Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming Soon to an Ice Arena Near You! (If You Happen to Be In or Around Upstate NY...)

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Yes! He's back on the ice! Johnny is performing in Sun Valley, Idaho, this coming Saturday, July 24, much to the excitement of happy West Coast fans!

Then he heads to Lake Placid, New York, to appear in the Summer Ice Show Series there next Saturday, July 31. And that's a show that holds a special place in the heart of beloved Agentress Extraordinaire Tara Modlin.

"Lake Placid is my hood! My hometown! My fav place on earth!" she says. "And I want to pack the house!"

And to that end, Tara is announcing some big news exclusively here first: Yes, there will be a short meet-n-greet with Johnny in Lake Placid!


(Wha? No, really. Wha? Can't. Comprehend. These. Words. Can they really be used in a sentence together like that?)

Yes, she assures fans, just for coming to the show, you also can attend the meet-n-greet for no extra charge. And with tickets priced at only $10 for ages 13 to 64; $8 for ages 7 to 12 amd 65+; and FREE for children ages 6 and under, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and will be held in the Olympic Center at Lake Placid, which houses two ice arenas. Johnny will be skating in the smaller Jack Shea Arena, built for the 1932 Olympics and offering a seating capacity of about 2,500.

Tickets can only be purchased at the door, which has left some fans worried that there might not be any available when they arrive. Not to worry, says Tara.

"I personally promise that all fans will get in," she assures us. "If I have to give up my backstage-pass seat in Johnny's locker room, I will do it!"

[cue stampede to the locker room in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... ]

But wait: There's more! Planning to join Johnny and Tara in Lake Placid will be the wonderful Patti Weir, who hopefully may also take part in the meet-n-greet!

Wow. As far as JWe fan heaven goes, it doesn't get much better than this!

More specifics about the meet-n-greet are coming soon, along with some fun photos of last year in Lake Placid (yes, you are correct: Lake Placid is the site of the infamous mini golf scene in BGJW! And we have some pics!).

In the meantime: Please mark your calendars, buy your T-shirts, and cancel that eBay auction of your husband's family's heirlooms. Let's show Johnny the love with a sellout crowd! At $10 or less per ticket, this is one Johnny show you really can afford--and one you can't afford to miss!

See you there!

There also may be a meet-n-greet in Sun Valley--
details coming soon!

Please vote for Johnny in the TUBEY AWARDS!
The Finals, Round 1, are now up, and Be Good Johnny Weir
is nominated for Best Candid Reality Show!
Hurry--new Final Categories will be added later today;
winners will be announced Aug 25.

Hey! You can purchase a T-shirt to wear
in Sun Valley or Lake Placid
in honor of our Ride for Life project!
We exceeded our $7,500 donation goal,
so now we're aiming for $10,000!
We're less than $2,000 away,
and we have until July 31 to get there!
Shirts are $20 each including shipping,
and $10 of that goes directly toward AIDS/LifeCycle!
Everything you need to know about ordering is here!

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germansoulmate said...

Hilarious poster. LOL.

Well,that´s really something to look forward to for, hopefully, lots of fans. Even affordable. There will be lots of fun and fan love going on.

Anonymous said...

This is such an easier way to meet Johnny than my plan to tie a can of Pledge onto a fishing line, cast the line in his direction at the end of the show, and reel him in when he latches on to it.

Thanks to anyone who had a hand in making this happen.

I've got my photo ready to be autographed! Yay!

--Nancy K.

Anonymous said...

I'm going :) bringing a friend and making a long weekend out of it. Kayaking, hiking and Johnny... oh my!

Ali said...


Wendy S said...

I am insanely excited about this! I was hoping Patti would go again this year. Plus, finally meeting some awesome Twingles in person? Good times!!! Can't wait! xo

Lauren / Ren said...

OMG Watch out for the Croc!! Where's Jeff Corwin when you need him!

I trust everyone's going to have a blast! ^^

bsontwit said...

i cannot make lake placid this year. have fun everyone!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Love how you used the Lake Placid movie poster, lol! Wish I could go to this show, but don't see myself going anywhere any time soon. Johnny will be on social security before I can afford any of these shows. Boo, hoo...

Anonymous said...

so i can see this already: a crush of kittens hanging back at the gate so they can be last in, not get a seat, and get Tara's premium locker room seat! haha! the show will be so late starting!

oooh! mini-golf with Johnny and all? SO cool! if i misbehave, will he get in my face and threaten to shove things places like he did on the show? pretty please?

sigh . . . still waiting to see Johnny in the northwest - maybe this fall, Oh Agentress Extraordinaire?

Princess Johnny-Love aka Robin