Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brief Musings on Sex and the [Insert the Johnny-licious Noun of Your Choice Here]

Johnny says he spends 83% of his time naked!
All those in favor of the Facebook fans taking turns
in a rotating unpaid internship with either
Joey Camasta or Eric Alt, say "OMG I DIE!"

So Johnny attended the premiere of Sex and the City 2 last night in NYC, and he was kind enough to allow the process of getting ready, as orchestrated by the Beauty Bears, Joey Camasta of MAC Cosmetics and Eric Alt of Eric Alt Salons, to be twitpic'd, much to the collective squeeing and purring of his Kittens.

And then came the finished look, and as usual he never fails to surprise and delight. Rather than some type of all-pink SATC2-tribute complete with tiara and boa, which many Kittens might have been expecting, he turned up in an elegant ensemble highlighted by a fabulous green shirt that complemented his eyes beautifully. Some wondered if perhaps having the burly Beauty Bears on board resulted in this unexpected fashion turn, but personally I think it was Just Johnny, as always. Eight days ago we teetered heavily to one side with the ostrich-tatious coat of many colors (which I loved); last night, we leaned hard the other way, all understated black jacket, ubiquitous meggings, and the softly draped scarf and shirt. It's simply his way of keeping the universe in balance so that none of us slide off the edge of the earth into whatever orange-toned, fashion-challenged hell dimension lurks there. So thank you, BB. The world will never fully grasp or appreciate all that you do for us.

(Note: There was some mild disagreement over "like/not like" re: the makeup Johnny wore for the evening. I'd like to gently and ever so courteously ask that we refrain from initiating a long discussion on that point here. Been there, sucked that, on various other sites. And I fall into the "I like whatever he chooses at any particular moment" judging category, so let's just admire the shirt and those lashes and sing a chorus of Christina Aguilara's "Dreamy Eyes" together, shall we?)

Afterward he tweeted that he loved the movie, so naturally I'll have to see it at some point.

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And now back to our feature presentation.

Of course all of us on his Facebook fan page were sighing that we wished we could have been there (though one lucky fan, Kit Carlson, actually was, and so we wait breathlessly for photos from Kit while simultaneously working industriously on our time-travel and body-switching spells so that we can all take turns BEING Kit for that glorious evening ... ).

To assuage our longing for now, I present this .gif, which may allow you, if you use your imagination a tiny bit, to pretend that you're actually walking up to Johnny on the red carpet just in time for him to escort you into the movie ...

(Optional dialogue:

You: Hello, BB! Don't you look fabulous, as always!

Johnny: Hey gurl hey! I've been waiting here just for you ...

You: *faint*

I keep rewriting this scene, but I always end up at the same place, with the fainting...)

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WheresMyKoppy said...

I really loved the outfit, though I don't like Johnny's shoes nearly as much as he does. He has such beautiful eyes, and that green shirt and scarf really brought that out. There was nothing outrageous about this outfit at all, it's just looked darn good on him!

It was also a lot of fun to get the twitpics from Eric and Joey as the three of them went through the process. Some of these pics really were of the OMG I die variety, weren't they?

I'm sure Eric and Joey both think all Johnny's kittens are completely nuts now, by the way!

I don't plan on seeing the movie, but I'm glad JOhnny got to go and that he was able to see the movie!

Wendy said...

I confess I logged that vote for Khloe -- I felt sad that she didn't have even one last week! :*(

Basic Johnny is hard to improve upon, but he obviously *really* enjoys getting all dolled up, so who am I to begrudge? I think he's beautiful all-ways, and I'm just glad he enjoys his sparkly self.

And I really appreciate the twitpic-ing! It felt like a little present every time they sent one. :)


Maggie St. said...

Sorry about JGW falling off in the daily vote. My fault entirely. As my daughter would say, my work computer is totally "ghetto". It lags, it freezes, it didn't want to re-tweet worth a damn. I am ready to go all Office Space on its a$$.

I don't think it's going to be much better today. As I came in this morning, it was still trying to clean eyeliner off of its monitor.

P.S. - HAPPY TOWEL DAY!!! Don't Panic!!

mimi said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

PumaJ said...

MM, as always, you are delightful :-)

Johnny's fashion choice, from the neck down was beautiful. From the neck up, I think the Beauty Bears misplaced their glasses :-(

Nuff said.

Jenn Kittler said...

I loved his look last night. His make-up looks a bit off in one or two pics, but I think they're poorly color-corrected. Love the natural make-up, really love the jacket, and really, really love the unexpected Kelly green. I envy how completely comfortable he is in any look. He always knows how to dress and pose to accentuate his face and body. If he can translate that into women's fashion he's gonna make a fortune.

Joanne said...

Hey Binky, hysterical (and informative) post! Thanks for the laugh and the latest update. =) And I'm glad to see his stylists too! Does he work with them on a regular basis?

Jessica Lane said...

Okay, between you fainting and me fainting and all of us fainting from the JWe diet (food is for the weak!) and the falling over and the rolling around in glitter and eyeliner and being completely unable to get back up again because, for some reason, the floor has so many neat vacuum lines they've turned into ditches and, OMG, how are we supposed to function on a day to day basis? I mean, I’m going along my merry little way and BAM! Twitpic of Johnny perched delicately –and nudely (is that a word? It is now!)- to get his perfect face further perfected and ten minutes later I wake up dazed, confused, and grinning like an idiot. I’ll tell ya what… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Quick side note because I’m feeling as feisty as Johnny after 15 straight Chai teas: He represents MAC. He is going to wear makeup. Breath. Get over it.

Love you, mama!

Anonymous said...

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just got home and got kicked off twitter already - will be back for round 2 in a few hours.

loved his eyes last night, our boy is just so damn pretty!

hmmm . . . you know, Johnny has so many looks - all of them COMPLETELY FREAKING ADORABLE - that i think you need to make those action figures in sets of two. yup! i want Johnny twins! double the snuffle action!


Robin aka Princess Johnny-Love

p.s. a Russian fan just asked me if i've ever met him and i had to say no! *sob*

Anonymous said...

hahaha! i'm back - just saw your tags for today! *grin*

you could seriously do a post that was only tags - i'm sure it'd be awesome!

you're the best!