Sunday, March 28, 2010

When Robin Loved Johnny

Johnny Weir addresses the press in Vancouver
on February 24, 2010.

Today's post is part of a series of guest blogs
about Johnny's impact on people's lives,
and comes to us from
Johnny Facebook fan Robin Fosdick. :)

So, Binky has asked us to tell her why we love Johnny ... and the first thing that comes to mind is not why, but when.

When did I first start loving Johnny?

Was it the first time I saw him skate?


Was it when I saw the promo for Be Good Johnny Weir, complete with high heels, giant Fabergé egg, and major attitude?


Was it actually watching his show, full of silliness, sauciness, hard work, and beautiful skating?


It was the press conference. When Johnny sat there, looking perfectly elegant and Old Hollywood, and spoke graciously about the two men who’d said such insulting things about him.

Johnny, you’re an inspiration to all of us
who’ve ever felt afraid to be ourselves,
or who are trying to gather the courage to be ourselves,
real and true and unafraid.

I know how hard it is to be taunted or humiliated for being yourself, and I was shocked at how he responded. Shocked, awed, and delighted.

Johnny, you’re an inspiration to all of us who’ve ever felt afraid to be ourselves, or who are trying to gather the courage to be ourselves, real and true and unafraid.

Please know that every time you stand up to prejudice and discrimination--because that’s exactly what it is, whether they’ll admit it or not--you are standing up not just for yourself, but for all of us.

You are an inspiration and a joy to watch. I think you are completely freaking fabulous and I hope that my future children turn out as well as you have.

So, just to make things clear, it’s official. I’ve fallen into the abyss of Johnny Weir fangirldom, and no, thanks, I don’t need a hand up.

It’s rather nice down here, with all the tassels and sequins and such.

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Anonymous said...

I just can second what Robin wrote. The first thing I watched of Johnny was his "Pokerface" program. I was mesmerized and thought "Wow". That´s great and started searching anything Johnny Weir. The second thing I watched was this press conference which made me stand up and doing a standing ovation of my own because I think it was not just the standing up for what he believes in...and what that might mean to future generations... it also was his extremely classy behaviour and the way he adressed the issues that made me perk up. Completely stunning.

Thanks for writing about your impressions, Robin.


PumaJ said...

Thanks Robin for so eloquently expressing your thoughts and feelings about Johnny.

For me, it was Johnny's skating that captured my attention, but it was seeing him handle that post-Olympic news conference with such an intelligent and centered self-assurance that impressed the heck out of me and piqued my interest in him beyond his skating.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for me, it was that Poker Face program. And I loathe and detest that song. It's just so... bubblegum-teeny-boppery. So... annoying. So... catchy.

And then, there's the fact that Johnny is a cheeky little git (Hey, now, I saw that smirk! You keep your mind out of the gutter!), who seems to thrive on making people Look Silly.

I must admit I admire him.

Okay, he also happens to be very intelligent and all that, too, but I'm in it for the funny. He stops being funny, I stop paying attention.

Oh, great, I'm going to be enjoying him when I'm 90.

Bastion of Sass said...

I became a Johnny fan from the moment during his short program in this year's Olympics when, shortly after his up-tempo music started, he skated towards the judges, stopped, and did that saucy pose. I was utterly captivated.

Carla said...

I first fell under the spell of his artistry in 2005 with Otonal. I was mesmerized by him at the 2006 Olympics. Then, as little skating is televised, I lost track of him until 2008. Can't recall the competition. However, it was after last fall's Grand Prix (?) in Nagano when they showed a video profile on Johnny, that I began to learn more about what an exceptional human being he was. By the time I'd scoured youtube for all his past performances I could find, I was hopelessly smitten. It's a love that will never be consummated, but I don't care. He brings laughter to my lips, euphoria to my mind, and joy to my heart. I adore him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robin!Enjoyed your post! I first laid eyes on Johnny when he did his Pokerface routine, and it was infatuation at first site. When he's on the ice, I really feel a sense of tranquility and awe. I think I fell in love when he was in Vancouver and the FS scores came in to boos, and he stood up and made a "calm down" gesture. It was a classy move, and I've been furthur impressed with everything I've seen since. I spend far too much time on this page, (and others) but I can't seem to stop! I like feeling the happy that Johnny spreads, and I don't see a problem with it. And as for my son, if he can carry himself with a fraction of the grace, class, and fearlessness that Johnny does, I will be a proud mama indeed.

auntyamyj said...

I think I sorta fell in love with him just a little bit when he was in the bathtub with Paris. That was really my first impression of him, and it was so entirely random that I just couldn't help it. Of course after that, the documentary, the show, the Olympics and then the press conference, I was obviously hooked. I'm loving the nation of Johnny Weir girlfandom too!