Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shhhhhhhh... It's 2 A.M. ... Do You Know Where Your Photos Are?

[a quiet night out on Facebook Lane]

"Hey, we found it!"

"Yeah, this is it! That 'friend-of-a-friend' thing--they were right!" 


"Oh--it looks like nobody's home."

"I know. But all the lights are on. You can see right in through the windows."

[giggle snort]

"And look! The door on the side of the garage! It's not locked ... OMG, it's not even shut! It's WIDE OPEN!"

"Oh wow! Look, we can sneak right in. Come on!"


"Oh, look at this. A whole box of photos! And here's another box over here! They all have different labels, from different people and places! Ooooooh, here's another one!"

"Omigosh. I haven't seen ANY of these photos before... I wonder who these other people are?"


"I don't know. God, he's SO gorgeous. I LOVE this one!"

"Oh, and this one! Look how they're all posing! So sexy! And hilarious!"

"Oh, this is so much fun! Peeking in here and seeing all this stuff!"

"Hey look! There are duplicates of ALL of these. We could take copies of every photo and share them all with everybody else! The original sets would still be in these boxes. He might not even notice. And wouldn't everybody love to see these?"

[giggle---furtive glances all around---more giggles]

"Yeah, come on. Let's do it!"

"Yeah, if nobody wanted us to see these, then HELLO? They should have done a better job of keeping them secure."

"I know. Come on! Let's take 'em and go!"

"Wait, you guys. I don't know."

"Don't know what?"

"Maybe, you know--maybe he's just way too busy to police all this stuff. He probably doesn't even realize that this door was left open, or that a friend-of-a-friend would get us here, or that these boxes could be gotten into. And you know, not everybody has hours and hours to spend messing with their security-system settings. Maybe we ought to police ourselves."

"Hmmmmm.... what are you trying to say?"


"I'm saying: Just because we can doesn't mean we should."


"But we're his FANS. We LOVE him! We can't get enough of him!"

"But maybe part of being his fans means caring enough about him to protect him from people like ... like ... well, like--us."

"Oh, come on!"

"But listen. Please. Maybe being fans means understanding that we are his fans, not his close personal friends--as much as we wish we were. Maybe it means recognizing that there are boundaries. And respecting those boundaries."


[irritated silence]

"And maybe it means appreciating how accessible he is to us, and making sure we don't do anything to ruin that."

[disgusted snort]

"Jesus, do you EVER shut up?"

"Yeah, WHAT is your problem? Isn't it HIS responsibility to make sure people can't get into his stuff? If he doesn't want people getting into it, then he and whoever else ought to do a better job of protecting it."

"But isn't it our responsibility to make sure we don't get into stuff that we know is not meant for us?"

"He probably won't even know! And maybe he doesn't care anyway."

"But we know. And we can't ask him if he'd care because technically we're not supposed to be here in the first place."

"You're pissing me off."


"Sorry. Really. I'm not trying to pick a fight. I just don't feel right about this."

"You're a real Buzz Killington, you know that?"

"Yeah, maybe. But you know, it's like the time when my family had one of those big lighted plastic pumpkins on our porch at Halloween. And it got stolen. And we called the police to report it. And they said: 'Well, if you don't want stuff to get stolen, don't leave it on your porch.' And I said, 'Seriously. So if my child gets kidnapped from her own bed later, you're going to say to me, "Well, if you don't want your child to get kidnapped, don't leave her in her own bedroom?" Or maybe, "If you don't want your child to get kidnapped, don't have children?" ' Doesn't that seem a little bass-ackwards? Doesn't the responsibility lie with the people who take stuff that isn't theirs to take? Even if it's in plain view?"


"So what's your point?"

"Maybe we should know better than to take stuff that doesn't belong to us, and then share it with lots of other people that it doesn't belong to, either. Like we learned in preschool."

[scowling---grumbling---more sighing]

"Oh, fine. Screw it. Let's just go. You've spoiled everything with all your 'holier-than-thou' sh*t anyway. Are you happy now?"

"Well, not really. But he would be."

"He'll never even know. Why would he be happy?"

"Because if we just walk away, we prove that his trust in his fans is not misplaced. And he would be happy about that, I think. And he can know it by NOT seeing these photos splashed all over the Internet where he knows neither he nor his friends left them."



"OK, let's go."

[footsteps begin, then stop]

"Yo! Big-Pain-In-The-Ass Lady!"


"Why don't you pull that door shut behind you? So at least his stuff will be safe for now. And let's not tell anybody else how to get here, either."

"Good idea."

[shuts door quietly]



copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

/applauds Binky

very nice.

Heido (from FB)

Allison Shea said...

Over the weekend I attended great concert with old friends in a band I'd known since high school. A good time was had by all. So much video and pictures going on constantly. My sister was the major photographer for the band. I told her to forward any pictures of me for my approval before she posted them on the band's facebook page. I am not a celebrity, but this is still important to me. I cannot imagine living a life in a fish bowl.

BUT...Johnny does. He knows this is how it is. He may not like it sometimes, but this is the life he chose. Something that is VERY IMPORTANT to know that I learned from my sister, who is a professional film maker and photographer, is that when you post a picture on facebook, the photo THEN becomes the property of face no longer is your sole possession! I had no idea! So whoever does not know this, remember it! At that point virtually anybody may retrieve that photo.

I have come across photos of our beloved Johnny that I would not post on our fan page, or anywhere else for that matter. I believe the fan page should support him, not embarrass him, or put him into a situation in which fans are asking too many questions about his personal life. He gives so much to the fans and appreciates us in a way I've never seen before! I feel that I would be betraying a sort of mutual respect by doing something distasteful, which could ultimately cause him to put more of a wall between himself and the fans who love and admire him so much. And because he has such admiration for the fans, I feel that would break his heart. I'm not going to break Johnny's heart! Are you?

Maggie St. said...

Thank you Lynn.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Mimsie said...

You are absolutely soooooo right! Invasion of privacy is an invasion of privacy! I wouldn't appreciate if someone got into my personal photos or info and I'm sure JGW wouldn't either. Yes we LOVE him and want to see new photos of him but on his terms, not ours. Way to go! It really had to be said!! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Binky, I said before, you are a class act. Thanks!


auntyamyj said...

Ok, so I have a confession..... A few years ago, my neighbor and I walked together almost every evening, and we would go at about dusk (super late in the summer time in the NW). One of our favorite things to do was look in peoples windows (from the sidewalk of course) to see how they had decorated their living rooms, or repainted a wall, etc etc. We thought it was interesting, and her husband thought it was weird. Which it probably was, so now I feel sorta bad, except that I never close my blinds until right before I go to bed, because I can't stand not being able to see OUT! Whew, now I feel so much better... ;)
As far as respecting Johnny's privacy in Facebook land, I couldn't agree with you more, and it is unfortunate that not everyone seems to have an understanding of boundaries. That being said, I have made sure on my page that there are no pictures on there that I wouldn't want my Dad to see.... Not only that but several of my clients are facebook friends with me. So, in the future, I hope that Johnny's fans will take it upon themselves to be self-regulated and respectful of him. I think your point of just because it's there doesn't make it ok. At some point impulse control has to come into the picture right? (no pun intended).
Wonderful blog once again, and hopefully a very effective reminder for those who may need some gentle prodding in respecting boundaries!

Anonymous said...

Binky, you should write children's books! That was great!

Also, I am a big fan of Bon Jovi, and back in the day, Jon Bon Jovi was super open with his fans like JW is now, but he just got too famous and people started crossing boundaries (like breaking into his transport van to wait for him!, waiting outside his hotel for hours, ambushing him everywhere he went, etc) and he did put up a wall. He has MAJOR security everywhere he goes now and fans can't even come up to him if they randomly see him somewhere. It is very sad that it had to come to that, and I *unfortunately* can see some of the same things happening with our dear Mr. Weir. I hope for everyone's sake that we can control ourselves so that Johnny feels safe and comfortable around his fans.

Anonymous said...

Misfit, thank you so much for this post - it really needed to be said. How can anyone call themselves a Johnny fan if they're trying to sneak off with his personal pics? Seriously! If you love and respect him, then treat him well.

p.s. Facebook has cool photo permissions: you can set each album individually to be seen by friends, friends of friends, or everyone . . . OR you can create a custom list of family & close friends, name it, create an album of personal pics, and set that album to be seen only by your custom, pre-approved list of "safe" people. I've done this on my profile and there's an album that's completely invisible to most people.

Robin a.k.a. Princess Johnny-Love

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with this post.
It´s hard sometimes to keep the respect towards Johnny because hell! we like him and want to know and see every thing that is related to him in any way. But we definitely need to stay where we belong and need to remember who we are in respect to Johnny. Like this japan super fan in BGJW said: "No I´m not family, I´m a fan". Even Johnny seems to forget it every now and then, and he needs to draw a line. And we, as his fans, should help him keeping this line by respecting it.

Misfit Mimes said...

Thank you all for commenting--I really appreciate it, and you all make excellent points. I'm happy to say that thus far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, because Johnny's fans are wonderful. The lighted pumpkin thing is a true story, BTW--and I found that to be an APPALLING response. We don't live in that town anymore. :)

Ann said...

VERY well said.

In this article on - Johnny responds to a question about fans "throw[ing] themselves at" him. He talks about a few extreme fan experiences and is quoted as saying "There have been a few occasions... It’s scary, and I feel bad that that changed how I can be so open with my fans. Those people ruin it for everyone."

How sad is that for everyone?

I understand there is an important marketing aspect of celebrity, and tha fans are key to a celebrity's success. But when respect goes both ways, everyone wins.

I soooo enjoy your blog and posts. Thank you!