Friday, April 30, 2010

Spent: Afterward, a Cigarette and Some Cognac...

Johnny Weir strikes a post-finale pose
at the Ice Theatre of New York, April 29, 2010
photo (c) 2010 Wendy Gross Birnbaum
posted to Johnny Weir's Facebook fan page

There really are no words.

The anticipation. The butterflies. The ever-increasing excitement all day long--really, for weeks now.

The moment draws closer and closer. You've waited so long for this.

And then: It's him. It's really him. And it's all so much more than you could ever even have imagined.

For all the lucky ones who were blessed to see Johnny Weir's two amazing performances at the Ice Theatre of New York last night--his new "Heartbroken" piece and the fan-favorite "Bad Romance"--watching him skate live was breathtaking, spectacular, unbelievably moving, and absolutely unforgettable.

(And then! To meet him afterwards! OMG I DIE, as Facebook fan Ashley Taylor would say.)

For those of us living vicariously from afar, it was incredible happiness for our fellow privileged Weirlandians, tinged with deep, gnawing wistfulness that we were the ones left at home, dateless on prom night, waiting for the pics and videos to hit the Facebook page.

And so, as those first comments and photos began coming in, and then more and more (and more today, I'm sure), all of Weirlandia found itself awash in the Chelsea Piers event, everyone together soaking in the souvenirs, marinating in the footage, bathing in the photos, luxuriating in each story of each moment (hugs! kisses! cupcakes! and yes, he smells WONDERFUL!), all of it reaching a crescendo--

--a climax, if you will--

--because there is no denying the incredibly powerful and beautiful gender-transcendant sexual vibe that underlies everything Johnny Weir--

and then--

It was over.


[...and thousands of tiny smoke rings wafted over the pink trees of Weirlandia, accompanied by the gently musical clinking of many cognac glasses...]

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Thank you to Facebook fan Nicole Davis,
whose words inspired this post. :)
copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

first of all, he looks impossibly HOT in that photo. simply breathtaking!

and yeah, it's really hard to be the one waiting at home, hoping that someday you'll get to meet him. sigh . . ..

someday, over the rainbow . . . la la la!


p.s. tweet! tweet!

Heather said...

omg he looks great ! All the photos and video!! ah!!! Yes you accurately describe what we here at home were feeling waiting for all the goods to come in!!! :)

auntyamyj said...

Well after reading that, now I really need that cigarette. (Oh, yeah I don't smoke... ) Maybe just throw some glitter on me instead!
One of these days maybe I'll be the one who gets to go to the ball!
Love love love it!

bsontwit said...

You are so right Binky! I am walking around in a fog,unable to eat or think about anything else.maybe this will help my neverending diet! I am a grown woman with a husband & kids but I cant stop replaying his amazing performances-they are even more electrifying in person,and he looked great at the after party.the most suprising thing about him was when he hugged me(or maybe i hugged him?)he felt so muscular even though he is thin.i also spoke to Paris, Aunt Diane, Tara, the 2 film guys,and saw Patti Weir and the costume sewer(name?),they are all so nice and act just they do like on the show. the film guys said they are crossing their fingers for another season so its not definite and june there is a finale.

maybe i need to get a life?.........

Allison Shea said...

It's very hard, especially if you were SUPPOSED to be there and your plans got crushed at the last minute, like me. BUT, I am genuinely so incredibly happy for all of those who attended and got to experience everything Johnny including his friends and family. And I am PLANNING (saving my dollars) to be able to meet him, and so many of you, sometime very soon! This gives me something amazing to look forward to...and I hope everybody who reads this is on the same pink sparkly wavelength too! : )

Jessica Lane said...

Last night was beautiful. How everyone came together to float around in a giant jacuzzi of frothing, bubbling Johnny love was amazing! I’m still a little wobbly. Maybe it was the guyliner. Or the tank-top. It could’ve been the radiance shining from his eyes and smile because he was surrounded by so much love. He skated for the pure joy of performing and to show something beautiful to his adoring fans. Johnny was obviously having an amazing time and it feels to me that he’s in a really good place right now.

I raise my glass to you, Vinky. One day, I too will smell him. And on that day, my life will be complete.

I just... Whew! I may need a moment... Talk amongst yourselves... I’ll give you a topic: If we all band together and sell everything we own, could we collectively become Johnny’s sugar mamas and can I call Sunday through Tuesday? Discuss…

Li Mann said...

Binky, great post...remember, you saw him first in Bensonville so don't be jealous! It was a great night. Weirlandia was happy and proud. Maybe you could save all the posts from everybody and do a journal-type thing from the Chelsea Piers event that we could all come to as a sort of "group scrapbook" with the comments? It all disappears to quickly on Facebook, sort of like your Bensonville adventures? Just an idea. Love your blog Binky!

Nico said...

Binky, when you take our giddy chats and turn them magically into some new, blissful art of Johnny-woo, OMG I DIE!! I have to run right now, but I think my love for JW is exceeded only by my giggly feelings of "Oh, Binky!! You're amazing!" xoxoxo

bsontwit said...

ok its me again Binky,i want to share this story from last night and tweets are just too its last night, after waiting forever in line i got my initial kiss hello from johnny then i freeze up, i have all these things to say but nothing will come out while he autographs our programs. so its quiet for a sec and i guess people had been talking non stop fast to him so its the first chance he gets to think, so johnny lets out this adorable sigh,i of course get concerned and manage to ask him if he's ok. he says yes and smiles at me,leaving me totally speechless again.i had so much i wanted to say to him,but i am glad my inability to handle things gave him a chance to breathe.

thanks for the blog today.still catching my breath here.

Wendy said...

Heartbroken: Just watched Lifeskatedotcom's video, and Ah! I loved it, *especially* as a debut -- it's unbelievably tight and bold. I'm proud for him that he choreographed such a beautiful piece. Transcendent and transportive. Fetal/Hiding position at the end? <crack>!, my heart broke, too.

I also really loved the stripped down (no pun intended, really) costume that he chose to wear, which was unusual for him but I thought fit the piece.

If you haven't seen it yet (what?!) -- "Heartbroken" video, via Lifeskatedotcom:

It sounds like he had a good night and felt the love, which makes me so happy! Many thanks to all those who attended and showed the love, and were kind enough to relay their stories, photos, and videos for the rest of us. Very much appreciated.

Wendy said...

OH!, I almost forgot! Big, fat congratulations to him for selling out opening night! Go Johnny Go!

Anonymous said...

Today I live through Facebook and your blog.
I´m so happy for all of the fans who had the chance to meet and feel him...and I don´t mean in a physical way...and at the same time I´m sad I could not be there and won´t anywhere near him in the nearer future. Alas, that´s life...

I love all the comments here and on FB and the little stories told. You are right, it feels like we are a big community today. And Johnny and our love and admiration for him has brought us together.


PumaJ said...

Oh my Lynne, you have once again spoken truth,

"--because there is no denying the incredibly powerful and beautiful gender-transcendant sexual vibe that underlies everything Johnny Weir--"

I just don't believe the man is merely human, or at least not in the way we usually think of humans. He reminds me in so many ways of the great Rudolph Nureyev.

Misfit Mimes said...

Wonderful comments, all--thank you for taking the time to read here and to share your thoughts. I love Weirlandia! ♥ And really, no jealousy here, Li. :) Just wistfully remembering how incredible it is to see him skate live, and to get to meet him... wishing I could do it again soon... and so happy that so many others have been blessed to do just that...