Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Day, Another Whiplash Moment in the Extended Johnny Weir Media Coverage--But in a Good Way...

Well, now that our Renaissance Festival of Slurs and Slores has concluded with the traditional Saint STFU's Feast of the Orange Mongoose With a VERY Large Apple Stuffed in His Mouth for Obvious Reasons, we can now move on to the latest exciting news in Weirlandia, which is this announcement from Johnny yesterday on People.com:

"I'm going to record a song [called 'Dirty Love'] in May, just for fun. ... My main goal is to perform it at the VMAs. I want to come out on a little circle of ice from underneath the stage or something crazy like that!"

YES! Johnny at the VMAs! Singing! On ice!


(Ashley, I have no idea how I even carried on a conversation with anyone before I met you. What words could I possibly have been using?)

The only thing that would make this even more OMG-worthy is if he was joined onstage by the cast of Glee. And BTW, don't we all think Johnny ought to be guest-starring on that show any minute now?

Anyway: Of course we have to wait a few months for this perfect storm of Johnny-ness to happen, so for now let us content ourselves with this simply glorious .gif, which is worth watching over and over--as I'm sure his video will be--whilst we ponder the possibilities of Johnny singing on ice at a clothing-optional event such as I hope the VMAs are this year...

Let's also hope that there won't be some kind of weird Kanye-West moment during Johnny's rockin'-it-WAY-better-than-anyone-else VMA appearance.

Which reminds me: Where the hell is Kanye when you really need him? Like at the Olympics?

Just sayin'.

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Jessica said...

Love the .gif and the Kanye pic. And Johnny DOES need to make an appearance on Glee!

BSonTwit said...

Binky, this is hysterical! i cannot stop laughing. Kayne West!! yes where was he!!!!

Wendy said...

I'm glad that Johnny is rocking his "15 minutes" (his term, *not mine*).

I hope every opportunity comes his way -- let *him* turn down what doesn't interest. He knows what he doesn't want to do (and no, I'm not (just) referring to the porn film).

I think people will be surprised how well he sings, and I think his single will be a BLAST. I'd love the VMAs for him. As long as Johnny is relaxed enough to enjoy the moment, he can't possibly lose -- he'll charm the pants off us all (again!).

Thanks Mama, wonderful and funny as always. ♥

Anonymous said...

Oohh, gurl, I love the Kanye macro!
BTW, the Kanye of figure skating? Plushenko, of course!!!


auntyamyj said...

Monster Mama, you've done it again! I love it! It would be so fun to see Johnny singing on ice! I might have to have a cognac and a smoke after that.....
Johnny is such an inspiration to all of us out there who are just trying so hard to let our true free spirits out, I wish somedays that I was 20 years younger and could actually do all the things I wanted to do back then. If only Johnny had been inspiring me then!

Anonymous said...


This is crazy,Unbelievable, FANTASTIC! I love the gif and if you caught any part of DWTS you would see plain as the orange on Evan's face, that Johnny can rock it a bizillion times better than Evan!

And PLEEASE Kanye can you crash DWTS?


Li Mann said...

Nailed it again BINKY! Oh yes, Kanye at the Olympic medal ceremony...hilarious! Love the images...

PumaJ said...

Oh, my! ROFL!!!! Bless you Lynn :-)

Anonymous said...

yes, Johnny is indeed charming the pants off all of us! *giggle* see that pile of pants over there? that's ours . . .

imagine a giant Fabergé egg rising up from under the stage and than beautiful Johnny pops out in something sexy! oh, DADDY, we're yours!

love this entire post ... superbly done as usual!

p.s. i like Very Large Apples, they're quite useful ;-)


Anonymous said...

LOLZ! Your Kanye gif is EPIC.

The video is so gonna make the song worth however it turns out.

And, yes!!!...Johnny on Glee please. He could be Kurt's rival for Finn's affections. :)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart, Binky. I love that you love this so much. OMG I DIE. :D

I am loving my 15 minutes of fame on your blog. ;)

--Ashley OMG I DIE! Taylor (I just might go to Legal Zoom and change my name to this.)