Friday, May 21, 2010

The Week in Twit-Speak: Lol Wut? * Facepalm * Headdesk * OMGWTFBBQ * Epic Fail

Photo from the now slightly infamous
"Behind the scenes at Miss USA" blog post
(click for a larger view).
I'm still loving this ostrich-tatious bolero on him.
Wanna know the quote I'd love to see here?
Please PM me and I'll send you the link to a perfect
though slightly scratchy five-second Johnny audio clip! :)
Which you can then load onto your iPod
and thus listen to his beautiful voice over and over
directly in your ear...

Note to self: Next time you use an actual Johnny quote as a caption for a photo of Johnny, be sure to include a reference / footnote / link / context / explanation of benefits / map of Weirlandia / chocolate / SOMETHING to make it clear that you are NOT dissing him in any way but instead reveling with delight in his exceptional quotability, his high comfort level in bandying about the proper names for intimate body parts in casual conversation, and his always dazzling fashion sense. Never, under any circumstances, assume that all readers are equally well-acquainted with the Book of Johnny and can quote chapter and verse in their sleep--along with date of interview, place of interview, name of interviewer, and time stamp at which the quote appears as well as what the people in the background are saying--like you can. Just FYI. Also remember that even though you have written more than seventy blog posts that are 100% in support of Johnny and whatever he's currently saying / doing / singing / wearing, it will take more than that to counterbalance the ugliness and negativity of multiple years' worth of boards and forums and media outlets that came before and have left some readers quite wary and ever poised for that moment when you, too, suddenly turn on him and write something deliberately unflattering. (Although that will never happen. Even if he finally does join the Russian mob, I will find a way to make it a positive: "Johnny, I'm so excited about your new career path! I hope it brings you much happiness and black-market success! #realityWEIR.") And: Be prepared to apologize when something comes off in a way you did not intend--even if it means apologizing for quoting Johnny's own words. Whatever it takes to reassure all readers that when you say, "All Johnny love, all the time," you really, really mean that.


This week sucked. For lots of people, apparently.

For me, suckage began when I blithely used my blog and my Photoshop skills to cause unintentional upset. I apologized profusely, pulled the post, alternately felt certain and then uncertain about the lines where humor, offensiveness, free speech, and self-censorship all intersect, and ended up wondering WTF am I doing and why bother?

So I bowed out of everything Johnny-related. Just came to a screeching halt, having entirely run out of motivation. And words. Except possibly these: "My calculations were incorrect!"

Next we were knocked sideways by a random family crisis. Which helped immensely to underscore the WTF-ness of the week. But at least the few words I was then able to muster were those of gentle comfort, support, and reassurance to my husband, so I wasn't a complete waste of skin.

In between fascinating family conversations, I did a lot of pondering and self-doubting about my whole writer / blogger / fandom thing, punctuated by frequent bursts of injecting chocolate directly into my veins and infrequent lurking on Johnny's fan page, where I just didn't have anything to offer.

Although I noticed as a lurker that actually everybody seemed to be having problems this week. One of my Facebook BFFs, Maggie, is losing her job after listening to empty promises from her employer for quite some time; Gail has been looking for a new job for more than a year; Kelly has two friends whose mothers are desperately ill; Lauri is losing her house and worries that she won't be able to find a new home that will allow her to keep her beloved dog; Deborah lost her job two years ago due to the plague of downsizing and is now on disability; and many others in Weirlandia are dealing with stuff that can leave a person deeply discouraged by the sheer unsparkliness of it all.

And I felt enormous empathy. Definitely been there, sucked that.* On all counts.

Then I came across this post from the lovely Deborah, our faithful Weirlandia WeatherAngel:

"i just read through all of the comments on maggie's post re: losing her job, & i am crying. why? cuz i love maggie, and because it is so amazing how a group of strangers bound together by love of johnny have bonded together into such a kind, caring and loving nation. i really wish tara, patti, johnny could know that about us. when one person hurts, we all hurt. when one person rejoices, we all rejoice. in my mind this is miraculous. thank you weirlandians, each and every one of us is amazing."

And the comments under her post were equally beautiful. Here are just a few:

Michael it really is amazing deborah. I have never seen a place where people who have never met can show so much for one another... it truly is phenomenal. I know that this page means the world to me and I cant even explain it. ... and yes I too agree that if they only knew what an amazing thing we have here. thank you for posting this deb darlin. We love you ...

Mary Mimi I'm telling you and I say it every day. Johnny Weir Changed My Life!!! The world he has opened up to so many of us is just amazing and the friendships and the LOVE!!!!!

Maggie Shucks Deb, Everyone, thanks! In the short time we've known everyone here, I do feel as if you're my family and my Glitterhead Kittens were the ones I wanted to come to for some glitter & comfort. ♥

Lauri I couldn't agree more with Deborah. ... There are times when life is overwhelming. You seriously wonder what is the point, but then you realize how many generous and giving people are out there. The most amazing are on this website brought together by one amazing human being thank you Johnny!

Suzanne Deb, this is so true! I love Weirlandia, I wish I never had to leave!

Lily Every time I hear someone complain how bad the internet can be (exploitive porn and scams or mean social networks), I smile inwardly and think of places like this. :)

(I also saw some kind comments on the page from people saying that they missed me. Which was really nice to read, and helped me feel a little less like a complete moron. Thank you to all who took the time to write and post and send some love--it was very much appreciated.)

And I had to smile at the take-charge attitude of Barbara, who decided to create a separate fan page called "Johnny Weir's Nipples" in order to reduce the number of NippleBombs on the main fan page, much to Julie's relief. Not that she has anything against nipples. Because everyone has nipples!**

So the main thing I can say about this week is that it's over. And that the people on Johnny's fan page are some of the kindest, most caring, most loving people I have ever been blessed to know. It's a community in the best sense of the word. And a testament to what the world can be when we truly love our neighbors as ourselves.

And also: Even in the midst of all kinds of personal crises, big and small, I'm sure many Weirlandians often find themselves thinking: "At least we have Johnny. Oh, and Glee. Johnny LOVES Glee. And next week--yes, it's the Lady Gaga episode! Kurt! 'Bad Romance'! OMG I can't wait! Plus we know Johnny will be watching, and then it's almost like he's watching it with us! And oooo, wouldn't it be fun to have a Glee-watching pajama party with Johnny? His apartment's all clean and everything!"

(It's not just me, right? Please excuse me while I go mainline another Milky Way Midnight ... )

And then Johnny "twitter-pictured." Which might be one of the most adorable things he's ever done. Both the pictures and how incredibly pleased he was with himself left me with a huge grin and destroyed the rest of my effort to take myself very very seriously.

Plus there's Jennifer's post: "[Here's a] kiss good night at the end of a rough day. love to you all ♥"

Thank you, dear Jennifer. Now I really feel better. ♥ #realityWEIR

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*Actual Johnny quote from the 88 for Aids event as reported here 05/06/2010.
**Actual Johnny quote from LifeSkate interview 04/05/2010.

copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

IMO, congratulations are in order WRT the caption controversy. A blog isn't a real blog until someone fusses at what you've said in your blog, so enjoy the moment. :-)
--Nancy K.

mimi dzyacky said...

OMG, I just have to send you the biggest hugs! And how much you were so terribly missed. It was a sucky week, but thank God it's over! You bring so much light and joy to all our lives, I just hope hope hope, JGW gets to read your blog, it's so brilliant!!! I'll say it again! Johnny Weir changed my life...otherwise I never would have met you, been exposed to your talented writing or jumped on this crazy ride!!!! Much Love for you and your family! Much love for JGW!!!

Anonymous said...


Welcome back!

To be honest, I did not know that JGW had said THAT during an interview. But I also know that you would NEVER disparage Johnny. You love him!


auntyamyj said...

Oh Mama Monster, I'm so sorry that you had a rough week. I'm sorry that so many had a rough week. It makes my angst over my yard not getting mowed for the second week in a row seem really very silly.
As far as the blog went with the PENISgate quote. I again, thought it was hilarious and spot on. It is unfortunate that people were offended and I think it speaks volumes to your character that you were gracious. You took it down and apologized with out getting defensive. Could you send some of that grace my way? Because I would have probably sent up the big ol' virtual finger.
Anyway my dear, I missed seeing your little name all over the page all week, as I lurked in between clients and walking. Here's to next week being better and brilliant!
Lots of sparkly warkly love to you!

Nico said...


This is exactly what I dreamed you'd write about this week. When facing the most trying circumstances possible, all of Weirlandia rose beautifully in support of each other. We laughed together, cried together, gasped collectively over amazing new photos and kept each other grinning and upright while we patiently waited for you to find your way back to the press.

There isn't a single Weirlandian who believes you would hurt or offend Johnny intentionally. Ever. Not for all the money and snuffles in the world. Water under the brige...

So, while we gathered this week to fawn over rainbow cupcakes, weather reports, eyeshadow demonstrations and ONTD picspam, those glittery activities underscored a real strength in each of us. Our glit is a lot like GRIT. Raw courage. A lot like mastering a tricky jump on the ice using the sheer power of our ankle and our balls. (A JW reference...I know YOU know that). Thanks for channeling Johnny the way you do to make us all a stronger and happier people. No one can replace you.

Can I give you wisdom, inspiration from an older person? Everybody gonnna love you!!! xoxo

Jenn Kittler said...

Oh Binky… I'm sorry to hear your week was bad, and doubly sorry you got pummeled for the blog. Please don't stop writing and don't start doubting yourself. Johnny's fans are wary—they have a right to be—but that doesn't mean you were wrong. You can't jump if you're afraid to fall, and when you're on, honey, you soar. Don't let a misunderstanding take that away from you. Johnny on Glee *sigh* I don't think my heart could contain the happiness.

bsontwit (twitter) said...

glad to see the blog, i am so sorry u had such a bad week, i wasnt offended but i realized the johnny quote. anyway, glad u are back.

i am not on facebook but i am on twitter and i do feel a certain friendship with anyone who admires johnny weir. we seem to all respect the same qualities in him and there must be something to that. i wonder what would happen if we all met someday? a room full of people who value being who you are, not to mention loving a good snuffle..☺

PumaJ said...

I think the planets were in an odd alignment this past week:-( Yeah, that's it! Phew... good to know that none of us are responsible! :-)

My week, though decent, was so busy that I missed whatever controversy was brewing over here for you, MM. I am sad to hear that other's ignorance caused you pain. They just don't realize what a gorgeously shining Gem you are, yet. Their ignorance and bad, not yours.

Shine on my dear. Your words always brighten my life :-)

Anonymous said...

am happy to see you back and as beautiful and eloquent as ever. i missed you terribly! salome.

Maggie St. said...

Seeing as not everyone follows every thing Johnny says or does, and we also have to remember that we gather together here from all over the only stands to reason that something, some time will be misconstrued, misinterpreted, and questioned.

What I like is that we do have the ability to question and, should the need arise, to retract ... See Moreany post which might be viewed in a negative light, however unintentionally; until any misunderstandings may be cleared up.

And then we kiss, throw glitter, vacuum, and move on. ♥

P.S. - Personally, I blame El Niño. But then again, I blame El Niño for Everything!!

Misfit Mimes said...

Thank you all so much for your kindness and support! The original post caused upset in ways I completely did not intend, and the reaction mattered a great deal to me because of the source. So I felt it was far more important to respect those feelings than to push my right to free speech in this particular case. Sometimes free speech comes with a heavy price, and it wasn't worth it here, IMO. :)

mbalis4 said...

Sorry you had a sucky week Misfit - loved this post!

Anonymous said...

*jumps out of chair applauding wildly*

Binky- You just made something very beautiful out of the ugly!

I am proud of you for surviving your week with such dignity and strength. I never doubted you and I am sure you had your good reasons for making the decisions you did. I agree with Nancy K, the first poster. You are now in the blog big leagues! Wear your blog-gate badge with pride. If you didn't spark controversy at any time, that would mean you were playing it safe instead of exploring truths. My hat is off to you Miss Mimes. :)


Anonymous said...

How can I get that 5-second audio file you mentioned? Sorry there was a dust-up about anything you wrote, why can't people just stop reading or walk away instead of getting upset?? This is BrightonDogwood on Twitter, btw

Anonymous said...

Dear Misfit,

Whew! You posted! We were all waiting anxiously for our Mama Monster to come back.

Did you know that you share some very special qualities with our Beloved Princess J? Grace, compassion, and awesomeness!



Li Mann said...

Well done for rising above the criticism and returning to your proper our hearts, your blog, and Johnny's FB page! As I've said before, sometimes people misconstrue things on the web since they can't see our faces when we're joking, and that can sometimes lead to dust-ups. But they soon get vacuumed up and with a little glitter, life is beautiful again. Welcome back! Don't ever leave us again, we missed you!

Anonymous said...


I'm not going to go into discussion about the drama surrounding your blog post because A) I missed it and B) I think you have nothing to apologize for if I'm getting the correct slant on things.

However I do think you should share the source of the quote in question (ostrich bolero picture caption) with the class. If it comes from where I think it does aka his interview on "The Alternative" during the EQCA fundraiser, it's worth everyone giving it a listen. I just listened to it again and it reaffirmed the respect I have for Johnny as a strong, well spoken, intelligent, gracious young man. I think everyone could benefit from that. ;)


ps. this is moreso a message to you than a comment so feel free to edit/ not publish at will :)

Anonymous said...

(My unabridged comment, to stop from posting an epic on facebook).

Wow...I did notice you weren't around (cause I enjoy when you ARE around) but sure missed all the drama. One of those drawbacks to working where I have no Facebook access! Anyhow Binky, I just want to say: Just like in real life, in the land of Weir there are ALWAYS going to be people who don't agree with you. And there will always be people who tell you not to apologize for being yourself. You don't fail because you don't please everyone. You can't. And everybody can't please you. Like Nancy K said (sort of), if someone fusses it means you've written something that matters.

I'm glad you're back, and I'm glad you're still doing what makes you happy! Live and let live. Commitment, love and positivity. (That's my Gaga mantra)


Misfit Mimes said...

@K: Your wish is my command, and yes, you are correct! The quote is from Johnny's wonderful April 18, 2010, interview with Terry LeGrand on LA Talk Radio. You can listen to or download the whole interview here:

You have to scroll down the page to the April 18 entry for the audio file. Johnny's interview starts at around marker 87:00, and the quote is around marker 102:50.

WheresMyKoppy said...

I guess sometimes you just can't please everyone! I would never really disparage Johnny myself, but I'm not necessarily going to agree with everything he says or does, either. And all you did was repeat something he had already said himself.

I have said a couple of times I was angry with him a couple times in the past, but I never stopped caring about him. I think it's the same with you MM, and with most of Johnny's fans.

germansoulmate said...

I muchly agree with the last three commentators.

You know what I´ve learned again the last few months? I´ve learned to accept different opinions without fighting over what is right or what is wrong. You can´t decide anyway what´s right or what´s wrong. I have read so much articles on JW and related articles that I feel like I´ve grown over the last few months. I especially have grown in my ability to accept different opinions without breaking down or backing off from my own points of view unless there were cogent reasons.
I also do not agree with everything Johnny does but I try to accept it because it is his life he lives not mine.

Anyway, I´m glad you´re back with your witty blog. I´ve missed it.

Wendy said...

Well, I was out of town so totally missed all of the hoohah. I'm sorry there was an issue, and am glad you got passed it!

Humor 'at a distance' doesn't always translate as intended -- Johnny could certainly empathize with you about this. :)