Friday, June 4, 2010

The End of #realityWEIR ... What's NewNowNext for Us?

Yeah, I think you're going to have the last laugh
on those idiot judges, BB...

Well. I guess I'm about to tweet my last #realityWEIR, since the NewNow Next awards voting ends today (though I'm not sure what time, so just in case, I'm going to keep #realityWEIRing thoughout the day...)

But this feels a little  ... bitterstweet.

The party's pretty much over, the balloons are droopy and misshapen, there are only unappealing, squashed-up bits of cake left that I'm probably just going to throw away, and all that glitter is now only an irritant on the carpet for the cats to eat and then later throw up.

And so I'm kinda bleah. And also a little waaaah.

#realityWEIR has been my constant companion on Twitter since LogoTV first announced that Johnny was a nominee for NewNowNext's "Most Addictive Reality Star" back on April 14, and that I could vote for him simply by tweeting #realityWEIR. It has faithfully attached itself to tweets about my new blog entries, my fascination with late-breaking news from every corner of the world, my complete and utter contempt for Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, my lols at and appreciation of various Twitter friends, and of course dozens of @replies to @JohnnyGWeir's tweets, whether it's a twitpic of his latest mullet color or musings on The Dingles. No matter what 140-character message I just had to say, #realityWEIR was right alongside, ending every tweet for me with #hotBETTYWHITE and flair.

And power.

Because wow. You get a few people on Twitter to put #realityWEIR in their tweets, and then to retweet each other's #realityWEIR tweets, and then to retweet each other's followers' #realityWEIR tweets, and a scant seven weeks later you've got a tidy little pile of about 100,000 tweet votes--let alone the number of votes on the NewNowNext site itself.

So #realityWEIR, the little tweeting engine that could, may very well have helped us achieve something really, really cool for our beloved JWe. Just our little way of collectively thumbing our noses at those Olympic judges and declaring: "Oh, btw: YOU SUCK."

Speaking of the Olys, I would be remiss if I did not offer recognition to our own Olympic Tweet Team! From Monday, May 24, when we first started tracking our home stretch, to today, our top tweeters were (in alphabetical order):


Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted like maniacs or voted endlessly on the NewNowNext website! Now we just have to sit tight and see if we accomplished what we set out to do. The awards show will be taped this coming Tuesday, June 8, at The Edison in downtown Los Angeles, and Johnny will be one of the award presenters. But we'll have to wait until the show's broadcast on Thursday, June 17, to learn who the winners are. The pre-show will start at 9:30 p.m. EDT, with the award presentations set to begin at 10 p.m. EDT. If, like me, you don't have satellite and your cable company's broadcast philosophy is still rooted in the time of the Salem witch hunts and overseen by a prim triumvirate of executives named "Prudence," "Fear," and "Chastity," who have chosen to protect you against your will from the scandalous fare that is the LogoTV channel, you can watch the awards program on the web at

But even though #realityWEIR will soon be no more, we still have several other important issues that require our votes! So if, like me, you're now not only addicted to Johnny but also to the act of voting for him or something related even tangentially to him, you can:

*Vote for Johnny to win USFSA's Readers' Choice Figure Skater of the Year. Because he most definitely should.

*Vote to encourage Pepsi to fund sorely needed physical activity programs for kids through the n'Play Foundation. Johnny is one of the board members of n'Play.

*Vote for Beauty Bear Eric Alt's salons to win "Favorite Salon" in New Jersey Life/Health and Beauty magazine's Beauty A-List awards.

And of course, our current number-one priority is to pimp out our AIDS/LifeCycle "Ride for Life" fan project! We were so excited to see that the story has already been picked up by The Advocate and by Towle Road! As you know, the ride starts this Sunday, and our goal is to have $5,000 in donations by then. So please pimp this baby out, people!

Also: Thanks to everyone who voted in our "Name Rider X" survey! Johnny's Bikertress will now be known (at least to us, but maybe not in any official press releases...) by the fans' top vote-getter: Atomic Kitten!

And finally: Even though #realityWEIRing will soon be a thing of the past, we have much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months:

June 19: Johnny will perform at Skate for Hope in Columbus, Ohio, and tickets are still available! And the lovely director of that event, Carolyn Bongirno, was kind enough to donate to Ride for Life in Johnny's honor!

June 27: It's the hour-long season finale (I refuse to say "series finale") of Be Good Johnny Weir on Sundance!

July 10 - 11: Johnny is performing at "Fantasy on Ice" in Niigata, Japan.

July 24: Johnny will be the headliner at the Sun Valley Summer Ice Show in Sun Valley, Idaho

July 31: Johnny returns to Lake Placid, New York, to perform in the Citizens Bank Summer Ice Series 

September: Johnny will be skating at another event in Japan, according to his tweet.

January 11, 2011: Johnny's book will be released! You can pre-order it now on Amazon, where it debuted at #58,372 and within 24 hours had moved up to #4,378...

So there's a plethora of stuff to get excited about, most immediately the ever-increasing response to our "Ride for Life" project. Please share the info with everyone you know and encourage them to donate just $10 to  this wonderful cause!

But I'm still going to miss you, #realityWEIR ...

as "Most Addictive Reality Star"
in the NewNowNext Awards!
Vote here
(he's the last one listed in the fifth category--scroll down!)
or on Twitter by constantly tweeting
and retweeting #realityWEIR.
VOTING ENDS TODAY (sometime...)!
PLEASE also VOTE HERE for Johnny to win
the 2010 Readers' Choice Skater of the Year Award
(voting ends July 15)!

Thanks to Facebook fan Jennifer Cataldo Rosa
for the term, "Olympic Tweet Team"!

copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


WheresMyKoppy said...

Yes, 'Atomic Kitten'! My choice, lol! I've gotten into such a habit of include #realityWEIR that I even attach it to tweets during Baseball games to other fans. WE even had Eric Alt doing it! I didn't do much to pimp nPlay Thursday or the LifeCycle thing. I'll do better on Friday. Wish I could see one of his shows... Trying also to think of who I haven't already bugged about the REader's Choice thing...

WheresMyKoppy said...

I do have LOGO, btw, but only in the living room. I doubt if I'll be able to convince the rest of the family to watch, so maybe it will show up on ONDemand or I'll have to catch it on the website...

germansoulmate said...

*it is now automatic for me to end all my sentences with #realityWEIR which makes for some interesting looks at the grocery store* really made me laugh which I need today #realityWEIR.

bsontwit said...

#realityweir #realityweir #realityweir !!!!
so looking forward to seeing Johnny get the award!!!

Nico said...

As if you weren't firmly lodged in my head as the most delicious blogger of all time, then you had to go and say "a prim triumvirate of executives." Not only does that phrase sum up the 9 to 5 setting of my life, but it also includes A WILDLY ACCURATE USE OF THE WORD 'TRIUMVIRATE.' Which, I might add is WILDLY fanTAStic. I don't know what else to say other than I'm majorly geeking out over here. I'm going to go bedazzle my thesaurus!

I hope Johnny knows how much we ADORE him. And I hope our most diligent voters know how much we WORSHIP them for their amazing focus, sacrifice and obsessed enthusiasm. I love Weirlandians: we won't rest knowing that we love him. ALL MUST LOVE HIM!!! He must be featured at EVERYTHING. And I know that we're all just crazy enough to see his face in everyone, even the nice ladies handing out tiny breakfast pastry samples at the grocery store.

You're amazing, Binks!!! #realityWEIR

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great synopsis on Johnny's schedule. We still have lots to look forward to. :)


MImi Dzyacky said...

Thank you "oh exhausted one" you make my life so much brighter and glittery! Much love for you and all that you do! Sincerest appreciation!

PumaJ said...

Twitter has not been very friendly with me the past 24 hours. I've been getting frequent "something is technically wrong" messages. :-(

Yeah! "Atomic Kitten" :-)

Yeah! Johnny skating in one of the Sun Valley Ice Shows :-) We (myself, my grandkids & my daughter) are going ❤ I am so happy that Johnny will be skating in that show. Both of my grandkids have asked me several times to take them to see him skate :-) Ofcourse, I too want to see him, but when one is a Nana, and one's grandchild/children say something to the effect of, "Nana, can you makes this happen?", I think most "Nanas" would move heaven and earth to fulfill the request.

I am so grateful that I did not have to attempt to move heaven and earth ;-) I think that would be a job to big even for a "Nana", LOL. But, driving the 8 or 9 hours to Sun Valley, and spending a couple of days there in order to see Johnny.... that I can make happen. So, off we will go....

MM, I hope it is okay to post a link here. I have set up a "topic" called "Johnny at Sun Valley" in the discussion section of Johnny's Sundance FB site. Lots of links there about the ice show, lodging, pics of the rink...

Thank you MM, as always for your phenomenal efforts to create and maintain this wonderful blog. You are a GEM in the true sense of the word ♡