Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh Frabjous Friday Flight of Fancy: Ice Dreams Bromance

Hey Johnny, I just wanted to let you know
that I've been voting for you
to win "Most Addictive Reality Star."
I know, I know, you'd think I'd vote
for Heterosexual Orange Bro.
But he's just not, you know,
MANdarin enough for me.
Not like you--you diva bitch, you.
Plus, he wasn't actually,
um, nominated...
BTW: I LOVE Nobu 57!
Let's do lunch!
(But no orange kanten and cashew-berry
frozen cream for me, please.

Please keep voting for Johnny
as "Most Addictive Reality Star"
in the NewNowNext Awards! Vote here
(he's the last one listed in the fifth category--scroll down!)
or on Twitter by constantly tweeting #realityWEIR.
Voting ends June 4, which gives us plenty of time
to get Johnny oh, say, ONE MILLION votes!

photo credit: (c) 2010 Cuties Ice Dreams
copyright 2010 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


laura linger said...

I have become hopelessly addicted to Cuties. It's my own private shame. And making "cheesecake" from tofu and tahini is the stuff from which nightmares are born. I understand that Baby Boo likes that kind of a place, but I want to take him for quick-and-dirty delicious Japanese at the place Ken and I go to. It's next to a bowling alley, and it's the best damn Japanese we've had since we were last in Tokyo. No people watching; just incredible food, delectable sushi. Damn, now I'm hungry. :)

KellyMaurer said...

You are a comic genius. I love your style. (plus, methinks, perhaps you can read my always say exactly what I'm thinking; except w/ better humor) Your blog has become a routine in my daily Johnny fix.

Maggie St. said...

HOB (Heterosexual Orange Bro) can have the Cutie on the right. I'll take the Cutie on the left! ♥