Monday, May 10, 2010

Now Stop That. I Said, "BUCKEYE." With a "B."

Johnny Weir performs to "Bad Romance."
(c) Cuties Ice Dreams 2010.

Yes! At last! The moment for which all of Weirlandia has been waiting! A new performance date for Johnny has been announced!

He'll be appearing at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus,
Ohio--the "Buckeye State!" Yay! Is is just me or does that somehow sound like it should come with a joke attached?--on Saturday, June 19, as part of Skate for Hope, a figure-skating event whose very worthy goal is to raise money for breast-cancer research.

Tickets for the 5 p.m. show are available for purchase only through Ticketmaster. In addition, just 20 VIP tickets went on sale last Friday priced at $250 each. These, too, can only be purchased through Ticketmaster, not through Tara, i.e. Fireworks Sports Marketing. As of 4 a.m. CDT today, there were still regular show tickets to be had, and seven VIP tickets still available: Section 110, row A, seats 1 through 7. You can view the seating chart here; click on "Hockey," and then click on a section number to see the view of the ice from that area.

(Note: Please, please let there be one VIP ticket left tomorrow for Facebook fan Amanda Anderson, who has to wait until then to purchase ... )

So best wishes to all the lucky Weirlandians who will get to attend this event! Hopefully additional Johnny performances and/or appearances will be announced soon--the earlier the better, to help give fans enough time to make travel arrangements, tell their bosses they'll be attending dear great-aunt Mildred's days-long funeral that week, and hawk handcrafted potholders by the side of the road and sell their kidneys to be able to afford to go.

The coolest thing in Weirlandia would be if Johnny's event schedule was posted on his Facebook fan page, his official website, at the US Angels board, and possibly at, it's THAT important--and updated frequently.

We just found out the middle of last week that Johnny was going to be in Vegas over the weekend, where he cohosted an event Saturday night with Iron Chef Cat Cora as part of Bon Appetit's Vegas Uncorked. I know at least one Johnny uber-stan who would have rearranged his entire life and possibly the global economy to be in Vegas and get to say "Hi, y'all!" to Johnny if he'd had just a little more notice. And then he could have seen this in person.

There's also a rumor floating around--first reported by Aunt Joyce's Ice Cream Stand, I believe--that Johnny will be a judge at this year's Miss USA pageant, also taking place in Las Vegas and to be shown live on NBC next Sunday, May 16. This is an outdated and ridiculous spectacle that I have not watched since I was about eight years old, hanging out with my whiskey-drinking, cigarette-smoking, high-society grandmother, who always let us stay up WAY past our bedtime and who loved pageants. But I'll be glued to it this year, if Johnny's going to be on it. In fact, tickets are still available, and they're not even outrageously priced. But it'd only be worth it if, again, there was an official schedule officially posted somewhere official that officially announced official stuff like this.

UPDATE: Agentress Tara Modlin officially posted just such an official announcement on Johnny's official Facebook fan page earlier today! Yes, he really is judging the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas this Sunday! Set your TiVos--or better yet, get your tickets now and be part of the party! And thank you, Tara!

The more info we uber-stans have, and the earlier we have it, the more likely we are to get the pink-tassled, strawberry-eating, sighing and squeeing GlitterHeads together to attend every Johnny appearance we possibly can. And hopefully not scare him to death. Lots of GlitterHeads means lots of ticket sales, lots of money for sponsors, and lots of publicity for Johnny.

Actually, an even cooler thing would be if we could attend a show with a special meet-and-greet afterward, like Johnny has done in Korea. That way as many fans as possible could see Johnny skate in person, and then afterward stand really, really close to him (not in a creepy way, mostly) and inhale the same air for a few minutes. And smell his neck. And also maybe get him to sing some karaoke and do a few dance moves. Because we just want what the fans from Korea and Russia and everywhere in the world want, which is for Johnny to move in and have children with us.

But we'll settle for, you know, this. And also a tweet from Boz.

Until then: We'll keep hope alive that a long-term schedule might be posted sometime soon and maintained daily (please please please). Even if most of the columns on it say "TBD" while details get worked out, it'll still give us stuff to look forward to and discuss endlessly and kinda plan for. While we pray that our grade-school English teacher doesn't notice that we've been writing a lot of sentences that have prepositions that they end with. (And now all the other writer nerds will laugh, while everybody else will go, "What's Binky talking about this for?") But with or without prepositions--not to be confused with propositions, which are those things that pop into your head that you want to make to Johnny every time you see him step into the shower in BGJW--it's amazing how fast we can post 75 comments on a thread when all we're given to work with is, "In this obscure blog that I don't have a link to I think I saw that some guy might have posted in the comments section that Johnny may be going to Gackle, North Dakota, in June (or was it July?) where he'll be--according to rumor--breathing!"

And finally: If, like me, you can't make it to the Ohio show, please consider donating to the Skate for Hope charity in honor of Johnny. That way you'll still be there in spirit, and also lend support to both Johnny and a wonderful cause.

PLEASE VOTE HERE for Johnny to win
the 2010 Readers' Choice Skater of the Year Award!
And please keep voting for Johnny
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Voting ends June 4, which gives us plenty of time
to get Johnny oh, say, ONE MILLION votes!

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WheresMyKoppy said...

Oh, you are so funny! I love the comment about a tweet from Boz, because a couple weeks ago JW commented on how he can't get over how grown up his brother is and please follow him on Twitter. Okay, but he never says anything! And I want a show somewhere near me I can go to see!

Maggie St. said...

Thanks for the donation link! I was going to ask if it was possible to donate to this cause for those of us who live too far away to attend *cry*

Dear daughter and I have driven my husband nuts the past few years with our sudden interest in traveling to anime, Tolkien, scifi/scifantasy conventions - and dressing up!

The best thing about Glitterheads is that when going to see Johnny - besides your glittery nails and hair, accessories, gifts for Johnny, handmade signs, etc., we don't need a costume!

I currently can't attend anything not in the NYC metro area, but given plenty of time for planning who knows what the future holds?

Rachel & I even are planning to attend Sochi 2014, mostly to see Russia and the Olympics, but also in the hopes that Johnny & Evgeni are there in some capacity - skating, announcer, cause célèbre.

Bottom line - YES. As far as Johnny's public appearances go - "the more you know" and the quicker you know is always a GOOD thing!

Octavia Violet said...

I really enjoyed this article - and happen to agree ! Even living near New York, I've twice recently missed an appearance because of finding out about it too late !
Also have to say, your comment about 'have children with us' - made me giggle outloud - point taken - although, since I'm probably a bit older than his mom, I'll go with 'adopt him' - :-)

bsontwit said...

Binky, the schedule that Tara posts always seems to be just as the event is approaching. i dont know why. every day i search the internet for johnny appearances and news and i tweet everything i find out but its still hard to find. ok so we know about the miss usa and the ohio show but there has to be something happening in america before late june for johnny. it is very frusterating!

a comment here..i cant believe there are still 7 tickets left. in nyc for the ice theater show there were 300 vip tickets at $150 each and they all sold out. the regular seats sold out too, we were so packed in at the show. ohio only had 20 and there are still 7 left, surprising! makes me really consider abandoning the family for a weekend and buying 1 and jumping on a plane! only problem is i dont know anything about how to get around ohio.


laura linger said...

Agreed 100%. And I am only half-kidding about my notion of coordinating a traveling shantytown of glittery freaks to go from JW appearance to JW appearance. You can sell the potholders, I will sell the hand-dipped incense and 100% homemade organic hummus.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. As a fan that lives outside the US but close enough to let's say Las Vegas or to New York thanks to cheap airfares, I would love to know where he's going to perform at least with a couple of months in advance.


Anonymous said...

hey, Mama Monster, all i have to say is Hell, YEAH! would someone please take mercy on us Johnny-holics and citizens of Weirlandia and just start posting the schedule in advance? pretty please? with cupcakes and glitter on top? i still haven't seen him perform or met him or . . . *whimper*

seriously, this could only be good for our boy, cause the more often his shows/benefits/appearances/ what-have-you sell out to crazed - oops! i meant devoted, sorry! - fans, the more big corporations will understand the true power of Johnny and either a) agree to bankroll his future show of Wonder & Beauty or b) hire him to be the face of their oh-so-fabulous products.

Robin aka Princess Johnny-Love <(^_^)>