Friday, March 26, 2010

Yakety Yak, Let's Talk Smack! [About SOI]

George Lopez called Johnny Weir "America's Champion,"
and helped Johnny achieve a dream by presenting him with a yak
to ride on Thursday's Lopez Tonight show.

Why I love George Lopez and Johnny Weir:

George Lopez: When I heard [about the Stars On Ice "not family-friendly" controversy], I was a little bit offended. Because everybody LOVES you! And you are yourself, always. I find that to be heroic. And really, we are the home of the free and the land of the brave. How does this HAPPEN? ... And then we contacted Stars on Ice and asked them for a comment, and they had no comment. All they said was, "Whatever we sent to GLAAD is what we stand by"--which wasn't very specific.

Johnny Weir: It's all bullsh*t anyway.

Yep. It sure is. Or maybe yak sh*t.

But hey, Stars on Ice is nothing if not one big yak-fest. As in, "Wow, that just made me yak in my mouth a little."

BTW, Johnny, you look fabulous on that yak! (Of course. And on this one, too.)

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