Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Very special thanks to
Agentress Extraordinaire Tara Modlin
for this exclusive and exquisite photo from Japan!
This was taken during the photo shoot
for Johnny Weir: I Feel Pretty,
a coffee-table-style art book being published in Japan
that will be coming out this October.
Following are different versions of this single photo,
each with subtle lighting effects applied,
each offering something a little different.

The most beautiful people we have known
are those who have known defeat,
known suffering, known struggle, known loss,
and have found their way out of the depths.
These persons have an appreciation,
a sensitivity and an understanding of life
that fills them with compassion,
gentleness, and a deep loving concern.
Beautiful people do not just happen.
--Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

the 2010 Readers' Choice Skater of the Year Award
(voting ends THIS THURSDAY, July 15)!

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germansoulmate said...

That quote...beautiful as are the pictures.

I feel like I see someone very special.

JEKitten said...

Thank you Tara, Johnny & Binky for sharing. The quote was lovely and captures the source of Johnny's real beauty. It's more than a pleasant arrangement of features. Every look and gesture reveals the depth beneath the 'pretty'. Feel beautiful, Johnny, because you are. Always.

Jessica Lane said...

Stunning! Thank you, Tara, for these amazing exclusive photos. And Johnny should feel very pretty indeed. He looks beautiful and really expensive. And isn't that how we all would like to feel sometimes?

Someone fetch my tiara!

Wendy S said...

I'm sooo glad that Johnny is doing these fun books. How great for us!! Plus, you just *know* that he loves playing dress-up in all these different clothes, and the Mook book makeup, so these have to be fun projects for him, too.

Thank you Johnny and Tara for taking such good care of us with all the little updates and sneak-peeks!! Thanks MaMo!! xoxo

Annarel Solosogni said...


PumaJ said...

MM, today's title, poem and images are quite perfect together :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much MM (and Tara and Johnny of course) for this wonderful photo. I did like the other one in this outfit, but this one is even better! Thanks again! I think I said 'Striking and beautiful' about the other one, and that applies to this one as well!

Nico said...

Oh, Mama! He does look beautiful...in every incarnation. I'm so jealous of his endless "dress up" sessions. Seeing these photos in combination with the delicious StyleCaster interview today...I'm in pretty Johnny HEAVEN. I have ceased to function in any productive way, despite the fact that my head is throbbing from today's deluge of conference calls.

At one point today, I dropped a pen on my newly tailored and dry cleaned dress pants...and just wanted to take a pair of scissors to them, roll them up around my thighs and grab myself a huge balloon bouquet. Screw. This. Noise.

Someone fetch my sequined bolero!

Thank you (and thank you darling Tara) for our much-needed daily dose of stunning.
xoxox Nico

Annie said...

I am reminded of a beautiful collectible doll... the kind your parents told you not to ruin because you will want it just as it is when you "grow up."

Very special.

THANK YOU for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh! Johnny, i am SO feeling your prettiness. ♥

these photos make you look like a silent film star and complete delicate angel of sexiness!

can you hear all your kittens' hearts going ka-thump, ka-thump?

a big fluffy thank you of love goes out to Johnny and Tara for thinking of us kittens . . . and especially to our MM, for posting everything so beautifully.

MM, i'm feeling your prettiness, too! you're wearing the rhinestone-edged overalls today, right? :-)


Princess Johnny-Love aka Robin

noviarium said...

They speak of the goddess Kali and say that her beauty is terrible.

They haven't seen Johnny Weir in spiderweb tunic, chunky necklace, reigning from a bed of utter decadence. With gauzy curtains.

I am ded.

noviarium said...

And I just noticed that it was a tutu. A diaphanous, voluminous, completely-unexpected tutu.

Don't try to revive me. I'm in paradise.