Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wish I Was There ...

From Agentress Extraordinaire Tara Modlin:
"Our artbook team ... and our location bus!
Team JW includes our art director, stylist, photographer,
makeup and hair, assistants ...
And Chie, our lovely producer, is taking the pic!"
(Thank you, Tara!)

So I wasn't actually going to blog today because I was up against several sudden-death deadlines, but then I received the lovely postcard above, and I dunno what a location bus is exactly but I clearly need to be on one, specifically this one, in what appears to be the possibly empty seat to Johnny's right (and BB, I am happy to hold your juicebox for you, or adjust your pillow, or hold Ping or your Balenciaga on my lap and help you decide what sunglasses to wear, or, you know, whatever you need. Just sayin').

And then I met my deadlines so I finally took some time to check out the StyleCaster video that everybody was raving about yesterday, and that was definitely four minutes and twenty seconds well spent. And because I'm really, really tired, I'm going to let Johnny write the rest of today's blog via me filling it with quotes from his StyleCaster interview. He said lots of cool stuff, so consequently I don't have to. (I'm really kind of superfluous at this point, actually, which is good because I can just quietly tiptoe away and get on the bus while he takes over ... )

He filmed this interview on his birthday, the day after the big Hudson Terrace bash, and he looks so happy and he's laughing and having so much fun with the questions, and it's pure Johnny gold. So please enjoy these snippets while I take a little nap on the bus, my head resting against the shoulder of the American prince next to me ...

I think my style is very sedate; it's very conservative and not excessive in any way. [laughs]

When I was little, I had streamers on my bike and I wore Jellies and I enjoyed myself. But I didn't really start to establish this gutsiness with fashion until I was really performing.

I didn't say instinctively, "Oh, I need to be different." I just felt no need to conform.

I think I don't take myself that seriously, so I don't take my fashion very seriously.

I don't think there's much out there, you know, aside from what my innards look like, that people don't know and that people can't feel from me.

I've never found any reason to taper myself, or censor myself, for any reason, for anyone.

People are very afraid of what the world thinks of them, and I'm not. That's all part of me, and that comes from a really strong base and growing up in a very loving family that supported everything that I wanted to do, and it's given me power to be who I am and not be afraid of people judging me. [and I love the brief glimpse of emotion we see as he speaks of his family. So beautiful.]

And finally, one of my favorite quotes from the interview, which echoes something his wonderful mom Patti observed several years ago:

Yes. It's what makes your performances so much more than just skating. It is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Now shhhhh. Please keep your fabulousness down to a whisper for a little while. I'm trying to sleep here ...

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germansoulmate said...

Nice. Very nice.

And thank you for quoting some things Johnny said.

The last quote stood out to me as well. I immediately saw him on the ice with his inner
soul coming out.

Thanks again for a great blog.

bsontwit - twitter/fb said...

I think I don't take myself that seriously, so I don't take my fashion very seriously.

Theres a quote that need to be remembered. Since Johnny was a kid, it never seemed that he took himself that seriously and he likes to try diff looks and diff things. I am still surprised when I peek in at FB and see how seriously his choices are discussed! I hope some fans can take his lead here and take his smaller moves in life a little less serious so they dont miss out on the big picture-the magic of Johnny Weir!

noviarium said...

See? That really breaks my heart. He loves skating, loves how it allows him to express his ideas of beauty, art and elegance. As much as I am excited about his off-ice projects, I want him to skate more, because I think he is very proud of his skating, he loves it, wants to do more of it. Why else the fuss about new costumes and picking new songs and everything.

I'd like to think of him skating in his spare time, just by himself. Just him, the ice, the skate and the music, and he loses himself in the moves that he knows best, that he knows he does so well. I think it's a divine sight.

akiko said...

Thank you Misfit!
Today's blog made me giggle, grin and smile. I thought I would go to the end in that way, unusually with dry eyes, until I saw the last picture--whenever I see Johnny performing Fallen Angel at the Olympics, tears automatically fill my eyes--with the quote, and your conclusion. Beautiful, as always.

To show my respect and gratitude, I would like to let you know all I know about a location bus. It is usually a small bus that takes a team to the location where they take pictures and/or shoot a film. They eat, drink, and sleep in it. In case the shooting is done outdoors, and there is no house or cottage or anything they can use around, the actors and/or models change their clothes in the bus with the windows curtained.

Misfit, I think you should try to stay in the bus sleeping or pretending to sound asleep until the American prince comes back, and . . .!!

Have a beautiful dream.


Anonymous said...

I can just picture him with his cute little jellies peddling sweet and so quotable.

Thanks Binky,


Mimi said...

The scruffy beard on the day after his birthday interview...i die

...but seriously

I just so love that he has had such a good family life and upbringing (when many young stars have not)and I think that will speak to his longevity and staying power!

Another fabulous read!!

Li Mann said...

Great blogging as always Binky! Love that picture from Tara too. A location bus is one that takes the cast and crew to a new or special location for filming or photography shooting, FYI.

Anonymous said...

Once again MM, wonderful job. Yes, you were helped along by the wonderful quotes Johnny provided, but you still did a terrific job! I especially liked the last quote over the picture from 'Fallen Angel'in Vancouver!

PumaJ said...

MM, you inspired me to take a break from my business, today, and re-watch that vid from StyleCaster. It truly is a wonderful little interview of Johnny with fab filming and effects.

Johnny's comments about his skating as a window to his Soul and my observations of what that looks like serves to help me support Johnny in his decision to take a year off from competing. A year to get more in tune with his skating and himself as his creative juices just Rock On. Perhaps he will ultimately decide that competing is too much of an impediment to the soulful artistry of his skating..... we shall have to wait and see.

I do just love to watch Johnny and see the abundant beauty of his creative genius at work as it just flows out of him at every moment.

Thanks for a fab blog, today.

Misfit Mimes said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments--I really appreciate all of you taking the time to comment, and I enjoy reading these so much! And thank you, Akiko and Li, for your very kind explanations of "location bus" or "lokebus," as Agentress Tara called it in her tweet!