Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here's Just a Little Teaser Clip ...

... with which we can amuse ourselves by pressing "play" repeatedly until the BGJW finale airs tonight. Which currently is hours from now. Sigh. Yes, I already watched it via On Demand, but it's just not right until all the kittens have seen it and we can all purr together over every fascinating facet of Johnny and mew plaintively over Vancouver and try not to claw out the eyes of the Olympic judges and eat them for our little kitten supper.

Oh. Never mind. Obviously they're already blind. Not to mention morally challenged.

[Programming note: Watch for former Olympic judge Jon Jackson in the finale and revel in his courageous on-screen comments. Then go order his 2005 book prophetically titled On Edge: Backroom Dealing, Cocktail Scheming, Triple Axels, and How Top Skaters Get Screwed while you're on Amazon pre-ordering Johnny's book.]

And for further amusement because only five minutes have passed (unless you're busy pressing "play") and the finale is STILL hours away, here's the clip again as a .gif:

Pros: It repeats over and over by itself--no need to click the "play" button. So now you can have both hands free to do stuff like wipe away that little bit of drool running down your chin. Or whatever else you might need two hands to do.

Cons: No audio of Johnny's sweet-silky-sexy voice intoning, "Hello, boys ... and welcome to Vancouver ... " again and again and again.

Well. That will never do. So here's the audio clip below. Press "play" once, and it will loop endlessly until you tell Johnny to stop (as if anyone would do that).

Bonus points if you can clearly imagine Johnny saying your name instead of "boys" in the clip.

Also: Here are two tweets to help you pass the time today in your happy place. The first is from (remember the photo with the bow in his hair?):

Yes! Footage from whence all those twitpics came! And LIVE TWITTER Q and A WITH JOHNNY this Tuesday! (I'm guessing they mean 12 noon to 1 p.m. EDT). Imagine the tweeting possibilities ...

And second is this fabulous invitation from Johnny today to everyone:

OMG. He wants to spend the whole day with us! I wonder if he can hear our collective purring from there in New Jersey? And how much Pledge this will involve ... ?

[Programming note: Watch for multiple cans of whipped cream inside Johnny's refrigerator door during the finale. Thanks to alert Facebook fan Natalie Maxwell for pointing this out. Then ponder his invitation anew ...]

All righty then. We're all set for hours of entertainment until finale time!

Wait--you still need something more with which to occupy your mind and prevent your slow descent into utter finale-deprived madness?


Please analyze the graphic below carefully for hidden meanings:

Alert Facebook fan Krystal Pacheco notes that the skates are hanging up ...

Of course, your results may vary, depending on personal bias / hopes / wishes / Johnny-infused dreams and/or fantasies. Especially if you stare at it long enough while that distracting audio clip is playing ...

You can catch Johnny on MTV's When I Was 17
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Check out Johnny's new blog entry on SUNFiltered!
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Please also vote here to tell Pepsi
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(voting ends June 30)

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germansoulmate said...

God, I love your blogs. Apart from Johnny who never fails to make me smile, they provide me with daily quiet smiles, outrageous laughter and a tear here and there and the up until now not dissolved question "What is it about Johnny that can´t make me stop fangirling about him?" I just need to see and hear him laugh, listening to his "sweet-silky-sexy" inviting voice, or his random seriousness and looking at his eyes when he is serious.

I. simply.can.not.stop! Arghh...which leads to new question "Do I want to stop or being stopped?"

No....not yet. I´m not ready.

Thanks for giving us another smile-worthy blog.


WheresMyKoppy said...

I also pointed out on FB people should pay attention to what Jon Jackson said in ep 109. I didn't realize he had written a book. I still don't get why they never supported our boy; I mean this is not a new thing, this is a practically from the beginning thing...

Well, I've already watched ep 109 three times and don't have Sundance so I have to use OnDemand or the ahem, copy I made. But I look forward to discussing it with more fans.

Great job as usual!

Mimi said...

Carefully hidden messages, omg! I can stare at those pictures that you are supposed to see something in if you squint your eyes, stand sideways, and hold your breath...and never see anything...soooo please post at a later time what the secret message is?

Ok again I just love your writing, wit, and wisdom oh Great One!!! (f*cktard will now be burned into my brain-hilarious and accurate)

Thank you again for bringing the Johnny!!!

Anonymous said...

Half-naked Johnny... Bodypaint... Whipped cream... Damn, are you trying to melt my brain or something? You're doing a pretty good job at it!

Sorry, can't come up with anything even remotely intelligent to say right now... *goes back to staring at that clip and thinking about various uses for whipped cream*

Jenn Kittler said...

Just when I think I couldn't love that boy more… I thought I'd seen that promo with the skates earlier in the season, but I can't find it now, so I guess it was wishful thinking. :(

Debora Walsh said...

Thanks, Binky! Sign me up for your bashing ..."f*cktard judges" placement program! And put me on the management track.
Like all of Johnny's fans, I have been watching this treasure skate for years, and as beautiful as his programs have ALWAYS been, these last two were truly exquisite representations of an extraordinary talent and a uniquely effervescent personality. Why the skating community has continually squandered such an asset and such a well-loved ambassador, I will never understand...I fear Johnny's Olympic finish was not merely a snubbing, but an eradication. I am not one of those who think skating should be a jumpfest, or nothing more than a hockey game without the sticks and a few extra teeth. I want to be transported, with a cognac and a cigarette, into a fantasy world, where human emotion and physicality are melded into something that transcends the mere mechanics of a sport. Johnny Weir does that for me, and although I hope with all my heart that I am wrong, sadly I feel that the competition skates are hung up. But as you have so eloquently written, that is OK with me as long as he is happy. He has given up so much of his young life trying to achieve his dreams; and on the way has provided us with skating that is so ethereally beautiful, it will never be surpassed.
Looking forward to spending this entire day with Johnny, Viacheslav Romanov...and with all fellow Weirlandians...!

Maggie St. said...

Officially changing my name to "Boys"

BTW, being from Jersey, I DO know people I can hire to go all Tonya Harding on those judge's kneecaps. Just sayin'.

And are those vuvuzelas or the sound of thousands of Kittens purring I hear out my window?? :)

Anonymous said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . OMFG! you're not gonna get a rational comment out of me today.



whipped cream.

i wanna be a boy!

Princess Johnny-Love

Wendy S said...

YAY! for the finale, especially since we're all pretty certain now that there will indeed be more BGJW coming. So good. I have all eps saved on my DVR, which I will only erase when the DVDs come out (please?).

Can't wait for Tuesday's twitterchat, though Twitter had best rectify the indexing problem that reared its ugly head today.

A fun read as always, MaMo, thank you for writing!

Anonymous said...

Too Funny...!

I didn't need the audio to go with that little gem of a clip. I was doin' just fine with my imagination, LOL. And sorry, I still don't think there is a hidden message there in his hanging skates.

No Sundance Channel for me, so I'll just have to be patient. Thanks Binky for being so entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Maggie, the people you know in Jersey need to visit those slore Ice Hockey players at The Ice Vault to teach them some manners and the proper respect to be given to a great athlete and artist.
--Nancy K.

Anonymous said...

o.k., i've finally stopped purring and drooling for long enough to come back and leave a real comment.

this kitten is part vampire and thus always bloodthirsty, so where do i sign up for disemboweling prejudiced and idiotic judges?

although it might be funnier if we tied up the judges, locked them in the janitor's closet, put on their oh-so-very-boring-clothing and sat in their seats at the next competition. of course, we'd give our darling Johnny *fair* marks - none of this b.s!

Princess Johnny-Love aka Robin