy friends heave that #failwhale around some more):

While you're busy tweeting up a storm of #TeamWeirnoff and #DWTS and #TeamWeirnoffFTW and #OhDaddyTeam Weirnoff hashtags, please take a moment to tweet some love to the beautiful Yana Rudkovskaya, wife of Johnny's friend Evgeni Plushenko, who as of this writing is rinkside in Japan with Agentress Tara, watching Johnny, Plushy, Stephane, and others at Fantasy on Ice rehearsals and looking for a little Twitter love from fans! Let's show Yana that we can follow the Japanese fans' lead and shower her with good wishes while we try valiantly not to sink back into petulant self-pity because there's no new BGJW and Johnny is in Japan and we're not ...

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noviarium said...

Johnny Weir is in Japan and we're not.

I don't know who's luckier, the Japanese kittens, or Johnny himself.

I wish this purgatory ends soon. :D

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine Daisuke and Johnny in one place at the same time!


Mimi said...

...I sigh...

Bsontwit said...

We NEED a show like this in the US!

and MM dont worry there is still alot of exciting Johnny things to come-
1. dirty love will be released soon-cant wait!!!
2. creme de creme - will reschedule
3. we probably will get video of japan show soon!
4. sun valley and lake placid - pics and video for those who cant make it.
5. johnny has to someday make his announcement
6. whatever else johnny has up his sleeve

he just needs to come home and all will be ok again-LOL

germansoulmate said...

You are killing me today. Ok...that´s not new.

But your pics (updated) are great and so is your post.

Can he get any cuter. There is nothing better than a human being who does not take himself too serious----> Johnny with sushi---->LOL.

noviarium said...

That...thing looks still alive, Johnny!

And yes, so happy to see him shopping. I remember him saying in an interview that he shops depending on paychecks. It kinda makes me sad. Johnny shouldn't have to worry about paychecks and he can loot and plunder Chanel, Balenciaga and LV stores to his heart's content for all I care.

Sigh. And he's just tweeted he loves his fans. I wonder what the fans in Japan have been doing to warrant such declaration.

Anonymous said...

re: shopping - i wonder if he took his birthday gift cards to Japan? he said he was going to Chanel and i see a big fabulous box in that photo!

i'm not getting audio on the gif - what's he saying, MM?

hmm . . . a cure for BGJW withdrawal? dress up in your sparkliest clothes, drink champagne, roll around on the floor in fur, and then tweet tweet TWEET to get Johnny on DWTS!

Robin aka Princess Johnny-Love

Misfit Mimes said...

@Robin: This is from the intro to the BGJW finale, when he uses one of my fav simple two-word phrases: "F*%k it!" Which succinctly sums up my week...

Ali said...

OK, ew, sorry, I do not like sushi. But thanx for the new pic anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had a rough accident, an announcement from Johnny, and my mother isn't feeling well. The sushi pic makes up for it all! Thanks, lol!

AnnarelSolosogni said...

The photo of Johnny with the fish in mouth has made me fall from the chair!LOL!
When they will give him a comic part in some films?
The next season without Johnny will be very,very sad!!