Monday, July 12, 2010

And We Have a Flag on the Play ...

Another exclusive! What the well-dressed man
is wearing this time of year in Japan:
A flag to go with his perfect pedi...

Dancing With the Stars update: OK, our campaign is off the ground! And in just five days, we have managed to tweet #TeamWeirnoff more than 1,700 times! And we have also managed to create a #failwhale of our very own by deeply annoying much of the Twitterverse as well as people on other Johnny fan sites! Which we did not intend to do!


Apparently my initial description of the campaign was not quite as clear as I had hoped. #epicfail

So let's review our strategy before some of those ontd_skating people of whom I am in awe because they are totally the cool kids at the lunch table decide to #cuttabitch.

OK. We're asking everybody to please:

*Join the Johnny Weir Needs to Be on DWTS Facebook page! (Motto: "137 People Can't Be Wrong! Wait--Seriously? Only 137?") #needmorefiercebitches

*Join the official Dancing With the Stars Facebook page! (Motto: "1,148,372 People Can't Be Wrong! Unless They Really Think BP Actually Cares!")  BTW: This page has gained nearly 24,000 fans since last Thursday when ABC posted that the season premiere is September 20. This audience is a huge opportunity for Johnny! #immafirinmahlazer

*Post comments on the DWTS FB page begging ABC to give us Team Weirnoff next season! So that those other 1,148,372 people might see our posts and decide they'd like that, too! Note: It's most effective if you post on this comment thread, but you also can post directly to their wall. A lot of spam gets posted there, though, so your post might get lost amongst all the "Download the official Facebook layouts!" and "Spend the night with me!" crap. #spammershazastupid

*Respond to this DWTS FB invitation to watch the season premiere! Please include a comment with your RSVP to say that you will most certainly be watching if Johnny is one of the contestants! #willwatchhimdoanything

*Spread the word to the media via e-mail that we want Johnny on DWTS! Johnny-friendly media outlets include Perez Hilton (yes, I know. Just don't read the comments there. Perez is wonderfully supportive of Johnny and has a huge audience on his website and his Twitter); Greg in Hollywood (Twitter); Towleroad (Twitter); Dlisted; and Queerty (Twitter). #eyesglazingoverthisseemscomplicated

OK, so far, so good. Now here's where we ran into trouble: #lolwut

*Follow these Twitter accounts: @ABC_DWTS, @ABC_Publicity, and @TeamWeirnoff (yes! There's already a Twitter account and a cool team name for Johnny and Karina!). #TeamWeirnoff #DWTS

*Start tweeting like crazy to @ABC_DWTS and @ABC_Publicity--and everybody else above--to tell them we want to see #TeamWeirnoff on #DWTS next season!

I think it's the "tweeting like crazy" that was maybe a misstep on my part. #plsdonttakeeverythingisayliterally

This campaign requires a different strategy from the NewNowNext Awards. The goal there was to tweet #realityWEIR as much as possible. In this campaign, ABC is NOT searching for and counting hashtag votes. Instead, we simply want to spread the word across the Twitterverse--accompanied by as low an annoyance factor as possible--so that we get lots of different people tweeting that they'd like to see Johnny on DWTS. We need to show ABC that he has both broad appeal + devoted fans = high ratings for them if he's on the show. #soundslikemathbutimstillonboard


(1) Please tweet something along these lines just a few times a day (OK to tweet from multiple Twitter accounts, but please limit tweeting to several tweets per account):

@ABC_DWTS @ABC_Publicity Please give us #TeamWeirnoff this season on #DWTS Big ratings 4 U, big @JohnnyGWeir fun 4 us!

@ABC_DWTS & @ABC_Publicity: Big @JohnnyGWeir fan here! Would love to see him paired with @Karina_Smirnoff this season! #TeamWeirnoff #DWTS

@ABC_DWTS @ABC_Publicity: I promise I'll watch every single episode if you put  @JohnnyGWeir & @Karina_Smirnoff on #DWTS! I ♥ #TeamWeirnoff

@ABC_DWTS @ABC_Publicity we want @JohnnyGWeir on #DWTS!! #TeamWeirnoff is beautiful, glittery, and special and you NEED them!

(2) Please also keep retweets to a minimum to avoid clogging up the Twitter feed. #ineedaplungerformyTwitter

(3) Please do use the hashtags #TeamWeirnoff and #DWTS in your tweets so that we can track our campaign. ABC is most likely to search for #DWTS as a hashtag to see what the buzz is on Twitter for the show, so if they see that it's often paired with #TeamWeirnoff, that's good PR for Johnny! #imavailableifkarinaisbusy

Our goal is to show ABC how popular Johnny is and what a boost he would be to DWTS' ratings. So, in contrast to NewNowNext, in which we sent LOTS OF TWEETS from a small group of tweeters, for DWTS we need LOTS OF PEOPLE to send tweets. Just maybe not 800x a day. #thinkyouspicybutfromfatitdown

Note: I realize that not everybody thinks Johnny on DWTS is a great idea. Some feel there should be at least one season between Evan's appearance and his; others feel it's beneath him; still others worry that it will distract him from focusing on his return to competitive skating next season. #plsfeelfreetoignorethiscampaign #buthewantsthisnowandhiswishismycommandjustask @NicoFierce andher201followers

OK then! Hopefully we've cleared all that up and we can proceed in supporting Johnny's dream without becoming the subject of a post at ontd titled, "I NEED TO KILL SOMETHING." #johnnyinawhitespeedocalmseverybodydown

And to inspire us all to to get back out there and tweet / post / etc. / #butdontpisspploff, I leave you with the last of the Japan exclusives:


the 2010 Readers' Choice Skater of the Year Award
(voting ends THIS THURSDAY, July 15)!

Hey! You can purchase a T-shirt
in honor of our Ride for Life project!
We exceeded our $7,500 donation goal,
so now we're aiming for $10,000!
We're less than $2,000 away,
and we have until July 31 to get there!
Shirts are $20 each including shipping,
and $10 of that goes directly toward AIDS/LifeCycle!
Everything you need to know about ordering is here!

Very special thanks once again
to a Spectacular Someone
for the exclusive photos from Japan!

copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

Good blog! Love you infuse humor into everything! Great pics also!

noviarium said...


I disagree. I think it'll make a heat wave of epic proportions.

Maggie St. said...

Mike Can and I can too!


(what about tweeting something slightly different each time, from multiple Twitter accounts? Is that 'legal'?

Nico said...

Does this mean Weir all #hashtaghags???

Love you!!!

#JessicaLane said...

One of the few times my overwhelming laziness has come in handy! I can say I have NOT been spamming. But, I will make sure to drop the random line and to tell those who I think will listen (no point wasting your breath on haters and having to #cuttabitch) that Johnny + DWTS = WIN!

Great pics, by the way! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

#mamamonstertotherescueonceagain and #thatswhyweallloveyou




the end.

Robin ♥

p.s. can i get an id for comments without getting a blog?