Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lake Placid, Here We Come!

Classic Johnny: Dancing to his own beat
while watching the other skaters practice
their group numbers in Sun Valley.
Very special thanks to Facebook fan
Nicole Davis for this exclusive!

So a while back I wrote a blog entry called "Just Dance," which is essentially one of the many things Johnny inspires me to do--just dance my own dance, to my own music, my own way, in my beloved overalls, with joy and freedom and courage and abandon, no matter who's watching and no matter how many times life knocks me to the floor.

One of those knocks happened a year ago this week, when my mother passed away quite suddenly. And though our relationship had rather frayed edges and was never quite what it might have been, I loved her fiercely.

One of the things she loved to do when she was young was dance.

And one of the things she always wished she'd done more of, especially after my parents retired, was travel. But though they had the time and the money to do so, my father, bound up by compulsions born of a desperate need to control everything and paired with willful arrogant blindness to the fact that of course we really have very little control over anything except maybe our own reactions and how we treat other people, had no inclination to go anywhere, nor to free her to go anywhere without him.

So they stayed home.

And then one day he killed himself.

And then last July, about two-and-a-half years after his suicide, she died. Mostly of a broken heart.

And, as I've mentioned previously, she left me the Carmela car.


Thanks almost entirely to the generosity of an extremely loving husband who doesn't always understand me but does always understand when something is really, really important to me, I am celebrating my mother's life on the first anniversary of her death this July 31 by traveling in her car with her two fabulous grandchildren to come and watch Johnny's exquisite dance of unparalleled artistry, beauty, and grace on the ice in Lake Placid.

And I'm kind of freaked out about the cost and how far away it is because I'm really not much of a traveler myself, and after being jerked all around the United States as a child by my father, I've spent my whole life trying to find my way home. And now that I finally have, here in this rundown old town in a gorgeous old Victorian house that was a hugely unexpected blessing after several of the very worst years of our lives, it makes it even harder to drive away into something unknown--to set out on a road I've never traveled, to a place I've never been, to see stuff I haven't seen before, all of it uncertain; yet all of it holding amazing possibilities.

But actually--along with dancing--I'm thinking that's really what we're all doing here anyway: Taking that uncertain journey, not knowing how it will go but always hoping for the best, and, if we're really blessed, accompanied by those we love.

So that's my plan. It's the most fitting tribute I can think of for my mother, who didn't get to dance or to travel nearly as much as she would have liked to while she was here.

So now we're going to do it for her, in her honor, in her memory--

and in her car.

With Lady Gaga at full volume

we're going to

just dance

all the way to Lake Placid

and all the way


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Free meet-n-greet
with Johnny in Lake Placid will be AFTER the show!
One autograph per person, please.
Instead of using personal cameras, a professional photographer
will be there to take pics of fans with Johnny!
Additional details coming soon on Johnny's Facebook page!

Yes, you CAN pre-order tickets for Lake Placid!
Call the box office at 518-523-3330!
More info here!

Hey! You can purchase a T-shirt to wear
in Sun Valley or Lake Placid
in honor of our Ride for Life project!
We exceeded our $7,500 donation goal,
so now we're aiming for $10,000!
We're less than $2,000 away,
and we have until July 31 to get there!
Shirts are $20 each including shipping,
and $10 of that goes directly toward AIDS/LifeCycle!
Everything you need to know about ordering is here!

The blog will be on hiatus while we drive, dance,
and sing our way to Lake Placid and back!
New entries coming next week,
including the start of the series
of translated interviews from the Mook Book
courtesy of the fabulous Akiko Nakata!

copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


WheresMyKoppy said...

Nice blog! I started thinking of that song 'I Hope You Dance' by LeeAnn Womack! Wish I could be in Lake Placid with you! Enjoy yourselves, and don't forget to tell the rest of us about it. BTW, your husband reminds me of my friend Kathy's husband Denis, who let her run around chasing her rainbows and sometimes even went along!

noviarium said...

Do it for you as well, for the freedom to be so exuberant in your admiration, to be so inspired and moved by one person that you are willing to brave the unfamiliar and uncomfortable. What happened to your mother is tragic and painful to read. There is no word in my lexicon to say how happy I am that you are going to Lake Placid. With Gaga at full volume.

Dance, Binky, dance!

akiko said...


Thanks very much for the beautiful, moving blog. Hope you will enjoy dancing (for/with your mother) in LP, and you will also enjoy driving to and from LP in the memorial Carmella car.

Wendy S said...

MM, yours is a heartbreaking family story. But I love that you're going to do this roadtrip in your mom's car, with your kids, and la GaGa.

I'm not looking forward to a long drive either, but we're all going to have a blast once we're there! Good times will be had. xo

Anonymous said...

Saturday, July 31, the day Johnny skates in Lake Placid (Yay!) also happens to be the first National Dance Day. There's a video everyone can download to learn a dance specifically created for this event.

However, whether we learn that dance or not, we different drummer Johnny fans should all dance on Saturday, whether to music only we can hear, or perhaps Gaga's Let's Dance.

--Nancy K

Anonymous said...

I forgot to give links to National Dance Day info.

There's also a Facebook events page:

--Nancy K

bsontwit said...

my heart goes out to you about your parents-

lets dance!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and personal and inspiring blog! And damn you for making my tear up at work! :-) I hope you have a fanTAStic time, will live vicariously through your Johnny-experiences until my time finally comes.


Anonymous said...

I know you seem to be terribly shy in the presence of Johnny. I hope you can sing a little song for him at Lake Placid. You sing for us all of the time. Now it's time for you to show Johnny your voice. :)

Have a wonderful time!


Li Mann said...

See you there Binky! It is indeed fitting that you should travel, embrace life, do all that you want to and can do, and remember that the best parts of them are in you, with you and part of you. Change the oil on Carmela car before you hit the road!

Anonymous said...

MM, i can't think of a better use for your mother's car than a Very Special Road Trip to See Johnny. i'm sure she'll be with you in spirit, maybe even singing along to Gaga!

"am trying to live out loud but sometimes the loudest part is the fear of doing just that" = so well said

need a meet-n-greet with Viacheslav Romanov = !!!!! god, yes!!!

xo Robin

Debora Walsh said...

Fabulous...You are going! Fingers crossed, I hope to be there also, and would love to give a hug! If I don't make it, I hope you and the kids have a dream of a time! Make sure you throw love at Johnny from all who were unable to share in the experience...

“Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be...Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before.”-Eric Fromm

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are going, and in tribute to your Mom. It is the best possible use of that car! Enjoy, and give Johnny a kiss from all of us Weirlandians! And you'll love Lake Placid, it is so beautiful!

Maggie St. said...

*am now hyperventilating over which item to have signed*

Looking to finally meeting you, your children, and Carmella. Oh, yeah, and that Johnny guy too. :)

aaaack said...

Have a great trip. Love how you write!

mimi said...

MM so so touching! Speechless really!!