Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vote-Donate-Tweet-Post-Pimp-Repeat ...

“The best place to find a helping hand
is at the end of your own arm.”
-- Swedish Proverb*

Vote-donate-tweet-post-pimp-repeat ...

...Yes, that is currently my life, thanks to Mr. Johnny G. Weir himself...

...and I couldn't be happier about it. :)

Yesterday, in the midst of our final push to log the most Twitter votes ever recorded in the history of humankind as we head into the final 48 hours of the NewNowNext awards voting, we also launched our biggest fan project ever: "Ride for Life," uniting Johnny fan groups from around the world in support of AIDS/LifeCycle.

And we proved that, as far as multitasking crazy people go, we are among the world's finest.

Within 45 minutes after the announcement was made on Johnny's Facebook page, we had received almost $500 in donations from fans.

Within less than 12 hours, that number had shot up to $1,500.

And in that same timeframe, we also managed to tweet #realityWEIR more than 2,300 times; post the "Ride for Life" announcement on dozens of Facebook pages; alert media outlets, including Greg in HollywoodOutsports, and Perez Hilton; continue voting directly on the NewNowNext website; and persuade friends we haven't seen since kindergarten to vote for Johnny as USFSA Figure Skater of the Year because we've run out of our own .gmail addresses to use.

So once again, I say: WE ROCK!!

And I wish I spoke more languages so I could find a million different ways to say that, because we are simply amazing (which, because I type hastily, and my fingers as well as some of my keys on my keyboard tend to stick, often comes out as "amaxing." And that also works, in my opinion, as in, "We are a-maxin' out this votin' and donatin' and pimpin' thing right up to the very tippy-top of Johnny's ever-lovin' pompadour, darlin'," which also offers some insight into how often I chat with Michael Mazzella).

Although I think I can best translate "We rock!" into Weirlandian, in which it comes out as: "We are strong fierce free bitches, baby, and we totes have that shiznit covered!"

Which, BTW, is a gender-neutral statement and also quite complimentary here in Weirlandia.

So here are today's action items:

Vote-donate-tweet-post-pimp-repeat. Please do whichever of those activities works best for you. Not everyone is in a position to donate in these difficult times, so we'll all just do whatever we can, and everything will work together for the good of the project! And please know that every vote, every tweet, every penny, every posting of the AIDS/LifeCycle link, every pimping effort, is very, very much appreciated.

Please remember to vote in the "Name Rider X" survey! You can vote as many times as you like. And thank you to all who have voted already--we've gotten some really fabulous write-in suggestions! The survey closes tonight at midnight, and then the project leaders will present the top choices to Rider X so she can help in choosing a name that best represents Johnny and his fans in this humanitarian cause.

Oh, and hey: Check out what the Ride for Life website looks like in Russian! So cool. Thanks to Facebook fan Tatiana Edrenkina for translating. More languages coming soon!

OK. No more time to write. Gotta get back to my groove, people!

vote-donate-tweet-post-pimp-repeat #realityWEIR vote-donate-tweet-post-pimp-repeat #realityWEIR vote-donate-tweet-post-pimp-repeat #realityWEIR vote-donate-tweet-post-pimp-repeat #realityWEIR ...

as "Most Addictive Reality Star"
in the NewNowNext Awards!
Vote here
(he's the last one listed in the fifth category--scroll down!)
or on Twitter by constantly tweeting
and retweeting #realityWEIR.
PLEASE also VOTE HERE for Johnny to win
the 2010 Readers' Choice Skater of the Year Award
(voting ends July 15)!

*Thanks to Facebook fan Gary Podschun
for this caption, and for matching it
to the perfect Johnny photo. :)

copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


WheresMyKoppy said...

Oh please! Don't seek any help from Perez Hilton! LOL! WE do rock, MM, and you rock big time for all the work you're putting into your blogs and tracking voting and all that! What would we do without you? BTW, I managed to get JW another vote by using my old university email address. Hey, it's still valid!

bsontwit said...

Team Johnny
let us know what tweet ended up on LOGO when you find out!

and yes, i used all the childrens emails i knew to vote for figure skater of the year, no shame!

Anonymous said...

one multitasking crazy person reporting in! i even had a twitter dream the other night. *giggle*

our Princess WILL rule the world and make sure people are taken care of while he's doing it.


Robin aka Princess Johnny-Love

Debora Walsh said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Binky...I happen to be visiting my PA relatives (I, like a certain person we all know & love, am also a former princess of Lancaster County)...and am currently, and I mean at this moment, hitting them all up for donations!!! They are trying to have coffee and funnel cakes, and their always over-dressed and hyperactive NYC cousin is babbling on and on about donations, voting, Atomic Kittens, glittery beasties and hair salons in Woodridge, New Jersey...*sigh*